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If your dog was a high school student.....
  • deerparkdeerpark
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  • deerparkdeerpark
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  • SayaSaya
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  • I think Maci would be the misunderstood rebel/bitch. Haha. She is very independent and does what she wants when she wants. Ever since she was a puppy, nothing has stopped her from exploring. She'd probably also be a name brand snob because unless it's something good I give her, she turns her nose at it. She does have a soft side though that you only get to see unless you are close to her. I think her hobby would be sky diving because she always tries to jump out the car window going 70 down the highway!
  • lucylulucylu
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    Lucy would be what her parents called a misguided soul, but the rest of society would call a F$%#( Bitch. She'd steal all the other kids' possession and dare them to fight her.
  • GatsuGatsu
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    Guts would be the kid that parties way too much, and way too hard. He doesn't want any trouble, he just wants to party.
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  • lucylulucylu
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    Guts would totally be the party kid that dabbles in a little bit of weed. No doubt. Lucy would be his GF, who he beats up if she doesn't do what he wants, but she's too afraid to get out of the relationship.
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  • GatsuGatsu
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    Oh no Guts is in one of his Drunken Rages again, and he's going to take it out on Lucy! lol
  • lucylulucylu
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    Still amazes me that Lucy dares any dog she meets to fight, but Guts basically rips her ears and legs off and she does nothing. Never got real angry once.
  • esiepielaesiepiela
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    Zach would be a jock but the kind of jock that was friends with all the other kids even the nerds!
  • Kenzo would be a knivving bastard. Quiet, dresses well, probably gay, thinks he's better than you, and just likes to f*ck with people. He does have a temper though.... Well at least that's how he acts toward humans.

    Towards dogs.. He still thinks he's better, but he's much nicer. But, if he isn't interested, he isn't interested at all. So a snob either way.
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  • YukikoYukiko
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  • Azami would be a bitchy goth kid who loves to pick on her sweet cheerleader younger sister Hanabi. :P Basically, they're an anime waiting to happen.
  • I love this topic, its so funny!

    My poor Fira would be the girl that dresses like Kristin Stewart's Bella from Twilight in high school (the flannel, and/or non-dressy button up shirts with jeans) because its just daddy raising her and he doesn't know any better of what clothes to buy her daughter lol. She goes along with it because she is a daddy's girl and there's no one else she cares for more. She's really shy and introverted around others (around other dogs Fira right now goes in her crate until she has time to make sure they are okay), but she'll really get along well with the teachers (Fira definitely likes people more than other dogs although there's still a warm-up period). I think there would be a part of her that would be a sports addict because of how wound up Fira gets playing with her toys. She apparently will like watching sports because Fira actually watches the TV a lot more than normal when we've got sports on (especially Chicago Bulls! basketball).
    So in short, a shy introverted Bella Swan-type high school student. If I see any sparkly dogs while walking Fira, I'm running the other way!
  • catloreecatloree
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • tkfushtkfush
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    How fun! My husband and I was talking about how Yuki would be if she were a high school kid just last week!

    Yuki would be the social butterfly who floats around from group to group each week. She makes sure she hangs out with everyone...the jocks, nerds, artists, goths, etc. But although she tries to be friends with everyone, she's kind of a bully- stealing toys from the youngsters, taking out the legs of the big awkward kid (the masiff) and running laps around the porky nerdy kid who just wants to her friend (the bulldog). She also has ADHD and gets bored easily. Doesn't like to do homework. Doesn't pay attention in class. She just wants to play and have fun!
  • XabiXabi
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  • Kona would be that quiet nice kid in class. I feel like he should be carrying around a sketch book or something.Think shaggy dark hair and one of those small secret smiles. He's friendly to everyone, but has a thing against bullies. He's probably chased one or two off while at the elementary school where he volunteers in a sort of big brother program.
    (sketch to follow after work)
  • Sukoshi would be the serious library student who observes everything and everybody. Because of her powers of observation, she usually understands group dynamics and gets along with most folks.

    Hoshi would be the guy in the back of the class who daydreams, but who is also a sometimes prankster.
  • Kenji would definitely be a social butterfly and a ladies man. He would be a jock, but would love to be friends with everyone. He would be the quiet type in class, and would only speak up when he has something meaningful to say.
  • dorapochdorapoch
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    Ginko would be a friendly jock who has a really competitive side that he can't hold back, even in just friendly play, and causes others to get hurt. But is a crybaby when he gets a good knock on his head :P. He has a bit of an attitude, too. But is quickly learning that it's getting him nowhere with everyone else.

  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • HamletHamlet
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    Hamlet would be the ladies man/popular guy. He'd be the one always hanging out by the lockers, winking at the girls, and just scraping by getting his homework in on time -- but the teachers wouldn't mind since he's so charming.

    Juliet would be that sweet teacher's pet who sits in the front of the class and always tries to help the teacher out or just be nice. She would get all A's, on various committees for her "resume", and would be that dorky but sweet kid who laughs at the wrong time.
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  • HamletHamlet
    Posts: 146
  • HamletHamlet
    Posts: 146
    ..........Do I have Bart and Lisa Simpson in my house?! O.o
  • SakuSaku
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  • ttddinhttddinh
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    Rofl! Bea would totally be teachers pet, not caring about the other dogs
  • Eevee would be the "Queen Bee" (reference to Mean Girls) who believes everything revolves around her. If anything does not go her way, she'll find ways to turn your day upside down. If you get on her good side, she'll just cuddle up next to you and give you a surprise fart. ...*sigh.
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  • MegaenMegaen
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    Lena would be the sweet/nice girl until you do something that wasn't done to her liking, then she'd just make your life miserable

    Toshiro would be the quiet observing one trying to figure everyone out
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  • natashanatasha
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    We belong to a dog club and train every Sunday, my shiba Yuki flirts unashamedly with all the big guys. At the moment a GSD is her absolute favourite but she also flirts with a Great Dane and recently this huge Rottweiler has caught her eye. So I guess if she were human she'd be the girl dating all the body builders and athletes :))
  • amtiamti
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • RikkaRikka
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  • Ginger

    Would be the half-naked tom boy that goes and plays sneeky little pranks on kids. (like tapping their shoulder and then running off) Her hobbies would include track and possibly football, as she loves stealing the ball and bolting off in one direction until everyone just gives up catching her.
    Her other hobbies may include art class, but strangely she would only paint with her nose....
  • PeppaPeppa
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    Peppa will be the hyper popular cheerleader (with ADHD), bitchy n snobby but kind at heart
  • Yoshis that pothead whos always happy, doesnt care about how he dresses,always has the munchies and is cool with everybody.hes always falling asleep in class but the teachers pass him because they dont want to see him again next year. Lol.
  • tatonkatatonka
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