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Interesting Offer for those who have had a deceased companion/service animal.
  • stralimstralim
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    A friend pass this scientific research study to me and I thought I would share. I am not sure how many folks have had Shiba Inus as service dogs.

    Are you interested in receiving a mediumship reading about a beloved deceased companion animal as a volunteer in a scientific research study?

    The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential is conducting a research study to investigate the acquisition of information about deceased companion animals by credentialed mediums who experience communication with deceased animals. The study will involve controlled readings in which Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMs) will attempt to obtain information about specific deceased companion animals.
    To read more go to:
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  • RhondabeeRhondabee
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    Thanks for the link. I think it is very interesting.