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So I need some advice
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  • Thanks for the support and advice. My dog trainer was the one who gave me the idea with taking Okami to the rescue group to train with puppies. I'm so glad she gave me this idea!

    Somehow I forgot to mention this, but I am definitely going to make sure I go with a reputable breeder. I actually have already picked out, and spoken to, the breeder I am looking to buy from: Pat Doescher from Hi-Jinx in Wisconsin. It will be quite a trip getting there (a 15 hour drive one way), but I totally think it would be worth it to get from a good breeder. I have heard many positive things about Hi-Jinx, which is one of the reasons I am going with them, but the other reason is that I am really looking to get a black and tan for my next Shiba. And Hi-Jinx specializes in breeding for black and tan. The problem with my area is, not only is the Shiba incredibly rare on its own (I live in Maryland), but the few breeders I am able to find really only breed for red and red sesame, with very few black and tan.

    That's also another thing I have discussed with Pat is getting a puppy with the correct temperment...looking for a more laid-back attitude so hopefully the new puppy wouldn't annoy the heck out of Okami, lol.

    I did also already plan to keep feeding the two seperate. My plan would be to feed each dog individually in my room. Already, with Okami, even after she is finished eating, I still keep her in my room for about 15-20 minutes so that she can lick her paws and her mouth clean (she hates having dirty paws) and so that she can realize that her belly is, in fact, full...and only then do I let her go about the house again. She can tend to be a bit high-strung even after she has eaten, so I do this as another precaution.

    And when I do decide to introduce food with the two of them together, I would have someone (probably my boyfriend) have Okami on a leash and I would sit myself between the two dogs and do some training that way. I would also most likely not risk this until the new puppy had a pretty good sit. And if Okami seemed stressed about the puppy being around the treats...I'd move puppy a bit farther away from her. If Okami doesn't seem very fased...move puppy a bit closer.

    I'm REALLY hoping I can manage this. My feeling of need to have another Shiba is driving me nuts! lol.
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  • Sorry I forgot to mention the other Dane better. Her name is Liberty and, when I said she was annoyed by Okami, I only meant that Okami will often to try to play with her, but Liberty gets tired very quickly and she will go to her bed in the corner with her back to Okami and try and ignore her. I didn't really mean that Okami actually bothered her that much. I guess annoyed was the wrong term to use...

    Liberty has also been a surrogate mom to a lot of the foster puppies that have gone through this house, so she is very used to puppies and doesn't mind them at all! She really loves puppies actually and likes to "baby sit" them. She obviously has her times when she wants to be alone, and that I will always watch out for and remove the new puppy, if need be, to another area of the house. Because my family and I have run a rescue out of our house for such a long time, we have lots of gates and crates and whatnot, so it's very easy to seperate animals throughout the house.

    Obviously Liberty is getting older now, but I'm still going to keep her in mind when bringing in another puppy. But usually, because we have had so many animals, she is unfased by any new additions. That's why I had not spoken about her much because she is usually so unaffected by new animals.

    Liberty is also my mom's dog, not mine, which is why I'm really wanting a second dog for myself.

    I have actually briefly spoken with Pat about Okami's issues. We are going to speak more fully on the subject in the spring when she has more time to chat on the phone, lol

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