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What is your Shiba afraid of?
  • Zuki has a fear of toilet least the ones that close slowly. We just discovered this when cleaning today. He will bark, growl and jump all over the place until the seat is fully down. Now he is very cautious when walking by other bathrooms in the house.

    He is also afraid of a bison statue in town. He has seen statues of elk and other animals, but the bison just scares him.

    I don't think he likes it when we find he fear humorous.

  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    Lol @Kira_Kira

    Kiba is afraid of inanimate objects moving in the wind.. other than that the only thing I can think of is the dust buster, but last time I used it he got brave and tried to show it who was boss (barking and lunging at it).

    Also, the neighbors across the street had this lifesize headless horseman decoration up for Halloween (and then some) that freaked Kiba out the first couple times he saw it.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • Fireworks, Thunder.
  • KBBD83KBBD83
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    Street drains, parking lot drains, signs that were not there before, the electric wine opener, the swiffer wetjet (anything that makes that mechanical 'whirring' noise), arguments.

    That's about it.
  • Reruns of the west wing. For whatever reason when I put that show on netflix he barks and barks and hides under the bed or in his crate. Occasionally he'll come out, look at the TV, and if its still on, BOLT for his "safe" place again.
  • Any veterinarian's office (he starts shaking as soon as we walk in and practically climbs into our laps and hides his head into our belly), and sometimes random people wearing scrubs will get the stink eye, too. He barks at snowmen, which is pretty funny. He hates the vacuum and brooms (barks at them if we do not put him in a wait before we begin). Sometimes he likes fireworks and thunder storms, other times he can be a little wimpy and stick to us like glue.
  • Towels...
  • Gatsby is afraid of the electric stove being on. About ten to fifteen seconds after I turn the stove on, before I even put anything down to cook, he bolts upstairs and hides under the bed. There must some smell that lets him know it is on. I've tried cleaning it thoroughly but that didn't help. He isn't afraid of gas or induction stoves, just electrical heating elements.
  • Whiskey is afraid of black plastic bags and skateboards. I honestly do not understand the black plastic bags since I had several laying around the house ever since he's been here.
  • I don't know if maybe Sushi's defective, but he hasn't shown fear to anything yet... no problems with sewer grates, garbage trucks, vacuum, hair dryer... nothing around the house either. He's not particularly fond of the mop or broom though - he tries to eat them. Haven't had a thunderstorm yet, so maybe that'll be it, lol.
  • Mei is mostly scared of loud noises like thunder, fireworks, plastic bags and empty plastic bottles. But she mostly just bark at them and then move on or just stay the furthest away. She is also scared of scooters because one time we were walking on a footpath and a kid was riding it behind us and was riding towards us. The sound of the scooter on the footpath scared her so much that she went to hide in the bushes next to us in someone's front yard and wouldn't come out. But she is fine when I move the garbage bin.
  • Mine doesn't mind vacuums but he hates brooms. He runs away, barks at it and tries to attack it. He also is scared of the car. He doesn't mind it too much when he is in the car but to get him in it, he has to be lifted and placed as he will not go near it.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • Ripley's terrified of dogs that are smaller than her. I have no idea why--I've observed her entire life and she's never had a bad experience with one. She'll leap right up and snap at the face of an Irish Wolfhound, but god help her if a Maltese wants to play.
  • Collars, Chihuahuas (but she'll make a jungle gym out of any big dog lol) and she is absolutely bug eyed, drooling, shaking terrified of nail clippers. Whether it's her getting her nails done or anyone else in the house.
  • The isle in the pet store that has photos of dogs on all the boxes/bags. We were walking around getting some toys for the cats and just decided to check out the rest of the store. All of a sudden Zuki tucked his tail and cowered to the far side of the isle. It took me a while to realize it was the photos of dogs on all the treat boxes/bags. Very strange. He was fine down all other isles.
  • Tissue Paper, like for wrapping gifts... Hates it..
  • RikkaRikka
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  • BasBas
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    My Shiba, that I got when he was six, was afraid of many things.

    Fireworks, Big trucks. Garbage collecting truck. Airplanes. Air balloons. Plastic bags that hang in trees. Not any more. I could train them all out.

    For example, when the garbage truck drives trough the streets, he started shaking. As soon as I notice, I take him out for a walk and inspect this 'thing' that makes such strange noises. We then observe the garbage truck, till it holds no more secrets. Now, he is not scared anymore of that noise.

    The only thing I cannot train 'away' is his fear of thunderstorms. He is really scared. I tried walking in the storm with him. But it is to vague: where does this sound come from? It still is a mystery to him. He still is scared. Lightning also very much increases his fear.

    It is sad to see him shake for half an hour.

    What can I do to comfort him? He will not take any food or do tricks. I can pet him, and talk to him, and it does seem to comfort him a little, but when the thunder thunders, he still shakes, and shakes, and shakes.

    What can I do?
  • BasBas
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  • shibamiloshibamilo
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    Milo is terrified of plastic bags and tin foil. Anytime we put away a plastic bag or put something in the oven, he runs straight to the bedroom and wont come out until its put away.
  • Hanna is scared of water bottles, I can never hold one without her knocking it out of my hand and attacking it. I'm not sure why, but I adopted her from a shelter when she was a year old so maybe something happened in her past life.

    Boo though... I'm not sure if he's scared or curious about balloons. He sees one pounces around then leaves the room barking before coming back and running again

    As far as the nails we use the Oster nail grinder. Hanna doesn't like getting her pedi and mani but she will accept it eventually where as Boo will fall asleep as I'm doing them. We exposed him to nail trimming, bathing, vacuums, kids, and all sorts of things when we first got him so he's generally very good. I saw a post on facebook called the Doggy Lift. Not sure if it's out yet, but it looks pretty interesting

    maybe you could Macgyver something together :P
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Rhyz is afraid of flies. I'm trying to get this on video, it's kind of hilarious to see a dog buck and run away when a fly lands on his tail. LOL

    So far Laika isn't afraid of anything, though for a while she was super suspicious of fire hydrants and garbage cans.
  • niki82niki82
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    Sora flat out refuses to go into a public toilet with me.. She really hates them. So unfortunately I have to tie her up outside while I go in.. I worry about doing this because of thieves. Sora doesn't mind waiting though, she knows I'm only gone minutes. I have recently bought a small chain and lock to use when I have no choice but to leave her out the front of a shop or toilets etc.. to help prevent theft.

    I carry a walking bag with doggy essentials everytime we're out so Sora is always left with water and always in the shade and never for long. :)
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Ozzy has lately been more fearful of things. He was never afraid of anything until recently. He started becoming more fearful of water after he jumped into some deep water (I jumped in after him and carried him back to the shore). He's also become somewhat scared of heights. When he notices he's on a high bridge or something, he lays down on his belly and gets very stiff and scared to move. In the plane he was very good, but started trembling when our second flight was landing. This plane was oddly loud and dark (at night), though I'm not entirely sure why he was so scared of this one landing when he was fine with the first plane. :( then when riding in the car, he peeked out the window and saw how high up we were (going through a mountain pass), and he got panicky and jumped onto the floor and started trembling. Even when we got out of the car to walk around and he was normal and not afraid to get back in the car, he stayed scared during the ride. He's never been afraid or had any problem in the car before, and we do a lot of driving. Don't know if it reminded him of the plane or something. He seems like he's going through a bit of a fear stage and becoming frightened by things that he usually had no problem with. Hopefully it will pass, hate seeing him scared.
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    Ponyo doesn't like bands. She will be inquisitive about the electric/bass guitars but it depends on the song. Yesterday she sniffed a couple of drums and the guy tapped on it and all her fur stood up and she started barking like crazy (I found it hilarious). She also barks at trumpets. It will be interesting to see how she fares at my brother's house since he has a musician and has all of those instruments.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    @spacedogs-My Quakey is not afraid of flies but is instead OCD about catching them if one gets into the house. He will chase around until he gets close to the fly, then will jump super high and catch it with his mouth and then spit it out. After that he is so proud of himself and also super tired so he goes to take a nap! LOL! I would say he is afraid of very sudden loud noises but thank goodness does not have any general noise anxiety,
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    @imBLASIAN My son's a percussionist and we've introduced our dogs to drums VERY slowly so as not to overwhelm them. His drum kit is in the basement, where the dogs don't go too often, but we've taken them down and had them sniff out the kit and be present when they've been tapped lightly so they know the sound comes from the drums or cymbals. We haven't got to the point yet where he'll play them when the dogs are here but that time is coming soon I think. Hopefully it goes well, they don't bark or jump at the random bangs and clashes any more!

    Posts: 412
    @spacedogs - the guy just lightly tapped on the drums (bongos?) since she was inquisitive, but she definitely did not appreciate it. It must be something to do with the vibrations, because if we play the same type of music on speakers, she has no problem. I'll have to test (and treat) it out more to get her used to it.
  • ObizaObiza
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    Rusty is scared of the drum set. A few hits doesn't bother him but a full blown on song will leave him scurrying for the downstairs. He's not scared of t-storms or loud music though. He also doesn't like dogs (especially big dogs). He'll just freeze up and growl, a scar from his previous home we're trying hard to mend. I wouldn't say he's scared but he's not a huge fan of water or campfires. I think it's the smell with the campfires.
  • ObizaObiza
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    Well it appears Rusty gets nervous when there is a track meet at the school (the track borders our property). All the noise from the announcements, crowds of people, and shot gun start really upset him. After he ate dinner he curled up by the door that goes into our garage and looked so sad/afraid. I think he wanted to jump into one of our cars. He loves car rides. Football games last fall didn't seem to bother him any but I guess track meets start before we get home from work, last quite a bit longer, and there's way more people and noise. Once the meet was over I took him out along the fence line so he could see everything was back to normal. He's still much more cuddly than usual tonight.
  • My Ashi is about 10 weeks and scared of almost everything. She likes being outside but if she sees other ppl she starts pulling to run in the house. Scared of passing vehicles. Scared of noises. She barely comes in the living room. She's like only comfortable in our bedroom and under our bed. It kind of sucks. I bring her out with me to the stores and to play with my SIL yorkie but other than that - shes startled by everything. Is this even normal for 10 weeks? Or how can I get her to stop trying to run to her safe zone over everything? She's not like PETRIFIED but she just walks away or tries to scurry back home.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Been waiting to see if Coal exhibits any fear...and not sure I say that he does. Maybe my husband? XD He was nervous about bridges for a brief time, but it was a sudden fear that I walked him through. He tends to be an overly cautious pup, but also very curious at the same time. he'll bark at people coming in the house, but not panicky, he'll get excited about moving stuff like bikes, and no reaction to thunder at all and only mild alert bark (that soft, huff-bark that I consider his alert bark) to fireworks if they are close enough for him to see.

    I know what he hates, but I am sure that is not the same thing... can't figure out why I haven't seen him greatly afraid of anything yet. Maybe the vacuum? He barks at that a lot and chases it while it is on.... He has never run back in the house, never tucked his tail, and never flattened his ears or done anything "fearful" though I have seen whale eyes once or twice, but more of a "get away from me you weird humans" than actual fear.
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  • Shiro_PiShiro_Pi
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    Mochi is afraid of small cardboard boxes, he'll bark, sniff, circle, and run away if we slide one towards him. We used to use bigger ones as barricades to the kitchen, or stairs if we're away. He won't bark at those but he won't try to challenge the barricade. Oddly he doesn't mind his house, which is a pillow inside a cardboard box. xD

    I have yet to find what Senbei is afraid of. (Other than Mochi barking at her when she steals his food) She's so adventurous, she just pushes past beyond the cardboard or other barriers like they're not there.
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  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    I found my pup's fear! Water! He will not approach water---not just at the sea. I put a bucket of water for him to play with and tossed a toy or two in there, and he just circled it anxiously and eventually walked away. He refuses to go near it.
  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
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    @shibamaci Mine does the same thing even though he's been socialized with people of all different backgrounds/appearances. He gets over it pretty quickly, just kinda walks around "huff-barking" for a little and then decides to be friendly. He's skittish with strangers in general, but if they sit down on the couch or something for at least a few minutes he'll becomes a cuddle-bug.

    Other things Kitsu is afraid of include...

    Manholes/speed bumps/etc. At first he would refuse to walk by them, but now he just jumps over them. (Progress!)

    That darn vacuum... Really any equipment or tools that are loud/bigger than him.

    I bought him a frisbee and he's terrified of it. If I put it down near him he'll freeze and won't budge until I put it away lol.

    Anyone that comes to the house in a uniform. Can't even begin to understand why, but somehow he can tell "visitors" and a "repairman" apart.

    Putting on his collar is not problem, but he hates his harness and I have to corner him before he'll sit down in defeat and let me put it on.

    He seems to like car rides, he's quick to jump inside and seems excited, but occasionally he'll start to shake during the drive. He doesn't whine or anything, just starts shaking like a leaf, sometimes even when he looks happy and has his tongue out/etc. Can't figure this one out...

    My family teases him and says he's such a chicken. He's definitely pretty cautious and nervous, but not in a way that really causes any problems. Thunderstorms are no problem, so he's got that going for him. :)
  • Keki is afraid of stuff that isn't in their place (lol). Basically, if she was accustomed to seeing my backpack in the living room, but then I moved it to the kitchen table, she goes nuts with barking, lunging, and growling. That is the case with most inanimate objects that were moved lol

    Also plastic bags on the floor. Or in general. Cannot stand them.
  • ObizaObiza
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    @Rina_Lin, Rusty loves car rides as well but he's shook and panted heavily on two occasions, similar to how he does during t-storms. Both times he was sharing the back seat with two adults and didn't have a window seat. He eventually did settle down but it took 10 minutes or so. He apparently does not like sharing his car turf. I think he was anxious because he couldn't easily look out the window and felt trapped.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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  • KiichigoKiichigo
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    kiichigo is afraid of people on skateboarders. When we're out on a walk she will spot them immediately. As they get closer, she'll run/pull in the other direction while trying to bark at them. She never ever barks otherwise. She's a very quiet dog, maybe whines here and there, but never barks. I do my best to avoid skateboarders or to keep her at a good distance and reward her for being quiet and calm, but sometimes it's not possible.

    We had a run in the other day with some more skateboarders riding on and vandalizing the planters right outside our condo where Kiichigo usually does her business. They grinded the paint and upper layers of cement off the planters (which now require repair), were loud, and had "boisterous" behavior on what is considered private property. Security finally came asked them to leave.. The skateboarders said that it's a free country and they can ride anywhere even on peoples' property and gave the poor security guy and hard time.. sigh..

    Now Kiichigo is even more nervous around that area and is extremely timid around skateboarders and anything with loud wheels like shopping carts and luggage. She usually loves meeting people on walks, but now she seems to be very suspicious of everyone and everything outside.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Ozzy also is very suspicious of items that have changed places or new items. Like if a pair of socks is suddenly sitting on a ledge. He wants to investigate and quietly huffs at it and becomes fixated and watches it until I put it back where it belongs hah.

    Ozzy has very few fears. He doesn't like water, but isn't really afraid of it. His first few experiences during take off / landing on a plane he was a little shaky, but now he is okay. My sister's birthday was about a week ago, which is when we discovered he hates balloons lol. My mom and I got her a balloon and it was just out in the living room. He came back from a shiba 500 in the backyard, got some water (right next to balloon), and laid down on the floor to rest. Then he saw the balloon and immediately got up and started barking at it haha. I tried to encourage him to tolerate it in his presence with some treats for being relaxed / quiet. But he still spent that day on the other side of the house, and still barks at the balloon if my sister leaves her door open and he notices it. He's not exactly afraid like shaky, but he's very suspicious of it haha. He doesn't know what it is or if it's alive with its strange movement.
  • JackStateJackState
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    Ichabod is afraid of jumping off the bed at night while in an unfamiliar place or jumping onto hardwood floor. He's afraid of spoons while he's being held. Hairdryers, vaccuums, really not a fan of those. Particulary loud thunder makes him uncomfortable. He kind of avoided the shared fence we have with a barky GSD, but he's doing better there. All this elicits an avoid response, not a cry and shake response. I would also say he's afraid of noises outside the home, though his behavior changes to alerting the pack there instead of avoidance. There've been like 4 people he hasn't liked in person. All of them met while in an unfamiliar place too; but he met other people in those places. I suspect it has to do with the individual's clothes smell more than looks or race, but I was only there for two. He was howling and barking and standing his ground!

    So I haven't posted about him yet or shown any pictures here yet, but we adopted a 20-month-old Shiba named Case from MSIR, keeping his name. He was bought as a puppy by a family with kids, and around 1.5-years-old they surrendered him to a shelter where he was until MSIR picked him up and put him with his foster mom. We've had him since 7/31. He's a very skittish little dude but so sweet. I give the background because it's relevant to the topic: apparently he was terrified of the kids. He still avoid them from what we've observed. He's also afraid of you coming near him with something in your hand, going into the yard alone at night (has to be sure Ichabod is coming too), your typical gamut of noisemakers like vaccuums + some extras like loud computer fans, being picked up, and of cars in every circumstance (walking by them, hearing them start up, especially getting into them, leaving his crate in the back of the car, but does alright if he's in your lap on a short trip [dangerous I know but it's good bonding]). He prefers to sleep under the bed because of his general skittishness of the new place but loves it when you visit him; foster mom said he had only just started to sleep on the bed before we adopted him. Likes to sit and be pet, would prefer you keep your movements slow. Reaction is to avoid and sometimes quiver; usually doesn't whine. He's such a sweetheart (but he can play hard and hold his own with Ichabod, don't worry). Surprisingly, he's so much more confident on a leash! Also 0 fear of big loud dogs on the other side of a fence, unlike Ichabod who is wary of that.

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