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Good news! We're adopting
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    For the past couple months been busy settling into my apartment and we basically got an upgrade now from moving from downstairs cabin loft to an upstairs and we still have the yard all to ourselves (for no one has came and rented where we were yet). So Niko's been loving the extra space but hating the boredom of being the only dog. We also started to want another dog around to keep an eye on the house, feeling very vulnerable in wood. My fiance was gossiping around and was looking for free adoptions around the island but all were puppies. Too young for right now and my next puppy will be a lady for Niko. So I looked online and petfinder and saw Kissy here. She is a 1 year Shepherd and Husky mix. She's still young but she's big enough to guard, especially with that shepherd blood. I don't know if I have a think for black and tan dogs but she truly stood out to me, especially with those eyes. I'm talking with the Big Dog Rescue Ranch help and they do adopt to the island so hopefully sooner than I feel she will be a nice addition to the family.
    image image
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  • Good looking dog. Hope this works out for you.
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    Gorgeous! I hope all goes smoothly for you and you can welcome her into your family.
  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    Very nice, though is her personality is more husky than shepherd she may not be much of a guard/watch dog. Her looks alone though should be a good deterrent.
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    Thank you everyone. Yes I've never really owned a husky mix before but I do have some past with the Shepherds. If folks on the forum have any advice on Husky Shepherds and owning one with a shiba please feel free to school me.
  • MarijeMarije
    Posts: 114
    She's very cute! My huskies and shiba get along very well, I think it's a pretty common and well working combo. Huskies are terrible guarddogs though, you'll have to rely on the shepherd in her to do that job :)

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