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Acupuncture for dogs
  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    Yoshimoto got to meet Dr. Turie Norman for some doggy acupuncture and check up at Healing Touch Vet. Best Vet experience ever! — with Dr. Turie Norman. You can see one of the needles in the top of her head. She did so good during this appointment. Very soo calm.

  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    LOL reminds me of this vet visit 4 weeks ago when the vet said Ratchet is old enough for 2 sets of vaccinations. He was fine on the 1st shoot, but on the 2nd. He did this OWL, OWW, OWL, OORR, OWL (in that piercing Shiba Scream took me about 2 minutes to calm him back down.) Will anyways the business next to the vet was a massage therapy, and on my way out with Ratchet this one guy came over with a stack of towels and asked the receptionist if they needed the donation.
  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @knnwang You know Ratchet wishes he was going to get massage instead! Was he offering to work on the dog?
  • I really want to do canine massage, and after I finish up massage school, I'm probably going to take a course in it (I think it will likely be in Colorado, btw!)

    What was Yoshi getting acupuncture for?

    Very cool, anyway!
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    I don’t think the guy with the towels even suspected those sounds came of my little pup.

    In your picture is that thing on his head one of the acupuncture needles?

    My vent also has poster about holistic healing for pets, laser therapy for after surgery, and stuff like that. Going to get him fixed sometime between 6 months to 12 months, and was wondering if the pain meds are enough to help us through that ordeal.
  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @shibamistress Very cool. Are you attending this years classes at Boulder school of massage? Yoshi was having acupuncture due to elevated liver enzyme test. Chinese medicine is a good complement to the allopathic vet medicine.

    @knnwang Yes! that is one of the needles. She had about ten and didn't even notice. She was very calm. I am curious about the laser. Look into it!
  • Here's some info on acupressure for dogs:
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    My friend's mom did acupuncture for her Doberman that had Wobblers, it made a huge difference!

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  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @sukoshi's mom Thank you! I needed that ST 36 acupoint! It is considered to be the master point for resolving gastrointestinal issues.

    Read more: Acupressure for Dogs |

    @LaRen616 Yes! That is always good to hear.
  • We do acupuncture at our clinic, two of our doctors are certified to do it. We see great improvement in the pets that try it out!
  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @KFontaine04 That is great to hear! What part of the country are you in?
  • We are 20 minutes south of Boston, MA. We also use Laser therapy for dogs/cats with arthritis and also soft tissue trauma, which works out pretty well.
  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @KFontaine04 someone mentioned the Laser therapy in this post or another. The technology for healing is really improving. SO exciting!
  • I've actually used it (laser) on my own wrist (I have problems that cause swelling/pain) and since I have been using it my swelling has decreased by 30% and the pain is decreased dramatically. It's pretty amazing.
  • My husband is currently in school for human chiropractic care, but there is a group and a couple classes at his school that do animal chiropractic. I was going to check it out... but we aren't too sure how sakura would handle that.
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  • stralimstralim
    Posts: 94
    @Adonia1986 Honest, I can't even do human chiropractics. I would how gentle it is on the dogs?

    @KFontaine04 I was looking into these lasers, specifically about the types of LEDS needed to develop one. I will have to look into the k-laserusa. thanks for the link.
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    I need to bring this to my boss. I'm sure as a chiropractic with huge love of his pitbulls he might have done one or two procedures on the dogs before. I knew about him massaging and etc with them but never have I seen or thought to ask about dogs having acupuncture :) Tis a thought.
  • Bump...

    Saw a holistic vet yesterday. He isn't all about vaccines, but does suggest pre-emptive chiropractic work. He said banjo is a bit fat (38.8 lbs) and told me to stop feeding him cookies (he gets a lot of biscuits). Otherwise he is in very good health. He suggested it as a way to ensure the spine, nerves, etc are properly aligned.

    For flea meds he makes his own line (Dr. B's Pet Peeve Plus) and its a daily, warm weather only formula consisting of distilled water, a bunch of essential oils and surfactant.

    I will probably switch to his raw food (he makes his own and it has all sorts of glands I don't have access to).

    I was wondering if anyone has done pre-emptive chiro and what they thought? I have heard great things about it for dogs with skeletal issues, but never heard of it as part of general wellness.

  • sunyatasunyata
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    @BanjoTheBetaDog - I have not had much experience with pre-emptive chiro for dogs, but I do know multiple people who do it and they have had amazing results. A member of the NK forum uses it for her young daughter and has eliminated the child's ear infections completely.
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