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Shiba proof products?
  • New and first shiba soon. Any leads, toys, beds, anti boredom toys for when left alone and anything else you can think of that're pretty tough and good quality you guys can suggest?
  • jjlcjjlc
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    Miko is still a pup, but she likes the heavy braided rope toys to chew on, antlers, bully sticks and balls with bells in them. She goes nuts on those. I can't find them for dogs like this, but the cat section has plenty. She hasn't chewed through one yet, but I'll have to keep an eye on that just in case. She also likes the dead rabbit/weasel/etc toys. They're basically unstuffed animals with squeakers in them. She could probably destroy them if she wanted, but she doesn't seem interested in doing that, yet. THey're probably her favorite. We play chase/fetch with them and I'll tie them to a string/pole for outside chasing. She also likes the cat "fishing Poles" or flirt poles as you'll see them called. For a pup a cat variety should be fine for several months. They're good for small area exercise and interaction time. Also good for getting her into a worked up state and then doing behavior training.

    oh and mental always tires more than physical. Simple things like flipping a small clear bowl upside down and putting a treat under it. On a smooth floor she'll occupy herself for quite a while trying to get the treat. We end the night with this one sometimes.
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  • shibahiroshibahiro
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    kong by kyjen...go dog toys by Sherpa!
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  • McYogiMcYogi
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    PICKLE POCKET! I wrote a review here: and it is, swear on my mother, the ONLY toy my shibas haven't destroyed in the 5 years I've had the dogs. And, you stick food in it and it takes ages to get it out, great for boredom. I don't know WHAT it's made of, but I suspect magic.

    Beds: we only use non-stuffed things (old blankets, towels) and they still get pretty chewed up.
    Leads: we've gone through more leashes than I care to admit. Sometimes they eat them in the car before we even get to our hike...
    Toys: we go through Kongs like candy, and we don't even fill them with treats or peanut butter. They don't destroy the black ones, but they also don't use them at all. The red ones are like a delicious after-dinner mint around here.

    My dogs also go bananas over tennis balls, but they don't last through even one session of fetch before they are fuzz-less and in pieces. Rope bones are good for us, but (same deal) they get so shredded that I have to take them away because they are just munching on the strings, secretly hoping they get their innards all tied up just to spite me.

    Sometimes they remind me of sharks, or alligators.

  • Kongs are the only toys that last more than five minutes
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Everlasting dog chews
    Cow hooves
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  • konpeitokonpeito
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    Apollo's favourite, and so far indestructible, toys are the kong, a stuffingless dragon with a squeaker (it's pink because that was the only colour left LOL), and tennis balls. Also if you're worried about the fuzz on the tennis balls or the balls getting destroyed, a great alternative are balls by JW Pet. Apollo has the honeycomb pattern rubber ball and loves it as much as his tennis ball. The holes in it also allow him to better chew on it and grip it in his mouth for games of fetch.

    I refrain from getting toys with a lot of stuffing for him anymore. He'll tear through it within a week. He likes rope toys too, but I'd be careful since some ropes aren't as well-braided and will easily come apart/loose.

    Beds are tricky. If you're lucky, your Shiba won't tear up a simple $10 plush bed from Petsmart. Otherwise I think other members can give more insight since Apollo loves his basic dog bed.
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  • deerparkdeerpark
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    Everyone here has great suggestions! If I might add, I would advice to go with the basic stuff first at average cost. It's interesting how one dog differs from the other. I went a lil nuts with my purchases in preparation for my pup and turns out he doesn't like beds and never really formed a terrible chewing habit. I know someone who buys 50 cents plushies at St Vincent De Paul for the pups so they can destroy and toss. Personally, I bought almost everything from Their reviews really helps and the price is competitive. Besides the suggestions before, I would recommend Kyjen brand as it's made in the USA, very sturdy and interesting. They even have a toy with indestructible squeakers. Looking forward to your updates =)
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Kuranda beds! I get a cheaper version at dog shows, and they are very durable. You can also make your own with PVC and canvas or outdoor furniture material. Costco also sells high quality blankets that are perfect dog beds, under $20, and Ikea sells fleece blankets for about 2$, which I buy in quantity. You can make those into fleece tug toys, or keep them as dog bedding.
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  • louieloulouielou
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    Ropes last a long time, but be prepare to play tug for 23 hours of a 24 hour day. lol.
    Balls of anytype as long as it can not be shreaded or chewed on. I brought a mini basketball for my shiba and he enjoys pushing, rolling and wrapping his mouth around it. He cannot pick it up which is a good thing because he can't pester me with it unlike the rope toys.
  • Aw thanks everyone, going to look into them all! I get my Shiba within this month, he'll be 2 days off being 1!

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