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Timing Question
  • After a long time researching these dogs and finding a breeder I am comfortable with, I'll be getting a Shiba pup very soon. The litter will turn eight weeks during the last week of March. I have been planning to take off of work the first week with the puppy, and will be raising him with my girlfriend. We have plans to go to a concert in a nearby town (about 2 hours away) the following weekend(puppy will be 9 weeks old). My girlfriend will be out of town the following week (week 10 for puppy).

    I have a few options regarding the puppy timing, and am wondering which one would be best for the dog:

    Option A: pick up the puppy the third week of March, train and socialize the dog with my girlfriend the following week, bring the puppy on the 2 hour ride to the concert and spend the night in a dog-friendly hotel before driving back the following day. Take off the following week from work to be with the puppy.

    Option B: wait to pick up the puppy until after the concert (week 9), take off work the following week and train and socialize the dog myself until my girlfriend gets back.

    I'm leaning towards option B just for the sake of simplicity. Won't be leaving town for at least a month afterwords so it just makes more sense.
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  • I'm unclear, are you planning on leaving the pup in the car during the concert or leaving the pup at a hotel during the concert?
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    Are you going to crate train the puppy? During the concert how long will the puppy be by themselves?
  • BootzBootz
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    ^As the previous people said, where will the puppy be while you are at the concert?
    "as potty breaks require" if the puppy is 8 weeks s/he CAN be going every 45 mins ~ hr...that will be very difficult if you're planning on going in and out of the concert.

    I prefer Option B. It doesn't hurt to have the puppy stay an extra week with the litter. From my personal experience, staying an extra week helped the puppy.
  • Sorry that it wasn't clear. We'd be crate training the puppy the week before, and bringing it along. I'd be leaving the concert every hour to let the puppy use the bathroom, and afterwords we would be returning to the hotel.
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  • I'd be pretty wary of leaving my pup in the car by himself. He attracts a lot of attention and I'd be worried about someone taking him. Also, crate training may not go as well as you think. We've had Zim for a week now and he still screams a certain amount in his crate. He's way better than he was when we brought him home, but it's something to think about.

    That said, I think I'd go with option A, myself, and leave him in the hotel in his crate. As long as the concert isn't more than 4 hours from when you leave until when you get home, the pup should be fine and I wouldn't have wanted the pup at home to only bond with one person instead of the other.
  • Please DON'T leave the puppy in the car!! Maybe you should just what a bit longer before picking up your pup. Doesn't sound like you're ready yet :(
  • Yeah, I definitely won't be leaving him in the car now that I think about it. I'm leaning towards option B, since there probably isn't any harm in leaving him with the breeder for the extra week.

    In a perfect world, we would skip the concert altogether but my girlfriend's flight leaves from the city it is in anyways.

    Thank you all for the feedback and concern!
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    If you trust your breeder, and got a good reputable breeder, I would leave the pup with them til you're ready to bring it home.

    Irregardless, I would most definitely not leave a cute 9 week old shiba puppy in a car. That feels like it's asking for trouble. AND if the puppy isn't full crate trained yet [ which odds are it won't be at 9 weeks old ] and the puppy decides to sream his head off, who knows what could happen. Someone might very well call the cops / animal control / etc. then you'll be in a whole world of trouble.

    Good luck! And congrats on the new addition! ~
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  • Yeah, I definitely see the error in my even considering it. My car does have windows tinted as dark as could be legally possible, so it is extremely difficult to see into. That said, there are so many other variables here that I would have no control over and regret not immediately dismissing the thought.

    I'll be going with option B unless I can get a hotel a block or two from the venue or can talk my friends in the city into watching the pup for a few hours while we are gone.
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    You should also share your plans with your breeder. If they are reputable, you should expect some head spinning at the suggestion of leaving the dog in a car while you are at a concert for a week. The breeder should be gladly willing to hold onto him for another week.
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  • @lindsayt The concert is only for three hours one night (not a week), but I agree with you. I didn't feel comfortable with it myself which is why I asked. Thanks for sharing the concern and turning it into a learning experience.
  • Not to bust your chops or anything but if you must ask these basic questions to the masses as opposed to your breeder, maybe it isn't the best time to take on infant (regardless of type). Maybe you should back way up and really look at the breeder source if it is a mail order dog.

    We are happy to help, however, really break your situational plans down into parts .....if you don't see problems with the plan scenarios, then it is probably best to wait and get some mentoring from a "reputable" source that can be helping you directly.


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