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Finally gonna get a Shiba Puppy
  • Finally found a breeder with a champion blood line within a days drive, and gonna go pick up my puppy next week. Red Male 12 weeks old broken already, seems like a good start to me.
    looking forward for the adventure to begin.

    Thanks to everyone who offered information to help me.

    now to come up with a name....

  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Champion bloodlines is often a tag line used by less than ethical breeders, and means very little without health tests and well socialized and cared for parents and litters. Since you're meeting in person, make sure to meet the parents and ask to see health tests (OFAs) and a contract. Good luck and please share pictures.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    I agree with Lindsay... Just because the breeder boasts of champion lines does not mean that the breeder is responsible or ethical. A lot of puppy mills and BYB's have dogs with 'champion' lines. In fact, my puppy mill dog, Bella, has champion lines, but she is dog reactive, hypothyroid, and has major food allergies.

    Here is a link for how to find a responsible Shiba breeder:

    Just in case you have not read it. Hope this helps!

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  • yeah, at the minimum, ask to see the results of the OFA tests, but I'd do it before I even went to see the dog, if it were me. And make sure I saw the contract ahead of time too.
  • KitsuKitsu
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    Was just about to say what everyone else has posted. Also, make sure to see what the health guarantee is like.

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