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Kobi got Spooked by a Fly
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    f you guys happen to be swatting the fly in front of him (such as newspaper smack) and it is startling that might just reinforce how scary a fly is, particularly if you are stressed about it. Good observation about his stress though....Given he remembered the point of contact is significant, as it appears your Shiba is still trying to process the situation and is really unsure. They learn as they go...

    Lots of dogs have fly aversion. To overcome it you have to either ignore flying things (so dog thinks it's no big deal) or go on the hunt with him to find it and reward him for catching and stomping it, otherwise dogs become a nervous wreck due to the noise of the wings as the fly flits by.

    Sounds wacky but making bug catching an adventure helps displace anxiety since the dog has more control over the situation and can learn a bit about the thing being chased. You can redirect the aversion by teaching some team work through a "look at that game" too. Look up info or review the book Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt to learn how.

    All my dogs now point out bugs of all types from flys, earthworms, beetles, even ticks. Amazing what they will notice and point out to help you out. When they catch things I always reward/treat to thank a job well done. If the bug gets away, I ask "where'd it go" and we see if it still is around.

    We also have an electric hand held fly zapper. It looks like a tennis racket and when you hunt the fly down you can stun it enough the dog can finish the job when the fly falls to the floor as part of team work. Having him finish it off tends to build some confidence.

    (BTW, on the flip side, I have also have had to teach a leave it command to stop chasing of hornets or bees.) With training there is always two sides to a coin.

  • konpeitokonpeito
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  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
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    I wish my dog were afraid of flies and insects... He thinks they're food or to play with. He hops all over the yard at night trying to catch little bugs. He's also been stung at least twice; the first time he was quite startled, the second time was like a couple short yelps and back to normal trying to catch more bugs. Fortunately he did not have an allergic reaction!
  • SaskaShibaSaskaShiba
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    @AWE46M3 brewster eats every insect he sees...he ate a stinkbug the other day...yea theyre stinkbugs for a reason,his breath stank,his farts stank...even his pee
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
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    @Saska - at least your dog learns! Haha Just the other day, after I posted here, mine was killing another bee! So either mine does not learn, he's no longer phased, or he's taken a personal vendetta against every bee he sees...

    @BrewSter - I hope he never consumes one of those! Haha
  • I am seeing so many things that seem to upset the shibas I am a bit concerned
    it appears constant reassuring and rewards help, with everything that they could be
    insecure about it would seem one would need to carry a bag of treats around with them. Is this anxiety issue a common trait?
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    I catch my shiba stocking anything that moves; leaves, insects, other fury critters. I try to catch living things with him, then give it to Ratchet when I spot this behavor & he's always eaten or killed the poor sucker. Fear is definately not one of his traits.
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