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What is your Shiba afraid of?
  • shanjoyjoyshanjoyjoy
    Posts: 7
    I am feeling very lucky! Zoey does not have any significant fears that I can think of! She was a bit nervous this morning when I took her to the March of Dimes in my town, but I don't blame her! Clowns, balloon arches, and massive crowds of people are kinda nerve racking. But she warned up within 20 minutes!

    She is not super fond of the stairs in our apartment building, but they are the slat type, where you can see through them, so I also understand.

    Hopefully we do not discover any new fears in the coming months!
  • momochanmomochan
    Posts: 11
    i learned that nana is scared of paper and plastic bags.. bringing one close to her and she'll run into any dark corner she can find
  • These have made me laugh. Umi is scared of the large green garbage bins we have here. I think it's the noise they make when they are rolled around. Strangely though, it comes and goes. Sometimes she'll trot past them like they aren't there, then other times she will pull like mad to get away from them. Her arch-enemy however, is the vaccuum cleaner. As soon as we even go into the area of the house the vaccuum is kept she is on guard and if we open the cupboard it is stored in, she's gone. She also isn't a huge fan of plastic bags. I guess when I think about it, these are all sound based fears.
  • mizmemmymizmemmy
    Posts: 22
    OPEN UMBRELLAS!! Plastic bags rustling in the wind, and fireworks (this has gotten progressively worse, so this year we will need to resort to sedatives). Link also avoids grates and metal plates in the sidewalk In a very matter of fact way; not a fear as much as a "not going there" thing. When he was a pup we tried walking him over metal plates/grates repeatedly to try and desensitize him, but it never did the trick. Shibas are such quirky little creatures!
  • micomico
    Posts: 242
    Suki's another one who's terrified of cardboard boxes. We'd made a bed in one to bring her home from the breeders as we didn't want to frighten her by using her crate.

    We've just had something delivered in a big box and the kitten loves playing in it so we've put it in the utility room and you should see Suki rush past it when the kitten's making a noise in it.
  • franklinfranklin
    Posts: 28
  • mandumandu
    Posts: 135
    Mandu is totally afraid of people with deep voices! He also strongly dislikes NYC buses (I dislike them, too, but for very different reasons...I get off at the wrong stop every time) with their loud bus farts.
  • KimbaKimba
    Posts: 46
    HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES! ...or, as poor Rocco perceives them to be: giant, furious, violent demon-dogs who come out of nowhere to launch terrifying and very loud, snarling, unprovoked attacks on him at dog shows.

    Rocco is a very calm, relaxed, happy, sensible, confident, well-adjusted dog. But he has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from a Harley Davidson that drove by the showgrounds as we were about to enter the show ring when he was about 6 months old. It absolutely terrified him and he panicked, bolting to the end of his lead and thrashing. He's never been the same dog at any show since.

    He was always his calm, happy, relaxed, confident, unafraid self before that awful Harley moment, but for three months following the incident, he was suddenly constantly nervous and anxious at every show, continually checking over his shoulder to see if the hideous, huge, angry, 'Harley monster demon-dog' was lurking about, ready to attack him again, and frightened of every dog trotting toward him or up behind him.

    I think part of his anxiety comes from the fact that he never saw this 'attacking demon', and cannot identify it, so he guesses that virtually any one of the 1,000 entries at any show could be The Demon.

    He suffers abolutely ZERO effects anywhere or anytime when he's not at a show, and he has no fear of other dogs at home or anywhere else. His anxiety and fear only ever appear at shows. I've semi-retired him from the show ring because of his issues, as once I discovered they were not resolving, I couldn't stand to put him through it. But greatly reducing the frequency of showing and using Adaptil, a synthetic replica of DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) in a spray that my vet gave me, has made a huge improvement in his anxiety levels at shows. Adaptil is the natural pheromone that lactating bitches release from their mammary glands whenever their pups suckle, to induce a state of relaxed calm in their babies. It has worked wonders for Rocco so far, though we haven't used it for very long, as I've only shown him very rarely since he turned 9 months old. But my behaviourist tells me that all I have to do is get him to be relaxed, unafraid and happy at a couple shows, and he will begin to reassociate dog shows with that positive feeling, rather than with the old negative, scary associations. :-)
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  • SaskaShibaSaskaShiba
    Posts: 150
  • BruceBillisBruceBillis
    Posts: 100
  • stryker777337stryker777337
    Posts: 669
    OK I gotta join in, Saru is afraid of the Toaster. Not sure if it's the smell or the sound, or both. But he will leave the room and sometimes he will get the standing shakes. He's been improving since we first found out about it, but he has his days still.
    Hime is your normal shy dog, not really afraid of much just occasionally bigger dogs that are very excited to meet her.
  • rubyruby
    Posts: 175
    Simon is afraid of wheels. This includes skateboards, roller skates, shopping carts, bikes but the worst...wheelchairs and rascals. Really humiliating when your dog is acting aggressive toward the physically challenged.
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
  • spartanvispartanvi
    Posts: 81
    Kyoto's afraid of inflatable plastic balls. We found a discarded jelly ball in the court yard the other day, and Kyoto immediately knew it didn't belong there. He barked and got in his aggressive/play stance. When I kicked it around, he reacted by darting in the opposite direction.

    I decided the ball was small and new enough to be added to his toys, so I took it into the house and cleaned it off. As I was carrying it around with Kyoto in one arm and the ball in the other, it seemed like the poor little guy wanted to jump out of his own skin. He couldn't stand to be so close to the ball! So I washed it off with detergent and warm water, then tossed it into the living room; once again, Kyoto HATED the ball. Then it dawned on me, it was probably another dog's ball... so I took it, popped it, and tossed it in the garbage. :P
  • slg1256slg1256
    Posts: 7
    My male shiba, Sushi, is afraid of cranes (like the bird). We live in Fla and there are some cranes who live in our neighborhood and everytime they walk by our house he absolutely goes crazy. I believe that it must be the fact that the birds are bigger than him that makes him so uneasy. He will bark and huff and his hair will stand up, but if they get too close to the house he runs away from the windows crying and sits right beside me.
  • spartanvispartanvi
    Posts: 81
    We learned last night that Kyoto is deathly afraid of my roommate's backpack. My roommate set it down on the floor when he came home and the object inside rattled around a bit as anyone would expect. Anyone except Kyoto, of course. He freaked, ran to the other side of the apartment and eventually became attached at my hip. My rowdy little pup was reduced to a shaky coward and would even permit us to place him on our lap!
  • Hoshi was afraid of the washing machine or dryer when they were running. Think he heard the noise or felt the vibrations. Also did not like the sound of lawn mowers or garbage trucks.
  • DakotaRose42DakotaRose42
    Posts: 152
  • kayla4554kayla4554
    Posts: 169
  • ShintalverShintalver
    Posts: 43
    Fireworks and thunder are the two main ones. He also doesn't appreciate cars starting up while he's passing them. Um..he doesn't care for the vacuum, but just avoids it and he doesn't like big trashbags.

    Now as a puppy, one of his first feared things was a fire hydrant lmao, growled and barked at it the first time he saw one, got over that quickly enough :-D
  • My dog too! She is horrified of lightening and thunder however I don't blame her since last year we almost got stuck in our Colorado storms. Now its gotten worse, anything that makes a loud sudden noise she starts to shake
  • philly_ypphilly_yp
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  • Aiko1Aiko1
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  • KentaKenta
    Posts: 236
  • KentaKenta
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  • Aiko1Aiko1
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  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    brewster is afraid of motorcycle helmets...if i put it on he hides and looks at me like o.k? or if i put it on the table or ground near him he goes ballistic shaking, hes afraid of my creeper in the garage (the thing you lay on and roll under to work on a car) , hes not scared of power tools even when im using them ... a weird dog no doubt but we love him :)
  • These are so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's shiba has some odd fears. Roo is afraid of the dark, thunder, babies, small dogs, and the kitchen timer.
  • WendyNCWendyNC
    Posts: 257
  • I just found out today that Juneau is afraid of POPCORN. He's normally a very quiet but playful pup but started barking like mad at the microwave once the corn began to pop. I pulled out the popcorn bag to show him it was ok but he started backing away. Just to see what he would do, I shook the bag...

    ...and in his haste to escape the evil popcorn bag, he tripped over the kitchen chair, tumbled a couple times, skid into a box of books and ran for cover under the safety of the coffee table.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    Found out Kuma is afraid of rain....... Not light drizzles, full on rain... He doesn't like the sound it makes on cars, roofs, even the sound it makes on pavement drives him bonkers! Whenever it's raining, I have to turn on the tv or the radio for him not to freak out.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @kumaDUDE hahaha gonna be picked on!
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    Picked on by whom?
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
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  • I had a cardboard standup of Han Solo. My mom's dog Thumper was terrified of it. She'd crawl very slowly towards it to try and sniff it then jump back and start barking like crazy. It was pretty funny to watch actually.

    Thumper also had a problem with something my family called stringbutt. She liked to eat long stringy things. So often times we would get something stuck to her butt after she went potty. She would come running into the house fully speed, then laydown and shake while looking at her butt. Then she'd run again, like something was chasing her butt and lie down again. We'd have to catch her and get rid of it for her.

    Now that I think about it she's scared of a lot of things...
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  • GatsuGatsu
    Posts: 651
    Guts is only afraid of one thing. Dying alone. :(
  • Vacuums, baths, and DEAF PEOPLE. I don't understand how he knows they are deaf, it is freaky! He is petrified of this will run away pull on the leash like mad and go completely bonkers...
  • KentaKenta
    Posts: 236
  • KentaKenta
    Posts: 236
  • Aiko1Aiko1
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  • RikkaRikka
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  • CinderCinder
    Posts: 55
    I'm really surprised at other people saying their shibas hate walking over grates or metal plates when out on a walk - I thought Cinder was just super weird giving those things such a wide berth.

    Finding other quirks in other shibas is SO interesting, I know they're purebred dogs (and I've only had mixed breeds before so they've had traits that are unique to them) so they're likely to be similar, but reading about a dog in the USA that does identical quirky things to my dog in Australia is very cool!
  • Pepper is scared of her own shadow or shadows. When it gets late at night and she sees a reflection, she'll do her "half" bark and run around the corner to hide. haha. Besides that, she isn't too fond of the vacuum cleaner either.

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