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Japanese Dog Names
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
    Posts: 101
    I just threw together another blog to help people trying to name their Nihon Ken.

    At the moment I have a list of rather generic male/female names in alphabetical order. Hopefully in the future I will have time to add some more interesting lists based on different themes such as historical figures, geographical locations, etc.

    Take a look!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Thanks a lot. :) I see Saya is on that. :) Cool.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    ROFL, I think nameing my shiba Ratchet is a mistake, sometimes :/. Young children & peoples w/ accents tend to say something that sounds like rat shit.
  • @the Walrus- That's really helpful. I may share with our Meetup folks.

    The Total Shiba book has an appendix w/ Japanese words that's useful for dog naming.

  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    Hehehe, I should name the next corkscrew. J/k
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    Oh my! You forgot the two classic names for male Japanese dogs... Taro and Jiro. They are like calling your dog "Spot" and "Rover." They are stereotypical names for dogs in children's story books.
  • hkfirewolfhkfirewolf
    Posts: 113
    Aww no meanings. I like to know what the meaning of names from different languages so I know I am not naming a red dog a name that means black or something.
    Owned and loved by "Jade"
    ~ DOB: 5/18/11~ Cream Shiba ~
  • jjlcjjlc
    Posts: 66

    You can try this, or just google for another romanji to english translation site. None of them are going to be perfect. Japanese is just too "different", but for the most part you'll get close enough to avoid the problem you mentioned.
  • brscrnsbrscrns
    Posts: 447
    We have named our dogs Kitsune - Fox, Kuma - Bear, and Hoshi - Star.
  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    I suppose I have the ONE and ONLY Etsuko!
  • My female Shiba's name means Okami (wolf) Amaterasu (Japanese Sun Goddess).

    My plan is to have a male with the name Kitsune (fox) Tsukuyomi (Japanese Moon God).

    ...Is that weird? XD
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Not for a fan of okami game.. hehe :)
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • my cousins named their poodle in japan Prin. It's the engurish way of saying pudding
  • @Saya -Yay! Another Okami game fan! :)
  • Gadget1382Gadget1382
    Posts: 107
    We chose Kobe - a prefecture in Japan... pronouced Co-beh rather than Co-bee.
  • pekupekupekupeku
    Posts: 119
    What an awesome site---thanks for putting it together!
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
    Posts: 101
    I'll add more names in the future, and hopefully meanings if I can get around to it. It's just time consuming is all.
  • KimbaKimba
    Posts: 46
    I love this thread. I know a lot of 'Hoshis', I didn't realise it means 'star'. I like that. I found it so hard to find good Japanese names. I named Rocco 'Inazuma' as his registered name. It means 'flash of lightning'.
    Post edited by Kimba at 2012-04-19 00:49:03
  • KimbaKimba
    Posts: 46
    @jjlc - Thank you so much for that excellent link to the Japanese translation site. That is the best site ever for finding Japanese dog names!
  • Koko is a very common name in Japan for a girl dog. This is my puppy's name. I didn't really figure that out until I went to order dog tags from Rakuten and noticed it on a lot of the tags. :)
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    How about Baka Inu?
  • ;) LOL! Yes, I bet that's common too!
  • Male.. Yoshi.. My boy is actually Yoshihiko .. bit old fashioned but Yoshi is the start of many male names
  • My wife is always varying Ponta's name. In Japanese, a common abbreviation is to take the initial two Japanese syllables of two words and put them together to make a new term (for example, "sexual harassment" becomes "seku-hara"). So she's always saying, "Baka-Pon" (Idiot Ponta), "Pon-kusa" (Ponta Stinks), "Fuka-pon" (Fuzzy Ponta), or "Pon-Kin" (Ponta's Not Allowed Here). These can act as names in themselves. She just remembered another one: "Pon-kyuu" (Ponta's Cute!), which alternately is "Chou-kyuu-Pon" (Ponta's Really Cute!).
    Post edited by HibariShiba at 2012-11-02 22:57:58
  • HibariShiba... i smile and smirked til i read the "Chou-kyuu-Pon"! then i almost spewed by soda!

    I may borrow that one! =)
  • HirokiHiroki
    Posts: 89
    So we chose Hiroki based on the meaning 'Abundant Joy' which we read somewhere, although I gather there are many other meanings as well! I am intending to order him a new collar with his name on it in Japanese. According to the internet this is written 弘樹 - was hoping some clever japanese reader/writer/speaker could check if this is actually correct? Don't want to end up with some sort of Japanese menu item on his collar!

    Thanks in advance!

  • poltergeistpoltergeist
    Posts: 426
    I realize Endo is a common surname in Japanese, but I liked it a lot. Also, it's uncommon. No one usually names dogs after surnames lol. Especially Japanese surnames.
  • wufanwufan
    Posts: 78
    @Hiroki Hiroki can be used for many different meanings depending on which kanji (in formal writing) it uses. 弘樹 actually means ample tree which may imply abundant joy. Hiro- broad , great, ample ki- raw meaning is tree. I like 浩輝 it can mean great broad light/bright.
  • HirokiHiroki
    Posts: 89
    @wufan - thanks for your input! I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to languages - can't comprehend how "ample tree" can potentially be the same as "abundant joy" - I suppose if you really like trees?! But we had also seen "wide timber trees" as a meaning, so I guess that's a more common translation! Super confusing!

    So anyway, I've had a look at the different kanji for Hiro and Ki. Would this:


    be closer to our intended meaning? And if so, does it make sense?! (i.e is it still a name and does it read as Hiroki?!) Apologies for what I'm sure is a vast array of stupid questions!

  • hanashibehanashibe
    Posts: 61
    My boyfriend and I had a hard time trying to name our puppy. We originally chose Umi, which means 'sea' or 'ocean', but it was named for the pup we were originally supposed to adopt. However, after discovering the heart murmur we were unable to get her and then decided on another name.

    There is an anime we both watched before called, 'Michiko to Hatchin' and we wanted to name her Hatchin but he protested that it was too similar to Hachi and he wanted something different (also he didn't want people pronouncing it and going 'HATCH IN?' haha). And so we settled on Hana since we both find it to be a beautiful name and we'd be getting her during the Spring when all the flowers would bloom :)
  • wufanwufan
    Posts: 78
    @hiroki yes 喜 is joy. It reads hiroki (裕喜) and can be name for both boy and girl.
  • HirokiHiroki
    Posts: 89
    Thanks @wufan you are awesome! I am very pleased by my excellent skills in Japanese (or perhaps just my skills in Google!)!

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