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walks, solo and with "the pack".
  • jjlcjjlc
    Posts: 66
    Last night was the first night the entire pack (mom, dad, child and dog) have gone on a walk together. Miko has been good on the leash and she's responding very well to our efforts to train her to not pull. Usually on our solo walks she has a tendency to lag behind, stop to sniff, etc. I noticed last night that on our pack walk, she didn't do much of this at all. In fact, she was almost prancing along with the pack the entire time, not pulling or leading, but staying with the pack, very upright, almost showing off. At one point we picked up the pace and eventually got into a full on run and again, she stayed right with the pack, running full speed for probably 30-40 yard bursts. When the pack slowed down, she slowed down. There's no real point to my post. I just find stuff like this interesting as it relates to the dog brain and us. neat stuff!
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    haha. I noticed the same with Bootz. I'm tempted to take her to an offleash dog park and bring my pack of dogs with me. But....I have to wait for my bf to be available to attempt this. Don't want it end up to be me chasing Bootz, while 5 other dogs are chasing me, it might trigger a bigger mob.
  • HamletHamlet
    Posts: 146
    Juliet HAS to keep pace with Hamlet when we are doing our pack walk in the evenings (I walk Jules, husband walks Hamlet). She'll often stop to sniff something while my husband and Hamlet walk further down the road, and then she'll look up, realize that she's behind, and hurry to catch up with them. It's gotten to the point that I've started asking my husband and Hamlet to wait for her to finish sniffing :p and then Hamlet gets annoyed and is all "Jules, come on, hurry up!!!"
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    "Pack" walks with me consist of:
    Attempting to get harnesses and leashes quietly, failing, dogs get super riled up. Put harnesses on dogs, dogs rush to the door. Try to get through the door in one piece (need to work on that) and untangle dog mess before heading out.

    The actual walk is chaos until we get about 1/4 mile into it and everyone hits their strides. After that, unless an animal is sighted, a person, or other dog, everything usually goes great.
    Sasha has a PERFECT heel, I never have to say anything to her, and actually have to encourage her to stop and sniff things at times.
    Juneau almost needs my full attention. She focuses on everything but me, and can rapidly change direction or pace and yank me all over. She is always trying to walk faster and in front of everyone. Juneau wears a pack that weighs on average 6 pounds, but can be anything from 4 to 10. This helps a TON with keeping her under control.
    Conker tends to march out front and isn't much of a hassle unless he thinks one of the Girls needs to be told where to walk. every once in a while he'll end up behind Sasha and will get really angry.

    Sometimes I will jog a bit, but it's a tad hazardous with three dogs. Juneau will try to be the fastest (like always) and usually ends up pulling me somewhere. Conker, depends on his mood, but if other dogs are around he will keep up. Normally he doesn't like to jog on concrete. Sasha has a nice pace that fits mine, but she only wants to jog for about 1/2 mile at most during the walk (normally about 2 miles) so I don't do it much when I take all three dogs.
  • LeoJDHuLeoJDHu
    Posts: 323
    Good observation - I noted the same when my girlfriend and I both walked our dogs. Her family has an Eskimo mix (Paris) and an English Bulldog (London).

    Paris HAS to be in front when we walk - she will pull/whine if she is behind London. As soon as she's in front of London, she walks perfectly fine.

    London walks MUCH better when Paris or Leo is walking with him. Otherwise, he takes his sweet time to get anywhere - often just plopping on the floor not moving.

    Leo also tends to lag behind when solo walking. However, with Paris and London, he walks very, very well. I suppose he replaced sniffing with following the two dogs. It's funny. I usually walk London and Leo, while my girlfriend takes Paris. Both of them are boys so Leo will usually follow London everywhere and mark after he marks. Haha - I always tell my girlfriend that Leo learned to mark by watching London (he started marking the day after our first walk together with London - I swear!!) Sometimes London will lag and Leo will nudge London by getting all into his face.
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