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Anyone have experience with a cone after surgery?
  • We're getting Penny spayed on February 3, and she's going to need to wear the surgical cone around her head for 2 weeks. Has anyone ever been through this? I'm curious as to how she'll react to the cone ... I don't think she'll be too happy about it.
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  • tkfushtkfush
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    Yuki was spayed December 27th and she didn't bother her stitches so we didn't have a need to use the cone. Depending on how your dog reacts after the surgery, she may not need it! Otherwise, passed experience with other dogs, it just annoys them and they will need a lot of supervision that they don't hurt themselves getting it caught or trying to get it off.
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    Yup, my male had to wear the cone of shame after he got neutered. It was a pain in the rear, he purposely bumped into me as many times as possible so in return I took as many pictures of him wearing it as possible. :)

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  • Haha, aww! I'd love to see those pictures :)

    My main concern is what I'll do when I have to go to work. She's getting spayed on a Friday morning, and I took the day off. So I'll be home with her all afternoon/night on Friday, then all day Saturday and Sunday. If she seems like she's going to be annoying about it, I'll have to look into a dogsitter for the time she needs to wear the cone.
  • AnnaAnna
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    @micheleelyse Your vet is sending her back home the same day? Did they specifically say that? Most surgeries require an overnight stay to monitor for complications.

    Hammond is required to stay overnight after his neuter, and that's a much less invasive procedure than a spay. (My cat had to stay overnight for her spay as well)

    I know one work-around people do is either baby-gate a super puppy-proofed room or stick them in an expen. That way they can have the cone on but move freely rather than bumping into their crate.

    My cat didn't get a cone at first, bit out almost all her stitches as soon as we got home, got staples, then a week later got the cone off and bit out most of the staples.

    Once I got the cone SECURED on her collar, she was fine to be left home with it on and without any supervision. So I think a pup would be okay as long as she's sort of confined to a safe area.
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    My male did not have to stay overnight. I dropped him off between 7-8am and picked him up at 5pm.

    I refused to leave him there overnight for several reasons

    1) I live alone in a bad neighborhood and there is no way that I could stay in my home without him there.

    2) The staff at the Vet's office left at 7pm and no one would be there with him until 7 am and there was no way that I wanted my dog to remain alone by himself after having surgery, if something happened to him no one would be there to help him. At least he would be home with me and if something happened I could rush him to an ER clinic that is open.

    Sinister ~ 5.5 yr old black male GSD 3.11.09
    Draven ~ 16 month old male Dalmatian 6.20.13

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  • @Anna ... our vet is doing what @LaRen616 said. We have to drop her off at 7:30 AM and can bring her home late afternoon/evening.
  • I brought all my dogs home the same day too. The males did not end up wearing a cone after neutering (didn't need it as they were not licking) but the female did, though she was pretty mellow and didn't need it long.

    I have, unfortunately, a ton of experience with the cone, though, from all the injuries my dogs have had. Different dogs adjust differently. Toby, my male Shiba, acts like he's got a crown on--he prances like he looks GOOD! Oskar the Akita dropped his head and tail like he was being tortured and stood in one place in the living room, then just laid down.

    The big thing to watch is that, yes, they can't see well, so they will bump into lots of things, including the backs of your legs (ow!). You may have to show them that they can eat and drink with it on. If they wear it for any length of time, food gets caught in it, so clean that out. Also, keep on eye on them, because sometimes Shibas are sneaky and learn how to bend the cone just right to reach the area they are not supposed to lick. Toby did this a lot, which is why my 40 pound Shiba had the largest possible cone on!
  • tkfushtkfush
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    That's what our vet did as well. We dropped her off at 8, she had blood work and exam then went into surgery at 10, they called to tell me everything went well and she was awake and walking at noon and I could pick her up after 4.

    Just as a side note heads up (only because it freaked me out because I didn't expect it), Yuki's personality was so different for about 24 hours after her surgery because of the drugs. It felt like she didn't even recognize me or know where she was. She also screamed everytime she had a bowel movement for about 4 days after. She bounced back and is her usual big personality self but I just a bit stressed those few days because I didn't know what to expect!
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  • Aww okay, thanks for the heads up!
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Your dog will likely be too tired and in some discomfort/pain from recuperating from the surgery. There are some members who had Shibas bouncing off the walls no less than 24 hours after surgery. It all depends on the dog. If you worry about your dog not taking to the e-collar very well, I suggest getting the e-collar ahead of time and doing some desensitization training with it prior to the surgery (show cone to dog --> give treat. put cone on dog --> give treat, etc.)

  • BootzBootz
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    Bootz/Jackie was the same as everybody else. Dropped off in the morning, pick up in the afternoon. First two days they slept most of the time. Won't even bother with their stitches, but once in a while they'll freak out like "omg wth happen to me". But i just calm them down.

    By the 3rd day they were back to normal. I tried the cones but they freak out since it limits their vision. After trying a couple times (i even tried them on a week before surgery), i decided I can just monitor them since my boss allowed me to bring them to work.

    I would personally get a pet sitter versus leave them alone by themselves with the cone. I had one on Bootz, even put the collar through it (some models can) and she was still able to take it off (she hated it that much).

    Bootz/Jackie was fine without the cone. If i see them turn their head towards their stitches, i just say "No!" and they leave it alone.
  • MayamaMayama
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    We brought Maya back home the same day after her spay as well. Other than bumping into a few corners and knocking over her food/water bowl, she adjusted fine in the cone. We did take it off when we go out for walks, cause she kept shoving dirt into the cone when trying to sniff the ground. The challenging part was to put it back on her after walks, as she'll try to escape and we definitely didn't want her entering 500 mode after the surgery.
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  • zoezoezoezoe
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    Zoey was spayed a few days before I picked her up from a shelter. She was not wearing a cone but when I went to my vet to have her checked out the vet put a cone on her because the spot looked irritated. I would take the cone off at home when I could watch her but then I learned that she was afraid of the velcro noise. The vet also gave her a cone that was too short and she was able to lick and irritate it even more. We had to get her a bigger cone and she pretty much wore a cone for the first month or so that I had her.
  • FoxyloverFoxylover
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    Foxy was already used to the cone because of the Mange she had when I first got her. She had to wear it so she wouldn't lick the medicine off her. I used that or a t-shirt and would just switch off.

    I also dropped her off in the am and picked her up that evening. She was out of it and just slept. The following day didn't do much either. By the third day she seemed like nothing had happened and it was hard to keep her from jumping and playing around.

    The thing I do want to say here is that I just had to deal with this issue last week. After Foxy's spay I had noticed a bump at the end of her scar. It was Bluish looking and I figured in time it would go away. Well it didn't. She was spayed in mid August and here we are in mid January. 5 months later and the knot of her stitch had never dissolved. Last week it was Red and irritated and I took her into the Vet where they had to open it and drain the area. She was put on more antibiotics and also given a topical. It cleared up dramatically in a couple days. I should have questioned the Vet sooner as that knot should have dissolved. The Vet told me that most of the time, dogs never have a problem but every now and then they'll get a dog that their bodies reject it. Leave it to my Foxy to have that kind of reaction. For those that know her history from other threads will know what I mean..... I'm wondering how much I'll have racked up in Vet fees by the time she hits her 1st Birthday next month (0: (again, another reason I am so glad I got pet insurance)
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    @Foxylover Oh, your poor pup... Hopefully she isn't traumatized by the vet after all she's been through!

    Our male got the cone after his neuter too. We were in and out of the vet within an hour. Bowdu was neutered at the equivalent of a roadside spay/neuter operation (this was our neighborhood clinic in Taiwan, where we were living at the time). My boyfriend was the one holding Bowdu's thighs apart for the good doctor while the snip-snip happened. I was too squeamish to volunteer. Bowdu was still completely sedated when we carried him home. I don't think he wore his cone very long though... just a few days. When it seemed evident that he wasn't showing any interest in his stitches, and they appeared to be healing just fine, we took the cone off.

    You can also get a cone alternative like the ProCollar, if you're concerned about her visibility and comfort. See here:
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  • @Foxylover I agree, your poor pup!

    @curlytails Thanks for the suggestion! Those collars look like they'd be way more comfortable than the cone! :)
  • FoxyloverFoxylover
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    Well, I am blessed that Foxy has a good disposition. She still loves her Vet. She gets a little shaky when we go but usually I'm holding her and she seems to settle down pretty quickly. It looks so much better now and I think we are home free on this issue.

    micheleelyse, I hope all goes well for your pups spay coming up. Over all our experience with it was a good one.
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  • Thanks, @foxylover!

    Did anyone notice an overall personality change after the spay/neuter? I've heard that sometimes this operation calms dogs down. I don't want Penny to change at ALL, but it would be nice if she didn't get random hyper urges to dig at the rug and couch :)
  • BootzBootz
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    No personality change here!....for my shiba that is. I think my pom mix got a little more aggressive/mean. But overall shes ok.
  • tkfushtkfush
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    We haven't seen any personality change either. She was a little more hyped up but I think that was because we couldn't take her to socialization classes so she couldn't play with other puppies for two weeks after so she had a lot of energy she needed to get rid of!
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    The neuter had no effect on my male. He never humped or marked in the house before or after his neuter, he had the same energy level and the same personality. I had him neutered at 15 months old.

    My female wont be spayed until she is 16 months old but I hope it does calm her down, she's a wild child!

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    Draven ~ 16 month old male Dalmatian 6.20.13

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  • Sakura was only at the vet for about 7 hours after her spay, no personality change. Our vet did an excellent job and she ended up with a very little incision. I was able to stay home with her after her spay for about a week and within 3 days she didn't need the cone anymore (we still put it on at night, just to be sure). One shiba specific thing you might need to know is that the first 4 times after she was spayed that she pooed, she shiba screamed her head off. At least for us is was either late at night or early morning, but that was the only time she really seemed to be in much pain after the first day.

    She will likely be quite groggy after you bring her home, we put her in her kennel out in the livingroom and she started crying so my husband sat on the floor infront of it and opened it up, she stood up, swayed and then crawled into his lap. She was so out of it, it was adorable though.

    Anyway, here is her in the cone chilling with Gengar and a picture of her incision.

    Gengar and the Cone of Shame

    Spay incision
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  • karashakarasha
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    ^ She's a cool Shiba, she hangs out with Gengar :) Mine used to hang out with snorlax.
  • cmed24cmed24
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    kuma had the cone of shame 2x. once for a scratch in his eye, and once for neutering. he was especially good at getting around the cone to lick, and even worse he would try so hard that he started to scratch himself with the cone itself. so he got to wear his t-shirt of shame as well. he hated every minute, but had to be done!
  • lucylulucylu
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    Ours wore a soft fabric cone. She didnt mind it at all. It was weird when we took it off her. She looked naked.
  • pdleepdlee
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    So the shiba screaming does eventually stop right...? I mentioned this in my introduction but it seems to fit here too. My 7 month old named Pria, came back from the vet yesterday from her spay doing her shiba scream thing whenever she walks and she hasn't stopped except for when she's sleeping. I wouldn't mind so much, but I live in a two floor apartment building and she can get quite loud. She is a bit of a drama queen...did anyone's shiba react this way?
  • Tosh wouldn't stop licking after his neuter so he wore a cone. he loves his cone he would take toys throw them in the air and then catch them in the cone. When ever he sees the cone he runs and puts it on. (weird). He came home with me the same day but I also work in a clinic. Most clinics will send routine surgeries home the same day, just due to the fact you know your pet better than anyone so you would notice ab normal and most clinics do not have anyone in the clinic after hours so them being home with you is better. Also your pet is going to be much more comfortable at home with you then stressed out in a kennel alone.
    @pdlee some times some of the anesthetic drugs can cause increased vocalization in some dogs. Did you take home any pain medication ? Also if this doesn't reduce in 24 hours I would call your local clinic . Not that she is in pain but if you feel she is you could also ice her spay incision line gently too but the crying may take time to subside.
  • @pdlee Sakura mainly screamed when she pooed, but cried alot the first few days. This may sound harsh, but to help her, we moved her kennel into the livingroom and kept her in it most of the day. When she is in her kennel she sleeps and just lies down. We did that the day she came home and the day after. It really seemed to help with both healing and grogginess. We put food and water in the kennel periodically for her as well as a toy or two and we talked to her and pet her alot.
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  • inupamuinupamu
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    Nalah was quite alright after her spay surgery and didn't require a cone. She was whimpping for a few hours but she wasn't licking her stich at all. She was very young at the time, still a pup. So I'm not quite sure if she remembered it at all. During her healing process, I did have to keep an eye on my Chihuahua, making sure he wasn't licking her sutures, and that they were playing nice together.
  • pdleepdlee
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    Pain medication came with the spay. I am beginning to think she's not crying because of the pain, but because there's stitches where there weren't before. I've noticed in the past that she hates foreign things on her body, for example: new collars, new harnesses, and diapers. She's stopped screaming but she is now running in a crouch, as if she can run from her procedure! One more comment: I've been kenneling her and keeping her close by so she's not lonely, but she's started to pee everywhere but outside, does this mean that her potty training will have to be retaught? When I take her outside, she automatically lies down and stares at me.
  • She might just be peeing because she is scared. Sakura had no potty issues other than screaming when pooing after her spay. If it is cold where you are, she may be protecting her bare tummy from the cold.
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  • pdleepdlee
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    Update: Went to the vet because there was blood in her urine, she had a fever and a bladder infection, now she's on antibiotics, hopefully this is the last of the craziness!
  • BootzBootz
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    :( sorry to hear. Hope she recovers fast
  • FoxyloverFoxylover
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    Poor baby! I hope she heals quickly.
  • Thought I'd bump an old thread...Tonka got neutered yesterday, and is doing great, but I wondered what some of you thought/what your past experiences were: the incision itself seems fine, and while Tonka's only tried to go for it once or twice, the cone is making him MISERABLE. I'm waiting out the crying and th death stare he gives me ("YOU did this to me!"), but my main concern is that he can't get into his crate with it on - I ended up putting towels on the floor and hoping he'd sleep there, but I could hear him crying and bumping the cone into the crate doorway all night. I have a feeling that, if he could just go in there and sulk, he'd be happier and ultimately safer.

    How long did you guys keep the cone on? My vet suggested I keep it on for two weeks, since he struggled so much getting it on in the first place, but I can't see him lasting more than a few days...
  • @TonkaTalks ... Penny was miserable for probably 2 days, and she bumped into EVERYTHING. We had to keep the cone on for 14 days the vet said, but I think it ended up being only 11 because her stitches healed quickly. After the first 2 days she got used to it and was able to get around pretty well. Give him time ... shibas are super dramatic, as we know! :)
  • WendyNCWendyNC
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    The cone is really an individual thing and just depends on the dog. When one of our Goldens had knee surgery, she got "coned" after she removed the bandages the first time. She was a bright girl and made the association that chew bandages=cone (which she hated), so she was able to do without the cone after 24 hours.

    When our second Shiba male was neutered, he took out his stitches and had to be stapled. He was so determined that we had to put a very large cone on him. We could only take it off long enough for him to eat and then it had to go back on immediately. I got very good at holding a water bowl inside the cone so he could drink. He had to wear the cone 23.75 out of 24 hours until the staples were removed.
  • MikoMiko
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    Miko did amazingly well with the cone on. I was able to take it on and off to give him a bit of freedom in between if he was chewing on a bully stick or something, because its hard for them to hold things and chew with the cone on, but as soon as he finished i put the cone right back on. The vet recommended that i keep it on for 7 to 10 days, Miko had internal stitches that dissovle and surgical glue for the outer layer of skin and it healed up nicely by the 10th day. .so before bed on the 10th day i took his off.

    Miko bumped into everything also and after walks be sure to clean the cone because it gets dirty with them sniffing around. I had to keep the cone on for walks because he's a clean freak and everytime he pees he would want to clean himself but i didnt want to take a chance with that. so i had to take wipes with me to clean him myself or else he would just sit there and not move lol.
  • Thanks guys! I'm hoping he'll be on the shorter side...I think you're right that he'll get used to it, but I'm a little concerned about the crate part...I'm not sure how I'll pull off leaving him alone at all if he can't fit in the crate!
  • BootzBootz
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    @TonkaTalks, I had the same problem....and I ended up taking them to work. co-workers fell in love with Bootz and Jackie, and now I take them to work once-twice a week. If you can't take them to work, is there somebody that can watch him for you?
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  • JuniJuni
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    Juni was absolutely miserable in her cone so I bought an inflatable collar type instead. She could reach her private parts with it but not the stitches so she could still keep busy cleaning herself. And she didn't bump into things all the time.
  • @Bootz I actually take Tonka to work with me already (which has become another issue, since I live in NYC and have to take him on the subway, and dogs aren't allowed unless in carriers...Tonka is now 18 pounds and a little too heavy for the duffle-bag types, so I'm currently trying to solve that problem regardless of the cone of shame...), and since I work at a school, we're closed until the 29th, so I can stay home with him until then. Luckily, he probably won't have to be unsupervised a whole lot, so the crate thing won't be a huge problem, but just today, I had to go back to the vet and get him stronger meds (he was irritating the incision spot WITH the cone, laying it against it and licking the cone as if he were pretending he was licking the actual spot, haha), and had to wait until my roommate got home just to make sure he didn't hurt himself in the hour and a half while I was gone. It's a shame, I feel like the cone could come right off and he'd be 95% happier, but the other 5% of the time, he's viciously trying to attack the incision through the cone.
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  • dashidashi
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    Hi there. I don't remember having to have Dashi wear the cone of shame when she was fixed...but about a year ago she had to wear one for infection on her leg. She was miserable and used to get stuck in the corner by the front door and bump into us, bump into everything. I would take it off as often as possible, as long as I was close to watch her. I got the plastic one from vet and actually cut it smaller to make it easy on all of us. Now there are cloth ones. As I have yet to use them...they look a little more accomidating, as long as they work?? Here is wishing u good luck :).
  • Bump

    I am not sure this is the right thread. (false, I am sure it is not) but I can't find a more appropriate thread.

    I've started walkign Banjo without the cone. He is much happier. That being said, when he stops to scratch himself he is very mindful of his ear. He scrates under his chin, and when he goes to sracth his right side (damaged ear), he does so VERY slowly and doesn't approach the ear.

    Do you think I can give him "more freedom" without the cone when I am home? Full disclosure, when I am home I don't ALWAYS have eyes on him. SOmetimes he people watches in a different room, or takes a chew toy near my feet while watching TV. I am afraid 1 wrong scratch could open the wound.

  • sunyatasunyata
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    Only allow him cone-free time when you are 100% able to watch him (as in your eyes are on him, not a book, the TV, etc.). You never know what might happen and you definitely do not want him messing with the wound and ripping his stitches open.
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  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    I agree with Casey. If you can watch him, you can leave the cone off, but be careful if you can't!

    You could also try one of the more comfortable type cones, too.
  • I tried the fabric cone and he despises it. Apparently he lacks all peripheral vision so he feels uncomfortable. (diagnosis based on the fact that he immediately runs to his crate and hides, or, if I shut the door to the bedroom, he moves his doggy bed to under the end table and makes a psuedo-crate there)

    The donut makes me uncomfortable as when he got fixed he popped 3 of them, and the third only lasted about 7 minutes.

    I made a cone yesterday which he tolerated, but it hardly seems like a viable long term solution. (I took an empty paper cup, cut a hole in it for sound and ventalation, and made a "party hat" that covers his ear and was fasted by some yarn. Similar to a hat at a child's birthday party).

    He gets the stitches out on Monday!!

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