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Shinkou (and others) need help/donations!
  • hanaluluhanalulu
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    Since I live in Colorado, I donate as often as possible to the Shiba Scout Rescue in Fort Collins, Colorado. I visited their website today and noticed that they have a shiba in need of a pacemaker surgery that will ensure a nice and normal life. Her name is Shinkou and she really needs donations so she can have her surgery! I thought I'd post this up to see if anyone can help out!

    Here is the website for more information about Shinkou, the other shibas in need, and how to donate:

    Hana & Evie
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  • Thanks so much for posting this! I live in Colorado also and help Shiba Scout Rescue with events and transportation. I actually met Shinkou the other day when we were dropping off a new rescue. Shinkou is such a sweet girl, friendliest little thing Isaac and I have ever met. She got so excited when we met her that her condition got the better of her, causing her to pass out. This little girl is so adorable and as previously stated, all she needs is a pacemaker and she'll live a healthy life. :)
  • hanaluluhanalulu
    Posts: 195
    Angelofmusic720 - You help Shiba Scout Rescue with events?! I love that! How did you end up getting involved. I didn't think about trying to do that, so I just make donations as I can!

    I would love to help get Shinkou her pacemaker, so hopefully spreading the word get help!! :)

    Where in Colorado do you live?
  • I just emailed Beki Myers, the director, and told her that I really wanted to get involved but wasn't able to foster, and got added to their email list. :)

    Shinkou's actually close enough to the goal that her surgery is scheduled for Friday, which is AWESOME. :D

    I live in Aurora/South Denver area. How about you?