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North East Shibapalooza 2012!
  • Hi All!

    I'm putting together what I hope to be a big North East Shiba Meet Up ("Shibapalooza"). The meet up will be Sunday May 6th at Crate Escape in Belmont, MA ( Belmont is about 10-15 outside of Boston. It is all fenced in and has lots of room for the sheebs to run around and even a large fence divider INCASE we need to separate a dog/dogs. We will have the place to ourselves for 2-3 hours. There will be food and drinks for the humans and obviously water and noms for the sheebs. There will be a doggy door giving access to an outdoor area that is also fenced in! So hopefully the weather will be wonderful!

    I am sending out the invite to all Shiba owners/lovers to attend. We have Shibas coming from MD, NY, NJ,NH, PA, and of course MA. It should be a really fun time and it's always nice to meet new Shibas and Shiba owners.

    I posted a detailed write up that includes different lodging options for those that are traveling that you're more than welcome to take a look at. Here's the link:

    Also, you can check out websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe. They have many hotel/B&B deals up to 60% off the original cost per night.

    If you're interested in coming, please send me a message. And have any questions please feel free to send me a message as well.

    Look forward to meeting new Shibas and owners/lovers =)

    Amanda & Knox the Shiba
    Knox The Shiba
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  • YukikoYukiko
    Posts: 452
    That sounds so exciting! Serious props to you for putting it together. Yuki's already packing her bags and planning her escape to be there (without us). :D
  • Max and Zenji are trying to use shiba mind control to get us to drive there for the weekend!
  • I do believe I MUST go!! Of course my two Shibas have insisted they be allowed to go!
  • I'd love to come! I'm in RI, it's only an hour away. I have some friends around here too with Shibas that might be interested.
  • @alisagaylon let the shiba mind control sink in! You must come!!

    @Lradd58 that's Of course! The more (shibas) the merrier! =)

    @shibamaci AWESOME! Yes, tell your friends! I am so excited to see tons of shiba butts prancing around.

    @Yuki-- Wish you could come...maybe i'll just kidnap Yuki for a couple days =)
    Knox The Shiba
    Posts: 1507
    My guys are Yankees and NY Giants fans and are a bit apprehensive to travel to Boston. Especially after yesterdays championship. I'll try and convince them to go.
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    i wish someone would organize something like this in south new jersey :( dog parks are few and far between in my area and the ones that are available you have to pay out the a$$ for
  • @Inu Ryuu---Hopefully the dust settles by then. Which I'm sure it will. And hopefully Knox's hudad's broken heart will be mended by then =)

    @BrewSter I feel you aren't the only one who has that sucky situation =( But if you can, try to come to the meet up! There will be more Shibas there than we can count =D
    Knox The Shiba
  • Also everyone--

    Please bookmark this link. We have created a site specifically for this meet up and I will be posting any and all updates, posts, etc on this site!

    It's still a work in progress but it will give you as much information about the meet up as possible. Thanks!
    Knox The Shiba
  • That sounds great! We'll see if we can get a little roadtrip planned!
  • cmed24cmed24
    Posts: 75
    ooh we are in RI, we could definetly make it!
  • Stef777Stef777
    Posts: 246
    You should have another ShibaPalooza in about 2 years when I live in Boston ;)
  • For everyone planning on coming- please send me a message and let me know. I am putting up a "guest list" on the website so we can see who is coming and from where! Can't wait to meet everyone!
    Knox The Shiba
  • make sure you take lots of pictures and share them!
  • Another update everyone:

    It seems this meet up is more popular than I ever anticipated! I wanted to let you know, if you do plan on attending, please let me know for sure ASAP. Space is limited and I would hate to turn away someone. Also, if you definitely cannot come please let me know so we can make space for others. We have created a "Guest list" please take a look. If you are coming I will put you on the list! Remember, it is first come first serve so let me know as soon as you can! This is going to be awesome to meet so many shibas and owners!

    Here's the site:


    Amanda + Knox =)
    Knox The Shiba
  • Hi All! Please check out our merchandise page on the Shibapalooza website! Proceeds first go to the cost of renting the space, and all remaining proceeds will be donated to the NYC Shiba Inu Rescue. We've got a ton of cute shirts for you & your sheeb! Plus dog supplies. Yay! Here's the link:
    Knox The Shiba

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