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When to switch from puppy food to adult food
  • Kyuubi is currently 4 1/2 months old and we're feeding her Orijen puppy food..Seems like she's starting to grow out of it...or maybe she just doesn't like the taste....At what age should we stop giving her puppy food and start offering her adult kibbles?
  • KitsuKitsu
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    I'm not 100% but from what I've read most places say to switch usually when the dog is one year old.

    "Dogs that are considered to be small-breed dogs typically do not grow to weigh more than 20 pounds. Small-breed dogs can safely be switched to adult formula around nine months of age. A medium-breed dog is the next step up, averaging a full grown weight of 20 to 50 pounds and require will require that their food be switched at around one year of age.
    Large and giant-breed dogs, on the other hand, will both fall into the same time range for having their food switched. These breeds of dogs typically grow to be anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds and they should be switched to adult dog food around one to two years of age."
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  • BootzBootz
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    @Kyuubi, do you provide a variety in her meals?
    Rotating kibbles..or adding in salmon oil helps. Then again some dogs are just picky!

    It is common to switch at 1 year, or you can switch to an All Life Stages food if you're uncertain.

  • tkfushtkfush
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    We have been working through this question as well. We have gotten input from our vet, the breeder, the brand of dog food we use, the independently own dog food store we purchase our food from and from this forum. Although the ages seem to differ from each source of information, I think the rule of thumb that we are following is to watch our dog's weight and begin to switch to adult food once we see her start filling out. Very ambiguous, I know but it really was the common thread of advice from everyone!
  • SayaSaya
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • We started with Nutrisource (which is what the breeder provided us with) but I've read some pretty nasty reviews on this brand...and also none of the local vendors carry this brand. We started mixing it with Orijen and she seem to like at first but once we phased out the Nutrisource she doesn't seem to like it as much. We give her treats with kibbles sometimes but I'll try salmon oil next
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    @BigUncleNasty check out if you need some other ideas on dog food brands. Pretty sure Orijen is a very good brand. I use Wellness myself and I know I've seen some other people recommend it on here also. Some dogs are just picky.
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Orijen can be overly rich for your dog. If you can find it, Taste of the Wild is an all life-stages food (their puppy food is a recent addition), good ingredients and usually priced a bit more fair than its peers. You can also look for Orijen's sister company Acana, which is also an all life-stages food.

  • LosechLosech
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  • I use Blue buffalo puppy (longevity) formula. I have a small bag of wilderness formula to mix in it as well as some puppy wet food (more animal proteins). our Emi loves it. This is the food our breeders started her out on, but we also did a lil research and this brand has no glutens and seems to be pretty well represented in the shiba world. Ive heard about feeding your dogs raw food. Ive had friends and family tell me that they feed their dogs raw chicken (apparently in raw state chicken bones don't splinter and are easily digested, what about salmonella?) and we've all heard about mixing in a raw egg to help their coats look better... It makes sense to me. I eat raw foods myself. (not meats, but all raw veggies and fruits make up about 90% of my diet these days.)
    does anyone else here use blue buffalo?
  • I was wondering if 1 year is still about right for a Shiba. Tang is 7 months now. I've been told I should switch him at 6 months to adult food. But I would like some thoughts on this, since this post is a few years old now... He currently eats Merrick Grain Free puppy, sometimes mixed with a little wet. Moxy and PJ eat adult Merrick Grain Free Salmon. I can't remember at all when I switch Moxy and PJ to adult food. Its been way too long.
  • zandramezandrame
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    @MoxyFruvous, if the new food is for all life stages you can switch at any time. We actually never had Kouda on puppy food.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • We were feeding Nym Bil-Jac puppy up until 6months. We switched to Fromm Lamb and Lentil (An all life stages food) at what we thought was the earliest we were comfortable with, because we didn't like the ingredients in the Bil-Jac, and she didn't like the taste of any other puppy foods (I went through way too many bags of food with 2 scoops taken out). But if she had preferred a strictly adult food instead of the Fromm, we would have switched her to that.

    I think as long as you're comfortable with your decision, it doesn't particularly matter when you make the switch between the 6months to a year. But someone else might have better insight.
  • foxy5foxy5
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    Hey guyz my 8 week old puppy is barely eating TOTW canin pacific puppy, but today i realized when we were at my moms house he went and finished all our 12 year old lab's adult kibbles. The ingredients are not good quality contains deboned chicken as first ingredient and contains whole wheat grain.. i was trying to give him good quality no grain seems he likes grain food more ߘꮠAny advices? Thank you
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    The lower quality foods are often more highly palatable, they gotta get the dogs to eat that crap somehow!

    The ToTW puppy feeding suggestions for that age I think are around a measured cup a day, split over 2 or 3 feedings, so a third of a cup 3 times a day approximately (more if he's a an active puppy, less if he's more sedentary).

    If you want to make it more palatable to him, put a bit of warm water on it. If he's not very interested in eating 3 times a day, try a half cup twice a day instead.

    Also keep in mind, any treats you're giving him for training are going to affect his appetite and you should reduce his kibble appropriately to reflect that. We often use our dogs kibble as training treats to make it easier to gauge how much to reduce their food by at feeding times.
  • foxy5foxy5
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    Thanks spacedogs for the beautiful advices. Actually he is somehow active but at home not going out yet since he still has to get all his vaccines before. I am "trying" to feed him 1 cup/day as suggested on TOTW feeding guide for his age. But he is not eating he barely finishes half a cup per day I think. He is active with firm and normal stools not loosing weight but not gaining much also for his age I think,I read about adding some spices on top of his kibble like peppermint or oregano , I did that yesterday and he Finished all the kibble in his bowl. But I was wondering that this is not a good way to make him eat since he will get used to that. I tried the warm water before too but with no good results. I will try as you suggested by feeding 2 times per day and see if he will finish it.Also about treats I already use his kibble while training.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • foxy5foxy5
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    @sunyata thank you.. i already started with TOTW the high priare puppy and when i saw he was not interested changed to the pacific canin so im still using testers still did not buy a whole big bag but in the end i can say that i will stick to the salmon one because he likes it more and just serve the food for 20min and take it back for 3 times / day. Im sure he will not starve.

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