For all new members, please check out the thread New to the Forum? What to do and forum guidelines.
New to the Forum? What to do and forum guidelines.
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    Welcome to the The Shiba Inu Forum. To help preserve the forum as a fun and educational site, please note the following guidelines:

    I joined the forum, now what?

    If you have recently joined the forum or have been a lurker for many moons, you may be wondering what to do now.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Create an introduction thread.

    Before you are allowed access to the full forum, you must introduce yourself! An introduction gives you a place to tell us who you are. You have a chance to say where you are from (you can be as general or specific as you feel comfortable), if you have a Shiba Inu or other Nihon Ken, what got you interested in Shibas, and a little bit about your dog and yourself. Introductions are for introducing yourself, please post your questions and issues to threads in the appropriate categories after you have introduced yourself and been given full forum access.

    This will allow the admins on the site to change you from a “new member” to a “member”. You may be asking what the difference is - well, a new member can only post in an introduction thread and a member can post in any thread. If you are unsure of what your status is, click on your user name in the upper right corner, and then check your "Role" on your profile on the left-hand column. If it still says “New Member”, we are waiting on an introduction.

    Post a Pic!

    Here on the forum, we love pics of your Shiba and any other pets you may have. Some people are not familiar with how to post pictures on this forum, so we have created a walk through here.

    It will walk you through how to post pictures from Photobucket and Flickr, as well as how to post videos from YouTube.

    If you are a Premium Member, feel free to also post in the Who Are We Thread.

    Familiarize yourself with current discussions before you post.

    -- Please use Google to search the forum first instead of posting a new thread. Many topics, especially those about behavior problems and new puppies, have been posted about already. If you fail to search the forum and post a duplicate topic, your thread will be closed and you will be directed to search the forum. By utilizing existing threads, you can help keep the forum neater and make information easier to find for other members.

    There are a lot of topics on the forum - some of us have been around for a while. During our time here, we have posted a lot of stuff! Everything from nutrition to what you need for a puppy to training. We do not pretend that we know everything - we bounce ideas off one another and come back to share what we learn from others. Some topics really get a few of us going - on all sides of the discussion. We are passionate about what we believe and we hope you share that passion.

    Become a Premium Member
    Help support the forum and get some added forum abilities!

    Some more specific guidelines:

    -- No advertising is allowed on the forum. This includes items (unless used dog gear posted in the gear swap category (paid members only), adult dogs, puppies, etc. Puppy pictures are allowed, but statements such as “there are still some available” or listing the price of puppies in a litter is considered advertising and is not permitted. If you have questions about whether or not something is allowed, feel free to PM an admin or moderator.

    -- All requests to vote for you/your puppy/your organization/etc. should be made in one specific thread. This helps keep the forum neater and allows similar requests to be grouped together. Please post all pleas for voting in this thread: Pleas for Voting

    -- This is an educational forum. While we understand that unexpected medical or behavioural issues may arise, unfortunately we are not able to allow forum members to ask for financial support on the site. Fundraising attempts should be limited to fundraising for the forum itself and for legitimate rescue organizations.

    -- Recommending a breeder by name is allowable, but please limit your recommendations to statements based on personal experience. Displaying unpurchased/available puppies in a litter may be construed as advertising. If you do not know whether the other puppies in a litter are available, err on the side of caution by just posting pictures of your own puppy or puppy-to-be. Please post discussions on breeders in this thread: Breeder Discussion Thread

    -- Any talk about who is or is not a puppy mill or back yard breeder should be posted to the “Spot the Puppy Mill Thread

    -- Courtesy listing dogs and puppies from legitimate rescues and shelters is allowable.

    -- This is a public forum, and posts are visible through a Google search. Please post potentially sensitive discussions in the “Members Only” category. Threads discussing private disputes with a breeder which may be viewed as libel or defamation may be edited or removed.

    -- Administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any thread if they deem it necessary.

    -- Please read the Terms of Service here (.pdf), which is the same for Shiba Inu Forum and the Nihon Ken Forum.

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    The following are threads about common topics:
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