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  • Can anyone recommend me some harnesses? I know a lot of you use ruff wear, is there any others also?
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    We use Lupine step in harnesses for our 3 Shibas.
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    there is a red, size small ruff wear on here some one is selling.
  • LeoJDHuLeoJDHu
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    I'm pretty good at not buying anything full price. Scour the internet, use multiple search engines, shopping things (google has a "shopping" section, those things) until you find a good deal. See if it's got free shipping and if it doesn't, how much that raises the price. If it's still a good deal (with or without free shipping) then look into the company. Find reviews online and only buy if they are good and genuine. I also look to see if they have any type of coupon available. I manage to get stuff (not just harnesses) for 30-50% off easily doing that.
    I recently got a Ruff Wear Approach Pack for one of my bigger dogs for $53. They usually retail around $75.

    This site:
    gets Ruff Wear harnesses in every so often. The longer they are on the site, the lower the price goes, but if you wait too long someone else might buy it up. They are normally items that have been returned to a store but are still good for use.
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    Make sure you get a good harness. I have noticed there can be shoulder issues that come up if your shiba tends to pull alot. Mine sure does. And then I notice her shoulders can have alot of heat coming off of them. I use Top Paw® Luxurious Nylon Dog Harnesses but I see there are alot of no pull harnesses as well. Ohh the technology for harness is growing so fast!
  • I think I'll have to try some on her in the stores and then buy online then! Wish the ruff wear had more colors!
  • dorapochdorapoch
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    At what age should I get my puppy a harness?
  • LosechLosech
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