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Fox's first walk - How long and how often?
  • FoxyShibaFoxyShiba
    Posts: 34
    Fox had his final vaccinations yesterday and is ready to go walking after about a week from then. I'm concerned about causing damage to his joints and bones as he's still growing, how long and how often would you say that he needs to go for a walk at an age of 12 weeks? And would you just walk him on grass (as it's soft!) for the time being?
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  • koyukikoyuki
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  • jjlcjjlc
    Posts: 66
    I would have started sooner, but that's just me. Otherwise, nothing wrong with walks on hard or soft surfaces, IMO. It's just a walk and as Koyuki said, they play much harder than that by themselves.
  • FoxyShibaFoxyShiba
    Posts: 34
    He runs and plays around my garden and he's trained on a lead and collar, but I didn't want him to go outside where other dogs might be when he isn't fully protected. We had a canine distemper crisis about 30 miles from my home, so I was a little worried!
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • FoxyShibaFoxyShiba
    Posts: 34
    @sunyata - oops! Sorry!
  • HollifinaHollifina
    Posts: 32
    I started walking Zume the day after we brought her home. Didn't meet many other dogs as it was a very brisk fall. But I started her off slowly. For the first month, it was just to the closest street sign and back (a few feet), then to the first stop sign, then around the block (10-15 minutes). I started getting her up to a couple blocks at a time by the time she was 6 months and had all her shots. Now that she's 1.5 years, I walk her for over a mile every day, 20-30 minutes before work and 45-60 min. when I get home. AND my mother-in-law will walk her as well while we're at work for another 45-50 minutes. So she got A LOT of walking as a puppy; heck, she STILL gets LOTS of walking.
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  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
  • My pup, Sasuke, is 6months. He can walk about 2-2.5miles and then he is absolutely exhausted ... which I love bc then I can do stuff like clean when we get back. But If I walk him too far he will literally stop and lay down.... and look at me like i'm crazy. LOVE my pup!
  • Great thread! thanks I was curious about the same thing, Hiiro just turned 6 months and we had been taking on like 2 mile/30 minute fast pace walk. Now that he is getting a little older i also take him on like 5-10 minute run around the block while i ride my longboard. That should be alright?
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    My first dog, Bear easily walked 3-4 miles with me in the mornings at 5 months. We walked a pace of about an 18 min/mile on average with stops to pee/poo/sniff. He could even jog with me at a 12 min/mile pace, but we usually kept it to no more then .25-.5 miles at a time since his joints were not fully developed. This means he easily could go 1-1.25 hours or so at moderate pace even in the warmth of a Florida morning (around sunrise).

    My new pup, Tanjiro who is now about 4 months can walk easily 2-3 miles. We haven't done more as walking both Bear and Tanjiro together has slowed our pace to closer to a 20-22 min/mile on average with pee/poo/sniff breaks. This means we don't cover as much ground in the 1-1.25 hour walk. I am pretty sure though he could go further at the moderate 18-20 min/mile pace if necessary.

    Both boys after a long walk of 45 minutes or more come home and do the Shiba 500 around the house, so clearly the walk does not tire them out. Bear even did this high play activity when he was an only child and returned from walks.

    Keep in mind both my boys are larger than usual. Bear was easily 20 lbs or so at 5 months and stood pretty high for a male Shiba. Now, Bear at 14.5 months he is about 32 lbs and about 17-18" at the withers and our mixed pup, Tanjiro already at 4.5 months matches Bears height already. So I think their endurance is also helped by their body build which allows them to cover more ground with less steps than a smaller/shorter dog.
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    My 12 week old Puppy can walk 2 miles, and still be doing the "shiba 500" in my living room!! Decided maybe its best to walk her 2 times a day for mile and a half

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