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Introdusing Shiba puppy to your cats
  • EthosEthos
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    I had the chance to bring a shiba Inu puppy from a friend breeder and keep him for one night to test the water with my cats.
    I have 2 cats, and they went crazy, hissing and running and hiding behind and above furniture in areas I never expected they could reach. They didn't even eat. The puppy was cool and just barked couple times and ignored the cats.
    I wonder if anybody had the same experience and if the cats got over it eventually and start acting normally. I felt so bad for the cats being so scared and uncomfortable in a house they lived all their lives in.
    Please let me know if you have any advice for me when I actually buy the puppy..
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  • I agree with @Inu Ryuu, make sure there is a safe place for your cats to go to when they have had enough of the puppy. It took us a full year to really get Ginger, our Shiba, and Violet, our cat to peacefully coexist. They still aren't best friends but the older and calmer Ginger gets, the better. Violet has the entire 3rd level of our house to herself, where her litterpan and bed is. We also keep her food up on the dining room table so she can eat without Ginger pestering her. It will take lots of time and patience. Ginger and Violet are now to the point where they will look out windows together, play tag, and sleep on our bed together at night but it took lots and lots of time.
  • jjlcjjlc
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    We're almost three weeks into Shiba ownership and we've had cats for over ten years. Our cat has been exposed to dogs before and she does ok. She'll get somewhere up high to watch for a while but eventually get curious and come to check things out. She's a big kitty and she'll take care of herself if she has too. Our Shiba and the cat have an easy truce going. They'll be in the same room, even lay on the floor a few feet from each other, without any issues. Miko wants to play with the cat, but she seems to have already figure out that the sound the cat makes (hissing) isn't a good thing. She always backs off when the cat hisses, but then the cat will turn to walk away and she will follow her. If the cat speeds up, she speeds up. It's just curiosity. Last night I actually had some good success getting the shiba to focus on me and ignore the cat entirely. Once the puppy is less puppy, I think we'll eventually find them huddled up together somewhere.
  • micomico
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    Our grumpy cat, who hates everyone, has never tolerated Suki and she's terrified of him but his littermate soon became her bestfriend, even sleeping in her crate. Suki was distraught when he was knocked down and had to be pts when she was 6 months old. We've got a new kitten and it was tense at first but they're now partners in crime and curl up together (if you look at my other threads there's a couple of photos of them asleep together).

    We still feed Suki first and give the cats theirs on top of the counter and make sure they've got somewhere to escape to if she gets a bit rough but the kitten usually pounces on Suki when she's asleep so he must enjoy the rough and tumble.
  • EthosEthos
    Posts: 372
    Thank you all for the great responses. Reading your experiences with this same issue gives me a lot of input and information.

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