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Eye Discharge
  • kirinkirin
    Posts: 68
    Kirin's left eye has been giving off a yellowish discharge for the past couple of days. I inspected it but couldn't find any foreign objects like debris or a stuck eye lash.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before? I am very worried, the earliest appointment I could make is on Monday morning.
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  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    maybe kirin has an infection? brewster get eye boogies but not like that theyre usually tiny but maybe the vet will shed more light on it (im no expert by anymeans) but good luck!
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    Both my guys had had eye infections last week with yellow discharge. Poor Penny had it in both eyes. Vet prescribed triple antibiotic opthalmic ointment. It cleared up in two days (though I had to apply it for seven days). You might want to check with your vet.
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  • Eye problems should be seen right away. If there is a scratch or other problem not seen to the naked eye it often gets worse fast. If the soonest you can get in is monday it should be fine. Just make sure Kirin doesn't scratch or rub the eye and wash the discharge away with a warm cloth when you see it .
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Could be allergies, and eye infection, or something else. Best bet is to take Kirin to the vet ASAP. Eye issues should never be ignored, as an infection could cause loss of sight.
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  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    You need to see a vet to get it properly flushed out. it could be allergies as well, but yellow sounds like something got in there causing an infection/irritation.
  • inupamuinupamu
    Posts: 38
    Nalah had some eye issues couple months ago, with discharging and reddening eyes. I bought a eye drop from Petsmart and it cleared right away.
  • VickyVicky
    Posts: 3
    Definitely get ALL eye issues looked at... Shiba have a very high percentage of getting glaucoma. One of my Shibas lost her eye because of this disease, and it came on very quickly. A pressure reading can be done at your vets office - pressure readings between 10 (or lower) and 20 are considered safe, anything over 20 you are going into an area with potential eye damage. By the time we removed my Shibas eye her pressure reading was at 53... when it was diagnosed it was almost 80. The eye was immediately blind, but we needed to remove the eye to remove the pressure (it causes IMMENSE pain). She has one eye now and she couldn't be happier. (The pressure in her good eye is holding strong at 10). She is now medicated for life/eye drops to prevent/delay the glaucoma from going into the secondary eye.

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