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Northern NV Shiba Rescue needs donations to help with surgeries
  • I received this email from Jack Owens, who runs the Northern NV Shiba Rescue:

    "To all my family and friends;

    I am writing to you all to ask for help. Again this seems to be the easiest way to raise monies for the animal rescue when I am in need. I have two rescues that are in need of surgery. Shin and JackJack both have an ACL tear. We are in need of raising about $2,000 to $3,000 dollars in order to care for these two very special dogs. Any donation will be appreciated and are tax deductible, Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue can provide receipts for all donations.

    Donations can be mailed to:

    A Doggies Dream
    2697 Mill Street
    Reno, NV 89502

    Make checks payable to:

    Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue

    If you would like to make donations using credit cards you can call me at 775-771-8523, and I can run them at any time.

    Again, thank you all in advance for your assistance.

    Jack Owens
    A Doggies Dream
    Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue"

    NOTE: A PayPal feature has been added to the Northern NV Shiba Website
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  • I'm going to "bump" this. The rescue is still looking for donations according to Jack.