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What is your Shiba afraid of?
  • jelliesjellies
    Posts: 142
    my first shiba (nyc, Ohio puppy mill origin, creamy):

    anyone in a uniform
    buses using air brakes
    metal gratings / bars of any kind
    homeless pushing shopping trolleys
    bathtubs (empty or not)
    the city block with the vet on it
    certain people for no reason I could divine
    (I'm sure I missed some things)

    my current pup (breeder):

    so far, very low fear. he only freaked once at a parked scooter in a garage, so rather than reacting I just did nothing & let him work up the courage to get close enough to sniff it. Then all was well.
    Oh one other time, there was a wedding in the park across our path, he found the voice on the amplified mic concerning. I stopped and let him sit at a safe distance, and he just watched - trying to work out which person was the "monster".
  • jimjim
    Posts: 55
    My Niki is not afraid of anything. Unfortunately that includes moving cars. We have to be extremely careful.
    As for SEATTLEITE's question about nail cutting tips; I cut Niki's nail's only after she has had a really tiring day. After lots of activity, when she is just on the edge of falling asleep standing up (she does fall asleep standing up sometimes), is the best time to trim nails. She is very relaxed and pliable. I never try to hold her down, or have anyone else hold her down for this. If she gets panicky about me holding her leg and foot, I stop and do something else with her feet without cutting her nails. My philosophy is that nails grow slowly, it can wait another day.
  • Haru is petrified of fireworks or sounds like fireworks, the gushing water sound when the washing machine drains into the pipes and baths. Vixey doesn't seem to have an real fears but certainly doesn't like the sewer covers and will adamately avoid them.
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    Baths and getting his nails cut. Only 2 things that he will shiba cry and shiver at.
  • KimuraKimura
    Posts: 191
    Kimura had a phase where she was afraid of any vehicle. Now it's only the big transports on the highway part of our walk, but I think it's getting better.
    But the one thing she really seems to have a weird fear of is smoke in the house. It's a pretty healthy instinct, but it's weird as it's often meat, most of the time bacon... Her tail gets super low, her ears are to the side and back and she finds any way to get to the basement or ask to be outside. You'd think the meat smell would make it fun, but no, she's really not impressed (as we speak, she's outside because we are cooking duck meat and the smoke scared her...). WEIRD, right?
  • Sushi is scared of the bathroom. The way our house is set up, you have to go from the living room, through a small hallway, and past the bathroom to get to my room where her bed and everything is. Oftentimes, she'll stand at the entrance of the hall, giving the bathroom door a suspicious glare, slowly closing toward it, then running like crazy past it to get to my room.
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  • Ok, found out what Mika is scared of

    Fred and Jodie...Madison WI

    **Mika....The Shiba Inu**

    **Zoey....The Schipperke**
  • all three of mine.. the vet

    Yoshi is afraid of loud noises.. fire works, lightening .. etc.. it's funny because he used to be fine but last 2 years has developed fear.. but thats about it

    Hana... timid girl.. loud vehicles, strangers, other dogs especially larges ones, car rides, coffee grinder.. the list has shortened since she's been with me for a while now.
  • So Bowdu gets really upset by the sound of flies buzzing in the room. Sometimes he'll try to snap at them, but if he can't see them or just audible, he'll get really freaky and try to hide in corners with his tail down, like this --

    Scaredy dog

    I know he's not alone in this fear, but I wonder sometimes if his hypothyroidism makes him react even more extremely, because few other things make him react quite so... irrationally. A large truck or even the vet I can understand, but... a fly??

    This happened just before bedtime, and he was crawling all over me and pacing and panting in response to the sound of the fly.

    So I tried something different. I put the Thundershirt on him.

    Bowdu is freaking out about a fly buzzing around the house. On goes the #Thundershirt

    While the Thundershirt didn't seem to work at the vet, it DID actually help in this situation! It stopped his pacing, and he settled nicely on the bed. Otherwise, he'd have been climbing all over my face as I was trying to fall asleep. Instead, he stayed calm until he eventually got over his concern about a half hour later, and I took the shirt off.
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Hmm I might have to try thunder shirt on Bella need figure right size for her boxer body..

    Bella has hypothyroidism she tends to shake out of fear or nervousness at random times I'm writing it down to keep track maybe it's a pattern.

    She is much more confident when mom is home with her.

    Bella spooks easily and jumps if you sneeze.

    Hypothyroidism could be the issue I think it does cause some fear..

    Bella on her meds really help her a lot.

    Bella isn't afraid of flies heck she'll go for a wasp even though she was stung couple times before.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Kodi is afraid of fire of any kind, even from a torch. He will try to hide if he see fire. Thunder does mess him up, but not like gun shots and fireworks. And if he hears a metal chain he goes nuts, don't know about that one. I ca think that some one in his past may have abused him.
  • The only thing that we have discovered that Maggie is legitimately afraid of is the vaccuum cleaner. She will bark and then run and hide under the bed.
  • Bella does not like vacuum's either. She also hates trucks...
  • Toby is afraid of tubing, colored wires, gun shot like noises, fireworks, carpet scrubber only if I use the hand held part with blue tubing, and kennels. The kennel one is really bad he will start shaking and loose control of all body function so we only tried 2xs thinking the first time was a fluke since we had just got him home from the pound. We waited a few months to start crate training to let him get settled but best we ever got after six months was him not shaking when it is up in the room but he will not go near it even with cheese so we gave up. He also hates bicycles and will bark and try to chase them as they go by.

    Nikita is only afraid of my carpet scrubber which I find odd because it is one that looks like a vacuum and she has no problem with the vacuum.
  • I haven't known Kit very long so the list is pretty short so far:

    1. Airbrakes on buses
    2. Going into the vet's office (first time she was fine, follow-up after spay, I had to carry her in).

    Things that get her Shiba "?!?!?!?" head tilt:

    1. The statue in front of the natural history museum
    2. A Mr. Bill dog toy at Petco when I squeezed it and it said OH NOOO!
    3. Youtube videos involving barking dogs. She runs around looking for them.
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  • Grace HATES to wear clothes. Sweaters, shirts, anything. She just freezes and stands still, refuses to move no matter what. She acts as if we are hurting her! She wore a sweater when she was younger but never seemed to hate it. It wasn't until she 1+ that we discovered how much she doesn't like to wear clothes.

    Grace, unfortunately, also is afraid of children and usually growls at them. Her biggest fear of all is the bath, and screams for the entire time that she is in there.

  • Zoe is afraid of manholes on walks, gas stations, cardboard boxes, plastic bags (we're slowly getting over that). Going to my parents and grandparents house even though we've been there numerous times. She's also scared of my laundry basket, granted it has wheels and I think the nose it makes is the reason. She also doesn't like the laundry room which is probably because of the basket. And she hates bath time and getting her nails done but she doesn't mind being brushed.
    Lets face it, she's scared of everything but other animals and her humans. She's my special little scardey cat haha.
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    Storm drains seem to be a very common fear! I was wondering if something in particular happened to make Kouda afraid of them, but doesn't seem like it. Storm drains on the edge of sidewalks, the metal grate kind in lawns, and any manholes that have air holes.

    Also, just yesterday Kouda had a fit when a Prius started backing out of a parking spot as we walked by. It seemed silent to me, but probably not to him.
  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
    Posts: 206
    Kit is scared of the vacuum cleaner... I can't really blame her though because I hate the thing myself. The noise! She also tries to attack the broom when you're sweeping, I'm unsure of whether this is because she's afraid or because she just thinks it's fun.

    Also, she's smarter than my fiancee. When I raise my voice at other people/things she hides. I'm not yelling at her she just knows I'm mad at keeping out of the way is probably a good idea!
  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
    Posts: 206
    @slmatt14 - Kit totally does that too! She gives you this evil look like "why did you put this ridiculous thing on me" and then either sits there refusing to move or stalks off to her crate to hide so no one can see her. It's actually pretty funny.
  • Zim has gotten over steps without backstops, but is now scared of the vet period. He's also scared motorized things like remote control cars and electric wheelchairs. And crates. He's so upset by crates that he gets upset when he sees other dogs put into them.

    He's fine with stormdrains, though. And chainsaws. He actually wanted to go investigate a guy chainsawing a tree down. But the vacuum? Evil.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    @notoriousscrat, hmm.. no vacuum fear here, and Tatonka likes staring at bulldozers and loud construction equipment.

    But plastic bags or garden gnomes - or anything resembling a person that doesn't move, like a Santa wreath in my apartment complex - will freak him OUT.

    There's this new thing where he's averse to accidentally stepping on his own pee. He'll pee for two minutes straight then BOLT out, like get me the f- out of here!!
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    Kaji used to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but he decided it wasn't that scary when he chewed the cord. He's been fine with the vacuum and just avoids it when it is turned on now. He dislikes getting his nails cut and being washed, but I don't think he is really all that scared of it. He does the scream and cry for mercy though. If someone else is there to help me, the cry can be avoided by bribing with treats. If he was truely scared, I doubt he'd eat. He was afraid of the garbage truck but after seeing it come and go after a few seconds, he's getting ok with it. He still won't go close, but he doesn't tense up and try to run in the opposite direction. Now, he just stands close to me and watches. One thing that baffles me is that he doesn't like to ride in the car. If he sees me grab my car keys before putting on his leash to go out, he won't come. And if I try to get him into the car, he pulls away and sits or lays down. So he could be scared of the car. Once he's in the car, he lays down and closes his eyes. Not sure if he gets dizzy but he has never shown an interest like most dogs in car rides.

    Taisho on the other hand, loves the car and will jump in. I think his biggest fear is abandonment since he was left outdoors with other dogs for a good year by his previous owner. Taisho wouldn't go outside without me taking him. I would have to carry him down our deck stairs and wait for him to go potty before going back upstairs. He was also afraid of the dark (or maybe it was just abandonment) and so I always had to have a light on for him when I let him out in back (again with me there). He also cried/whined like crazy when crated in the beginning. Now he only cries while he thinks we are around. He still barks at a lot of mystery noises and we're working on the excessive barking. My mom's house is a corner lot with a huge yard near an elem school, so a lot of dogs and kids walk by the privacy fence. He likes kids and not always other dogs, so he makes himself heard- a little too much. Taisho is getting better about trusting us and going potty alone, even at night. My mom said he went by himself last night and she waited at the door for him. I really think he was afraid he wouldn't be able to come back inside if he went outdoors, so he opted to stay indoors. He really prefers being an indoor dog. His face is changing too... his eyes aren't so scared all the time now, and he is smiling a lot more now!
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    Sansa won't step over grates when we walk down the street and there are grates on the sidewalk. She will freak out and do anything to not step over them.
  • Desmo is afraid of the sound of tin foil, when I roll it out of the container. Thinks it is really scary......and afraid and not wanting to go in the car, even though we go to good places in the car......not sure about that one.
  • I thought Rocco was the only one that had a freak attack over storm grates and manholes! He also hates the dust buster, but that's pretty common.
    I think the worst is fireworks. He's too scared to even freak out, he just curls up next to one of the beds, starts whimpering and shaking and we have to try and calm him down by petting and talking to him. Poor guy :( This happened the other day, a bunch of drunks on the beach shooting off fireworks for NO REASON. Stop scaring my dog, jerks! >:(
  • Interestingky, Sam dislikes the smell of alcohol-based sanitizer. Whenever he smells hand sanitizer, he would constantly bark and sneeze....
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  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    Does anyone's Shiba do the over-cautious checking-something-out when they see an object of fear?

    This is when Tatonka gets as low as possible, legs stretched out, body planted as physically far away from the object as possible, then snakes his neck in slowly towards whatever it is. He kind of reminds me of a turtle when he does it. He does this with:
    -Plastic bags (indoors, outdoors)
    -Inanimate objects that look like people
    -Any dark stain or off-coloring on the pavement

    It takes him a long time (several minutes) to get any closer at all. Any sudden movement, like the cat turning his head, might either:
    -Cause him to bolt
    -Completely lose interest in whatever it is
  • RAM25RAM25
    Posts: 317
    Shinobi is afraid of parked motorbikes when they have rain covers on them. She refuses to walk past them, squats down and leans right away. If I insist she walks past them she'll try to jump up and bite her leash to get away! Sometimes trash cans scare her too, but she loves bananas and will find banana skins in all sorts of odd places.
  • @Tatonka Zim does the cautious sniff thing too. I've found that if I just let him sniff that stuff, eventually he'll let his body actually get close to the offending object and then usually he decides it was nothing scary at all. Being curious about scary things is a good instinct I think.
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    Halo is very scared of the vacuum cleaner, stairs(I don't know why), and being next to cars, yet she loves car rides
  • @Tatonka Dasha does the same position for unknown items. But she is mostly fearless thanks to her Min Pin sister who has no fear of anything (including a huge opposium that wandered into our yard the other night - both dogs went charging even though the thing is bigger than them). Dasha gets jumpy when people walk up behind her, especiallly when we are on walks!
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    @dashatheshiba, yea, no fear of freight trains or raccoons or jackhammers or horses that could crush him with hooves, but a plastic bag floating through the air slowly dropping down on him - terrifying!
  • Mila is scared of my (NWU) Navy working uniform. When i get up in the morning i take her out and then change in to my uniform and eat breakfast and the whole time she is as far away from me as she can be. So i started to have to put her in her kennel and covering it with a blanket before i get changed to go to the ship every morning and change before i let her out. Not sure but i didn't want her to start not liking me cause i am in them.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1590
    I wouldn't call it fear, but Kobe is extremely cautious with things that are out of place. The other day we were walking down the road and came up on a broke down car. He began to notice it maybe 50 yards away. At first, he put the brakes on, refusing to continue towards it. After some coaxing, we continued towards it, still a bit reluctantly. When we were maybe 20 yards from it, he stopped and began barking at it. He'd bark a few times, pause, and take a few steps closer to it. This continued until we were next to the car, at which point he sniffed around it, decided it wasn't a threat(I guess), and continued on without worry. Interestingly, on the way back he didn't pay the car any mind.

    He does this with anything out of place, even a unfamiliar car in our closest neighbors driveway, or simply a beer can in the ditch(that wasn't there before).

    I find it incredible just how smart and aware these guys are!

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  • ebumuebumu
    Posts: 10
    This evening I found both Griffin and Mia are afraid of the juice that came out of a cooked lobster I was prepping. They each happily ate a chunk of lobster. But when I put a plate on the floor for them with the yummy juice, they freaked out. Crept up on their bellies, ran to the other room, crept up again, all alert and stretched out to smell it. Just like they do when they spot a garter snake. Scary lobster water!!! Boo!
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1590
    LOL!!! Too funny! Oh the drama...gotta love it!
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    I am not sure what Kaji is afraid of now, but my most vivid memory of his puppy day fears were the local garbage trucks. We were walking when the big noisy truck came down our loop. He cowered behind my legs and started wanting to go to the back of our house. I held him and told him all about the truck. As the truck took our garbage, Kaji barked at it, then as the truck rolled away, he gathered enough courage to walk a few steps toward it to watch it pass. So we went to the edge of the sidewalk and watched the truck pick up everyone else's garbage until it reached the end of the street and turned away. The second time, he was a little more comfortable and now he knows what it is and just watches. He still tenses up when a big work truck comes down the street, but he's not as scared as he used to be. He's like a toddler in so many ways. :)
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    Children...on bikes...lots of them.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    Lobster juice... wow! :))

    Since I've had my Shiba pup for only 11 days, we don't have any definite fears yet. I hope Kira won't be afraid of very much. I run the vacuum at least twice a week, already started clipping the tips of her nails so she won't freak out when she's older, and frequently open and close my umbrella since the rain never stops here in Virginia. After her next set of shots, I should finally be able to expose her to more situations.
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  • natashanatasha
    Posts: 122
    My shiba Yuki is so brave during bad storms and other loud noises but is terrified of the sound the pop up toaster makes, she actually shakes! She's also afraid of the guest bathroom, she's not afraid to enter it and walk around sniffing etc, but if anyone else enters the guest bathroom then IT'S VERY SCARY!!
  • So far our new Puppy is fear-less, which can be a good or bad thing and Sasha is afraid of just about everything, especially plastic bags! Why bags? I wish I knew. Sasha likes to analyze everything before she will go near it and also doesn't like when things are out of place (I.E. when I re arrange the furniture)
  • kuma is afraid of the glade plug-in air fresher thing lol
  • Sasha is also afriad of puddles lol
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    Found out a new one yesterday evening on our walk. Kaji is afraid of men trying to jump start their motorcycles while they are pushing their motorcycle sitting down. The guy would push with his feet and then try to start the engine. The engine would make one or two rotations before dying out. All that sputtering made him worried, I think.
  • vihleevihlee
    Posts: 24
    Yoshi is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and fireworks.
  • Water
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    Heights. Kira still won't go up stairs and takes a while to go down them.
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    “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
  • BearsDadBearsDad
    Posts: 167
    I ordered some new luggage for a trip I am going on for new years, Bear did not mind it one bit until I pulled the collapsible handle out, then he freaked out and was barking at it. Other than that, the vacum is high arch enemy, or at least he thinks so lol

    Usually goes something like this lol


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