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Favorite Treats
  • Hey I'm in training mode with my 4 and half month old Ella. We're going through a lot of treats. I was wondering what are other peoples favorites?

    Originally we used beef and brown rice treats from Pet Botanics till we realized that the primary ingredient was pork:

    We also used Bil Jac PB & Banana.

    I searched and didn't really find too much else in the forum. If I missed something let me know.
    We're looking for somthing small or easy to break up that she'll go for.
    What did you use for training?

  • LosechLosech
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    Hmm, neither of those are very good. Not because of pork, the ingredients are just bad.

    Beef & Brown Rice Training Reward Treats
    Ingredients: Pork liver, corn meal, canola meal, what bran, glycerol, brown rice, lard, sucrose, corn starch, mustard, artificial beef flavoring, rosemary, flax seed, phosphoric acid, garlic, salt, iron oxide, natural hickory smoke flavoring, potassium sorbate, calcium poroionate, citric acid.

    Bil-Jac PB-nanas Dog Treats
    Ingredients: Chicken, chicken liver, chicken by-product meal, wheat flour, glycerin, propylene glycol, phosphoric acid, salt, potassium sorbate and citric acid and BHA and calcium propionate (preservatives, natural and artificial peanut butter and banana flavors, iron oxide.

    The Bil-Jac treats don't even have PB or Banana in them, they are "flavored". It's mainly chicken and low-quality ingredients.

    I use Zuke's Mini Naturals and Jerky Naturals. Not grain-free, but certainly a TON better than those other types.

    For example:
    Zuke's Mini Naturals Peanut Butter
    Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Malted Barley, Ground Oats, Vegetable Glycerin, Gelatin, Tapioca, Canola Oil, Lecithin, Salt, Phosphoric Acid (a natural acidifier), Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Mixed Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

    Actually contains peanut butter, instead of just flavorings.
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  • We use Zuke's and we also make our own treats. There isn't really a recipe we just put a can of salmon into the food processor, four eggs, a tsp of powdered garlic, 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup (how ever much you have!) grated kraft parmesan cheese and begin adding oatmeal until it resembles a cookie dough like consistency. Then we spread into a cookie sheet (about 1" thick, if you only do one can of salmon I suggest an 8x8 or 9x9 pan) and bake at 350 for 20 minutes or so or until no longer 'wet' looking. I'm sure there is a more formal recipe online but our shiba REALLY loves these! They are REALLY cheap and you can cut them as small/big as you'd like. I know when we were training Lady she went through treats really quick, so these were easy.

    We store them in the freezer!
  • deerparkdeerpark
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    I completely understand about going through treats fast! Besides the Great Danes, my my Shiba and my Samoyed are VERY picky eaters. In class, we had to use rotisserie chicken in order to entice my Sammy. I have literally tried every single treat available at the local holistic pet food store.... Some online, at shows, making my own treats and some at other pet stores. The owner must be tired of me asking "Anything new?" LOL!.

    So in other words, I think I am very experienced to answer your question! For training, I always look for something with Zukes consistency. Btw, my Sammy snorts at Zukes >.< But he's a rare case, I would recommend Zukes too. It's the right size; soft, for speed in training repetition; made locally; good ingredients and doesn't crumble in your hand.

    I would also recommend the following brands that is similar to Zukes:
    - Cloud Star Soft and Chewy treats
    - Pet Green Treats
    - Real Meat Jerky Treat
    - Beef Bites
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  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    @Losech I have a version of Pet Botanics Beef and Brown Rice that is corn free, ingredients are: pork liver, barley flour, whole ground potatoes, sucrose, beef, potato starch, glycerine, wheat bran, gelatin, rice flour, flax seed, salt, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate, mustard, iron oxide, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, rosemary.

    I'm not particularly knowledgeable about what ingredients are good etc. So I would appreciate your opinion on the list above. Thanks.

  • Lradd58Lradd58
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    Freeze dried beef liver works very well with my two Shibas. Also Charlie Bear treats.
  • I've read that you need to be careful with over-doing freeze dried liver? I was about to order a bunch but then read that you were only supposed to give 2-3 pieces a day.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya loves dehydrated liver.. I'd still get it even if you can only give 2 or 3 you can use it along with other things.

    Saya likes tiny bits of hot dogs, string cheese, cooked meat, dehydrated meat/liver, and other various treats like zukes, wellness, and few others.

    I got a few other treats that are pretty good I need to check the names.

    I also make home made treats fish fudge and also a variation of fish fudge where I add caned sardines, salmon, beef heart, lamb liver, turkey liver, pork liver, and turkey meat and boneless pork meat plus other things like oats, and wheat flour also eggs.
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  • LosechLosech
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    @RyuDragon That version of the treats are better than the first types.

    "Bad" ingredients are generally things like fractured grain products (wheat millings, corn gluten) unnamed meat products (poultry by-product, animal digest) artificial preservatives (BHT, BHA).
    You want to see things like chicken meal, beef liver, whole barley, ground oats, and preservatives like tocopherols.

    I generally avoid anything with wheat, corn, soy, chicken (unless in very small amounts), and sometimes potatoes, since Conker reacts badly to all of those.

    You can read more about ingredients to avoid on this site:
  • Umi will do ANYTHING for liver jerky treats. Most of the time she is all Shiba - doesn't like being handled, won't come when called and has complete amnesia about all of the commands she has been taught. Pull out liver treats? She will voluntarily do ALL the tricks she knows in sequence, without having to be asked, just at the mere sight of a liver treat. She is the world's smartest, most studious dog whilst the liver treats are out. Put 'em away and she has a lobotomy.....
  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
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    Sakura goes gaga for bits of hard boiled egg and pieces of cheese. Otherwise for official 'treats' she loves wellness venison jerky (soft enough to tear into small pieces for training and only a few ingredients). One of our friends actually tried the jerky treats and thought they were pretty tasty.
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  • We just got our little girl Saturday and she is very picky about her treats. I read really good things about Zukes on here and at first she liked them, but she doesn't really seem to like them as much anymore. We went to our local pet store and told them and they suggested Stella and Chewy's which she LOVES. She wouldn't get off of them. They're all natural as well and break apart easily. So you can turn 1 treat into about 4 or 5 (at least while the puppies are still small).
  • jjlcjjlc
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    we have a few paychecks for Miko depending on what we're doing or the environment we're in.

    $5/hr treats - zukes jerky or mini's.

    $10/hr treats - Solid Gold jerky treats

    $20/hr treats - boiled chicken, cheese, most anything real.

  • glitchglitch
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    @jjlc lol that's cute the way you put it.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to very smelly, chewy, high reward treats that DON'T gunk up the fingers? I'm already using Zukes of every flavor but I think Kazu is getting bored of em. I have the Charlee bear ones but those aren't very high reward treats for Kazu. I have freeze dried liver treats too but they don't give off enough stink to warrant it as an extremely high reward treat.

    I'm wanting things that don't gunk up my fingers because I like using high reward treats when we're out and about and at parks, and it's kinda gross when I have slimy fish fingers and when I have to carry tupperware around.

    Thanks :)
  • Wellness has some jerky treats that could work. They're a bit big but they're meat and they aren't gross.
  • @glitch, My favorite "smelly" and non-messy treat is Fruitables:

    They really do smell heavenly, even to humans (most of the recipes are fruit and not meat-based), and they're pretty economical.

    I just read about this lickable liquid treat on a fellow forum member's blog:

    It sounds like a really unique treat. Not sure if it's high enough of a reward, but if you're looking for novelty, it may be something to try.

    I recently got a sample of these from Kong that my dogs were pretty happy with:

    The ingredients look pretty good too. Could be good for variety, since I don't think Zuke's has any lamb-based treats?

    Plato Pet Treats are also pretty clean:

    ... but pricey!
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Tuna Taffy

    Also known as Tuna Dough. It is the great training secret of Agility and Flyball champions in training who like food more than tug toys. It can be made with chicken, too, and basically turns into a non greasy dough with lots of stinky delicious (parmesian, garlic, tune/chicken) elements and can be formed into any size treat. It is light colored so it shows up nicely on dark floors. The binder is flour, but quinoa also works for dogs with wheat allergies. I made some with smoked sturgeon and they were tasty enough for me to try (yum!)
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    In general, I don't use kibble and biscuit type treats as much except in games that require a large number of treats (and then they are all mixed in so the dog doesn't know). Meat and cheese treats are the best. However, with puppies you have to be careful not to give a lot of really rich high value foods all the time. Switch things up and offer a good variety of treats if you do a lot of training.

    Some quick types of high value treats I will grab off the counter and don't require cooking, are dried heart pieces, chicken jerky, any of the food rolls cut in pieces like Merricks. Zukes and Wellness jerky are also great for dogs that aren't terribly picky. For one of my Shibas, I had to go all out with cheese cubes, steak, string cheese and chicken breast for any sort of training to hit home.
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Kuma loves string cheese and duck for his high value treats. For regular treats for sit and down and what not, we were using venison treats and zukes salmon treats, Kuma isn't too picky except he hates peanut butter for some reason
  • If you want a killer dog treat, freeze some chicken or beef, slice it extremely thin, making sure to cut off any fat (fat won't dehydrate). marinade it in something tasty (no garlic, no onion, it's poisonous. And try not to use a lot of salt either) I marinade in just a dry spice rub of paprika, parsley, ground mustard, salt, and pepper. Then use either a dehydrator or set your oven to as low as it'll go and dehydrate the meat until its almost crunchy. I keep it in the freezer and that's the treat that Roxi and Ozzie go CRAZY over
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Garlic is ok to give.
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  • @lindsay really?? Is it ok in general or just in small amounts? Because I read that you shouldn't give it at all
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    A dash in cooking or when making treats is fine and is great to enhance treats or meals for picky eaters. A dog would have to eat a a ton of garlic to get sick from it. If you're worried, a dash is safe.
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  • Oh ok, I had no clue
  • I've tried lots of different treats. She doesn't like peanut butter or bacon or any treat that's hard and crunchy. Her favorite treats are lamb, beef, chicken, apple, or cheese type flavors.

    The Zukes minis make her sick. I can give her one or two and she will have the world's worst gas!

    Her favorite is freeze dried lamb lung so we use that as her highest reward along with string cheese. The other ones we use as lower value rewards are pet botanics, fruitables, lickity sticks, and pupperoni.
  • KitsuKitsu
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    Zukes Minis made my shiba go crazy, she loved them. She didn't like harder snacks as much. But bully sticks were a huge hit (and most are low-odor now!)
  • Bully sticks are a huge hit in my house too! It keeps Logan busy for a while. I bought some from this website -> which was posted in the shiba deals thread (thanks so much) really a great deal. I'm thinking of buying the fruitables that a few people have mentioned, which they have as a deal on the same site right now.

    I've been using Zuke's mini salmon treats since the first day. Logan seems to like them. I cut them with scissors in 4 pieces for training because he takes a while to eat the whole treat and usually ends up dropping it on the floor.

    I'm looking for new treats because he doesn't go crazy over these.

    Things he goes crazy about are tiny bits of hot dogs, which I also use for training occasionally, and cheese!
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  • @curlytails-I also love the crunchy Fruitables, and Okami approves too! :)

    Since everyone seems to recommend them, I'm going to try out the Zukes Minis as a higher priority treat during more intense training.

    Other than the Fruitables, I also give her these Nutro Crunchy treats. The ingredients seemed ok to me, but what do you guys think?

    I liked the Nutro ones because they're a bit easier to break up into smaller pieces, whereas the Fruitables are sometimes a pain to break up, especially when I need a larger number of rewards vs. bigger rewards.
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
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    My dog is a big fan of all the Zuke's treats. We also used cheese and dehydrated meats when training. Blueberries are also a favorite. We used to give strawberries until he tasted a blueberry - he won't even really eat strawberries anymore...

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