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Smells like maple syrup
  • Any one has noticed a maple syrup smell on your dog, just went to the vet had a routine check up, normal weight, temperature what could it be?? She seems fine just today she smelled like that
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  • Anyone in the family sneaking her waffles? That was sakura's issue... (Scowls at husband)
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  • LosechLosech
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    Haha, no, none of my dogs smell like that. Conker sometimes smells like meat but normally has no smell, and Juneau and Sasha just smell like "dog".
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    Maple tree sap might be flowing now. Are there any maple trees around your area your dog might have brushed up against?
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  • I know what you mean, my Fira has some interesting smells sometimes. I got *really* scared when at 9 1/2 weeks she smelled like chocolate. I thought maybe I was having a stroke or something at first until both my roommate and my girlfriend confirmed it! There wasn't any chocolate around anywhere and I watched her closely for the next 48 hours but she was fine. I've heard Shiba's sometimes smell like Frito's or cornchips, but Fira is definitely not without interesting smells!
  • esiepielaesiepiela
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    Zach's paws always smell like Frito's and/or cornchips...but the rest of him smells good! I'm alittle weird like partner makes fun of me but I love the way Zach smells (his head and back...not so much his feet). We had dogs before Zach and they were always stinky. Zach smells different than they did.
  • kirinkirin
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    Kirin's nickname is Dorito Feet.
  • I have experienced the traditional Frito smell and I really love to have a Dog that dos not smell like a DOG it amuses my friend and kind of make them jealous! I was a little bit concern of the Maple Syrup smell because I have read in a couple of internet pages (nothing medical) that that sweet smell could be diabetes or Maple Syrup disease but it said it should be in urine or breath... the only part I can smell maple syrup y her neck, pee smells like pee, breath smells neutral (never have experienced bad breath) overall she is very healthy weights 23 pounds aprox.. any one have heard something about maple syrup smell being sing of sickness, its just been one day but it was so weird I start looking into it!
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    Only familiar with ketones (sickly sweet smell on breath or urine) which is symptomatic of diabetic ketoacidosis. My girl Penny smelled like lavender when she ended up finding my wife's lavender sachet in a draw and played with it. I would tend to think it might be something she came in contact with as opposed to a physiological cause. MSUD is rare.

    Here is a similar thread about the canine maple smell.
  • Thirding the fritos smell here, ESPECIALLY in winter. It's got to be some sort of oil being secreted to protect their paws.

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