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What are your goals of training your Shiba?
  • @Sandrat888 - I so agree that is not a luxury - The more you learn the more you see how important it is...

    My goal was to have a happy, stable dog that could be trusted not to bite people :)

    My last dog was a Jindo rescue and he could never be trusted with strangers. I got him at 1 yr he was found in a very rough area where he may have been used as bait. Whatever happened his first year, my naturally "aloof" Jindo did not take kindly to strangers.

    Loved his nature/temperment with family and close friends, but it is exhausting to "manage" a dog like that for 15 years and his life was limited. (Still miss him soo much..)

    My goal was to raise a confident, happy, Shiba with all his natural tendencies in tact.

    I have been lucky as he's turned into a complete social butterfly - but he's still Shiba and will sometimes reel people in and then leave them hanging... hee hee...

    Like you I fell into more and more classes...puppy, socializing, obedience, tricks, agility etc...They have been incredible for his quality of life...He will never be a military precision trained dog - he can learn anything very quickly - when he feeeeels like it :) and that's fine by me...

    We just keep at it because it's fun and rewarding...and he can go anywhere with anyone so he has a great life, not locked away...such a relief...that's what it's all about...

    Thanks for all the links...

    PS..If I knew then what know now could probably done a lot more with my Boop :(
  • AnnaAnna
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    I want a happy, predictable (temperament-wise) dog I can confidently take places.

    Hammond is very out-going so half my work is already done, haha. He loves strangers, new places, other animals, little kids. Anyone who will let him lick their hand or maybe give him a treat is his best friend. (No issues with gender, races, height, weight, clothes, hats, accessories... he's pretty fearless)

    But he throws some pretty wicked temper tantrums. So far really only with me, for things like being dried off after a walk, having his feet wiped off, trying to inspect his teeth, or being restrained (like to check a spot on his belly - Is that dirt? a Flea?? a TICK?? Oh it's dirt, okay thank god - or inspect where the cat just smacked him in the ear). He'll flail, scream, snarl, bite. So we're working on that in a reactive class. Try to get him to learn that's not acceptable.

    Also working on resource guarding.

    Other classes I want to just work on our communication. We're signed up for Intermediate Manners in Feb and I'm waiting for another Agility Foundations class to start (sometimes in the next few weeks there should be a sign up) to work on his focus and to give us something fun to do.

    Most of my motivation to get a dog was that I'm living on my own for the first time ever (family, then roommates/dorms in college, then apartment roommates after college) and I was really anxious about it. I wanted a more... hands-on companion, so to speak, than my cat. A companion animal that would force me to leave the house so I wouldn't slowly become a crazy cat lady hermit.

    So the training classes are just as much for me as him. He learns new skills, gets continued socialization, works on his impulse control, etc. and I am forced to leave the house and interact with new people regularly as well.

    I just want him to be safe and happy. Knowing he's highly unlikely to bite some random child means he's safer than if he were unruly and unpredictable. And the more classes we do, the more his brain gets works, so the happier he'll be in that regard. :D
  • SayaSaya
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  • BrewSterBrewSter
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    our goal for the month is to 1) graduate petsmart puppy school (next week :) im like a proud dad ... and i was shocked at his improvement but we are not totally satisfied) that being said we are going to do a local obedience class (in south nj,its called devil dog) and that will start in march .. we like that he listens to us better than when we got him but he doesnt fully understand verbal commands so we are hoping that with more time,effort we can get him to recall on command and obey "sit" "lay" etc with out using his treats as motivation
  • BrewSterBrewSter
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    the petsmart thing was effective for socialization more so than anything which he needed as (dont hate us) we got him from a pet store that was going out of business so wasnt socialized properly but hes muuuuuuch better now ! (also he is a healthy pup and is a very big part of our little family and is loved very much ;) )
  • MayamaMayama
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  • MongizMongiz
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    I don't want to have a dog I constantly have to worry about. Will he bite, will he run away, will he be afraid of this/that. I know some basics but I'll have to contact my vet about classes.

    I'd really like to work coming when called. Would be a bummer to have to keep them on leash all the time.
    :) Thank you for posting all that info!
  • AnnaAnna
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    @BrewSter "shocked at his improvement but we are not totally satisfied" Was pretty much how I felt when Hammond graduated. Even the trainer was like "I'm really impressed, he's really much, much better than the first class, but you'd probably benefit from the intermediate manners class"
  • micomico
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    We take Suki to a weekly obedience class and DD works with her in the ring but we all continue the training at home. We're lucky that the main trainer is nationally recognised and as much as he likes working with Suki (he's never had a shiba in his classes before) she responds immediately to him. He recognised something in her at one of her first puppy classes and has done a lot of research into the breed since we've joined the club.

    The funniest times are when the class is working on something we've mastered at home and Suki will decide not to do it but as soon as Steve speaks to her she'll look over at me, then look at DD as if to say 'I knew what you wanted I just couldn't be bothered' before completing the command - they are intelligent dogs.
  • AnnaAnna
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    @sandrat888 The classes I go to actually do focus on basics/foundations of how dogs learn. We get a lot of homework (things to practice, sometimes just tricks) but also a lot of reading material from dog behavior books.

    I think maybe because it's run by the Humane Society (I'd rather know the sometimes high class-costs are going to a good cause - helping feed/care for the shelter animals - than lining someone's pocket), there's more of a need/desire to do everything to make sure pets stay in their homes.

    The reactive class, yes. It's not exactly targetted at Hammond, but my puppy head start trainer said that. "He's not exactly a reactive dog, but he does have some impulsiveness issues, probably because he's still a puppy, and the resource guarding is getting more extreme. So I think you'd benefit a lot from the techniques and information from the reactive class." One of the other dogs in the class is a 1 year old pit bull mix whose owner is only in there because he gets too excited.

    So yeah. He's not 'reactive' in the way most people would use it, but I'm hoping to get some knowledge on how to manage or curb those temper tantrums. I learn better from hands-on demonstrations, so it'll be helpful to learn how to desensitize him to being touched/handled and then apply those skills (or beef them up with my own reading - like I have the MINE! book but I'll feel more comfortable going over those techniques in class first)
  • BrewSterBrewSter
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    i like this thread :) it gives me more hope for brewster ! ... and the traner said to us that he is very well behaved and moving fast ie.he sits on command but not to verbal only hand motions he also lays down and did 50/50 with "come" so we will coninue doing what we are doing and start another more advance class in march:) good luck to you all with your goals/needs with your pups/dogs
  • LosechLosech
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    Hmm, well, I've got many training plans but some of them are secrets XP

    Anywho, I need to work on recall a bit.
    Retrieving needs a bit of work too, since Conker would rather bug off and chew on whatever the item is, or drop it halfway back.
    Also, he needs some table manners. Dogs are NOT allowed ON TOP of the table.
  • XabiXabi
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  • @Sandrat888 - yes - Boop was my Jindo - we would sometimes joke that part of his problem was he was mad because he got stuck with the name Boop (Boopie) :) He was so handsome and regal looking -

    I think socialization would be the overall number one goal because everything else is so much easier when that is accomplished - and as others said they have the best quality of life that way...(even like was mentioned, if we were hit by a bus, they will have great chance of finding another home..

    But thank you for bringing this up...I should be more methodical and set goals, I've had a lot of training for "Koj", but not really thought out long term -, just wanted him to not bite people :) and be happy.

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  • micomico
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    @sandrat888 we've found that a good time to work with Suki is when we're watching the tv at night and we make a game out of randomly calling her over or throwing something for her to fetch then when she brings it back we'll get her to go into a down or sit position.

    At the moment we're working on 'leave' because she can be a bit rough with the kitten although he must like it because when Suki obeys and lies down the kitten pounces on her before they eventually tire themselves out and go to sleep together. Whoever calls her over puts a ball on the floor and gives the leave command.

    As her formal training is treat based we're finding this is not only fun (for all of us) but also complements her other training

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