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Two cats seeking dog-free home
  • I know finding a dog-free home on this forum is a near impossibility, but I thought perhaps people might know someone who can help. I have two friends that, with a baby on the way, feel they can no longer run interference between their Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and their two cats. I put their flyer up here: Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • sujewelsujewel
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    Good luck finding the kitties a home.
  • sujewelsujewel
    Posts: 2541

    Dave's Flyer

    edit: oops, didn't work. thought it was up on a website, it's actually a pdf. 

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  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
    Posts: 2728
    Poor kitties and family.  My only concern when I get preggers is chad is gone 8 days at a time and the litter box.  Maybe pay the neighbor kid to come 2x a week???
  • Yeah, I feel pretty bad for them. They have vowed not to send the cats to a shelter. They are working very hard to find them a new home and have family that is willing to take them temporarily if they aren't able to find one before the baby arrives.
  • okironokiron
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    Too bad I'll only be dog free for another year or I'd volunteer to take Callie in. Such a cutie.

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