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  • Now that Sumo has all his shots, we have been going to dog parks, dog beach, and hiking. He has been ok with socializing but sometimes I dont know if its too much aggression. How do I know when to pull him back? Sometimes I feel like he is being too rough but the other dog parent would say that their dog can take it. When he starts getting at it his mouth is open and I can hear him snip (I dont know if its to intimidate other dogs). I am scared he might bite other dogs. Is biting normal play? Sometimes I will hear him growl, is that a sign I should pull him out of the situation? We just had one of our puppy social classes today and he was biting, and so was the other dog, and out instructor just allowed that. Is back and forth biting still normal?

    I guess I want to know what is normal play and what is just too rough.

    The reason I ask is, 1. I dont want him to grow up not knowing how to play the right way, 2. I dont want him to be the dog that other dog owners stay away from, 3. I want to be well-mannered at dog parts, know when Sumo is being a little too much.

    He is starting his once a week daycare next week. At least it will be a monitored play all day for him. I am hoping he will pick up proper play behaviors

    It will be my first Shiba Inu meetup tomorrow. I cant wait!
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    I think there's another topic floating around about how Shibas play, and yes, they do bite and snarl and growl and bark as if they're trying to kill their playmates, but that's just how they are. Even as a small puppy now, Apollo plays very rough. He shows his teeth like a death threat but with his butt in the air in a play stance. If any dog is not ok with how they're playing, they'd definitely let them know by yelping when hurt or withdrawing from play. I don't think you have anything to worry about if you feel your Shiba is well socialized.
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    Yeah, this has been talked about quite a bit. Use the Advanced Search feature up top and you'll get some more threads.

    Anyways, yes, Shibas are very vocal and mouthy when they play. Intense is a good word to describe them.
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    Yes Shibas like it rough. New owners might get confused by their style. One way to determine if its getting out of hand is by the intensity of the agression which demarks it from normal play.
  • I just read the other thread. Thank you evryone :)
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    Puppy class. Puppy class. Puppy class.
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  • He is in 2 puppy classes, a behavioral and a social.
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    Good! Those would be the best places to troubleshoot these types of questions since they can see what the dog is doing.
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