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    I am writing this to ask for opnions regarding rough play. Quake is 3-1/2 years old and likes to play rough with other dogs. He has a friend that is really rough when she plays with Quake. She weighs about 45 pounds to Quake's 30 pounds. I am feeling apprehensive about their playing together because lately I notice the other dog's owner is commanding "Get Him" when Quake and her dog are playing. The other dog has been getting more aggressive since the owner started the "Get Him" command. The other dog has always shown teeth and made aggressive noises and that has not bothered either Quake or me, but now she was trying to nip at Quake's neck. I believe the owner is encouraging bullying behavior. Quake is very tolerant toward his furry friends and he considers this dog "Desi" as his friend. This morning, however, I noticed Quake started to get a pissed off and started showing teeth which he had never done before. I stopped the play right away and we continued on our walk. I am sure that even though Quake is smaller, he could kick this dog's arse and I think he's been very tolerant until now. Suggestions?
  • yikes... does the owner seem like he is trying to tell him "get him" in an aggressive way? if you feel like he is... I would first have a conversation with the owner and tell him that you don't feel comfortable with it. If he brushes it off... I would just keep walking. Not worth the risk!
  • @enzo_inu-Yes, it seems the owner is trying to get her dog to be aggressive towards Quake. I just do not have a good feeling about it plus the dog has gotten more aggressive since the owner started giving her that command. I am going to have a conversation with the owner. If it happens again, I will no longer allow any walks together. It's just not worth the risk to my Quake's health, nor is it worth the risk of Quake biting her dog because he's had enough of the antics. I'm sure the owner would be screaming bloody murder at that point even though her dog initiated the crap in the first place!!! If I sound angry it's because I am. I also know it's my responsibility to protect my dog and I will do so even if it hurts the feelings of a neighbor.
  • That's terrible. Why would you want to teach a dog a command like that unless you were trying to teach it to defend on command? What kind of dog is Desi?

    I agree with enzo that a there definitely needs to be a conversation about that. I've seen dogs that were best friends before become bitter enemies because of negligent owners. It would be a shame to see Quake lose a walking buddy. I hope the owner will understand your concerns and you can continue your walks!
  • Yeah, that doesn't sound good at all. I tell Enzo to "go get him" but its VERY clear that it is in a playful way but if I knew someone took that the wrong way and didn't like it... I would def not continue to do it! But you are right... if Quake ended up getting mad and bit the other dog... the owner would probably get mad at you and Quake when they started it! Def have the convo... if something does happen at least you know and can say that you spoke to them about it. Give us an update if/when the convo happens! :) Good luck! Hopefully Quake doesn't lose a friend!
  • @nikkitine and @enzo_inu. Desi is a mixed breed. Her owner at first told me she was part Shiba but now she says she doesn't know what Desi is. I think she is part pit bull and part something else by the way she looks. I like Desi. She can be a very sweet dog when her owner is not giving her stupid commands. I agree that I do not want things to escalate, so I will have a talk with the owner this weekend. If the owner fails to understand my concerns, then I will no longer allow walks with Desi. Quake was taught by his first pet parents to be nice to his furry friends since he was raised with another dog for his first year. I also encourage him to "be nice to the Pooch". I do not want him taken advantage by a dog who is a bully or at least her owner is teaching her to be a bully by her negligent commands. Hopefully, Quake doesn't lose a friend but I'd rather that he lose a friend then for there to be an accident in which one of the dogs gets hurt.
  • I wanted to let you all know that I talked to the dog owner today. I told her that "I think that the last two times Quake and I have walked with you and Desi, that Desi's play behavior has become concerning. The owner smirked as if proud of her dog's behavior and said "Oh, she was too rough for Quake?" I answered, "Desi was too bullying for Quake and Quake looked to me like he was getting ready to defend himself against Desi's bullying". I told her that I think her command of "Get him" is causing her dog to go into bullying behavior and I would not want Quake to have to bite her dog to get her to lay off. I told her it's up to us pet parents to make sure things do not get out of hand. I do not know if I will allow any more play with this dog. I will have to wait and see the attitude of the owner and the dog. Quake has other furry friends that treat him nicely so if he loses this one friend it's no big deal.
  • esteves91esteves91
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    Hi Shiba-ers.

    I just wanted ask ask questions regarding puppy behavior during a recent puppy playgroup outing.

    This Luna's (14 Weeks) third interaction with other puppies, first two was during puppy kindergarten (3 other pups), were it was obedience training and last 10-15 mins was play time. During the most recent play time (just a puppy playgroup with about 15 pups) she kept playing with a bigger puppy (Georgia) and was growling and snarling during play to a point when it look like it was getting very aggressive. The trainer had to pick up Luna and give her multiple timeouts during the playtime.

    What are your guys thoughts on this. Is there a way to curb this behavior or train her to not play so rough/aggressive?
  • enzo_inuenzo_inu
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    @esteves91, do you think he is actually being aggressive? usually when shibas play they come off really aggressive but that is just how they play. Enzo would only play with big dogs and sound like he had a little alien inside of his throat. I had a couple of people pull their dog away thinking he was being aggressive but people who know how shibas are dont seem to worry at all. Enzo is the NICEST dog.. he would never be aggressive and they know that.

    if you arent sure i would maybe just have play time with one dog and see how luna does.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @esteves91 - There is a really great video and discussion at the beginning of this thread (feel free to read the whole thing, LOTS of great information).
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  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    @esteves91 - Shibas have a different, harder playstyle and most dog owners that have never really encountered a Shiba will mistake it for aggression. When Tali plays hard, she can go all out with all the screams and teeth baring you can imagine. However, she does know how to adjust her playstyle according to each dog. If she plays with her brother or with my other dog Nala, she goes all out and becomes a little demon. But with calmer dogs, she almost never uses her teeth and mostly just chases, body bumps, or uses her paws to slap them around.

    While it can be pretty scary, it's most important to read the body language of both Luna and the other dog. Knowing when to step in is key here. If the other dog is clearly not happy with Luna's aggressive playstyle, then it's best intervene and lead her away. While timeouts are helpful to an extent, I don't think giving her multiple ones are the best fix. Set her up for success and only allow her to play with pups that are comfortable with her style. It only takes the blink of an eye for things to get too crazy and a fight happens.

    You can also try teaching her the Settle! command to have her calm down if things are too rough. Having reliable recall is also extremely helpful in these kinds of situations too.

    Below is a video of Tali playfighting with her brother. You can see it can get pretty bitey but it can get much crazier at times as well. She also nipped him pretty hard and he screamed XD

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  • I love Koopa/Tali spam!

  • BragiBragi
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    My shiba doesn't play like that, he is 7 months old and he only likes to play with big dogs, and by big I mean 100+ lbs. He likes to run side to side and circle them, then bark/growl/scream all in a high pitch and show his teeth up close to their face sometimes doing light snaps? He also likes it when big dogs swat him hard......hard enough to make him roll a few times. I don't know if this is normal at all, from the videos I've seen the vids you guys and gals have posted and all of them seem to wrestle a little bit. I was wondering if my puppy's play style is normal or is it aggression or something?

    Also how do you guys feel about playing with the super big dogs? Koji has gotten slightly hurt once when the dog he was playing with rolled over onto him.
  • enzo_inuenzo_inu
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    @bragi, Enzo used to only play with big dogs until he he turned about 1. He still plays with a couple bigger dogs but he mainly chooses to play with dogs his size now. They would just run around and Enzo would grab their cheeks and hold on for dear life!

    I don't think his play is aggression especially if he keeps going for it.
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Welp, finally got a video of the infamous Tali Slap. So this is Tali trying to initiate play with Pacman and because he's an old grump, he just HATES it. Before, it used to happen only once or twice every couple of days. Now, it happens once or twice every few hours! Time-outs are needed and even afterwards, she'll still try to go for it every now and then. So my question is, how do I get her to stop pestering JUST him, but not make it seem like initiating play is a bad thing with other dogs that actually would want to play with her?

    @BanjoTheBetaDog - Because you wanted to see the slap...

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  • tysaaantysaaan
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    Bumping this to ask a question in regards to shiba play. Jibo has recently been playing too rough with my other dog, and she started acting weird and would yelp at random times after one bout of aggressive play. She seems to be okay now, but how can I teach Jibo not to bite/play as hard? I believe that because my other dog is smaller his play is a bit too powerful for her, when Jibo played with a Golden Retriever they played fine. I tried the method of yelping at the top of my lungs to stop it; it doesn't work. Thanks!

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