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What to do when random unleashed dog charges at your shiba and the owner does nothing?
  • euphaireeuphaire
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    It's not the first time this happened to me. Some people don't put a leash on their dogs nor have the dogs under control even when the sign "must leash dog" is right there. My bf went to the forest with Kidou today. There were some guys and girls (in their 20s) with 3 dogs not on leash. One dog charged at Kidou immediately. This really startled Kidou. He barked at the dogs nonstop until they left. During that time, the owners just laughed and half-heartedly called the dogs back. Just like all my encounters, these people were typically very rude. no "hi" or "sorry" or anything. Thankfully the dog didn't try to kill Kidou but I keep worrying what if-. Besides, i don't want some potentially diseased, flea-ridden dog touching my Kidou. Am I worrying too much? What if the dog, though unlikely, has rabies? How would you respond to situations like this to make sure you and your shiba are protected? Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.
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  • LosechLosech
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    Being the owner of two potentially leash-reactive dogs means I don't like off-leash dogs charging me, even in a friendly manner, when leashes are required by law.
    If people don't show any intention to get their dog under control and mine is flipping out, I warn the people that I WILL kick their dog or mine might rip theirs up if they don't catch their dog. I would rather get yelled or bit myself than have my dog get hurt. And honestly? I am doing that other dog a favor by blocking or kicking it, since Juneau would do a lot more damage than my (often shoeless) foot.
    A lot of people could have a problem with what I might do to anther's dog but if it means protecting mine, I don't give a crap about yours.

    If anything happened between the two, you would not be at fault and you would be within legal rights to peruse these people. As much as I hate that, you can always do it if another off-leash dog rips yours up when leashes are required. If something does happen, hound them and get information out of them just in case whatever happened to your dog ends up costing money.
    If anything, get the local Animal Control's number in your phone and report people when you see them. They will (if caught) get a ticket and might rethink their decision to blatantly break the law.
  • euphaireeuphaire
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    Thank you Losech. My bf is a generous guy who doesn't realize the risks of an off-leash dog. I won't be so forgiving. I'm sure, like you, I'm willing to be "mean" just so I can protect Kidou.
    I always feel that the law isn't able to prevent this. For instance, even if I called Animal Control right away, they might not arrive until significantly later, and the people might not be there anymore. Also, physical damages to Kidou can be easy to bill, but psychological trauma to my dog is not something that can be easily quantified. Also, I would be reluctant to "hunt them down" for their information because being rude and stupid, they'll either run or attack me or worse, get their dogs attack me. All these details. I'm not sure how to best handle this.
    I just hope this never ever happens to anyone. Kidou has never been attacked by any dog before and I want to keep it that way.
    I really despise people who think nothing of their inconsideration and believe that they are exempt from the law.
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    When INU was 5 months old an off leash dog attacked him and he ended up with a bite wound near his anus. At first I did not notice INU bleeding and just walked away. The next day I found this owner at the park and after their denial and a few choice XXXX words got their name and phone number with the understanding they would be responsible for the vet bills. This owner defended her dog saying he does not like puppies. What was she thinking? No puppies would be walked in the park!
  • SakuSaku
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    I often wonder what I would do in a situation like this. I would definitely protect my shiba at all cost, be it at kicking another dog or giving another person a hell.

    I once read an article about what to do in a split second if you encounter an off-leash dogs charging at you. If you have treats with you, throw all of them afar to distract the off-leash dog and walk away with your dogs as fast and as calmly as you can.

    If another dog is charging at your dog and a fight starts, let go the leash of your dog (so it has room to get away) and lift the hind legs of the dog charging at your dog. This will throw it off the balance and let go of your dog.

    In any cass, the off-leash dog's owner is extremely irresponsible!

    Saku & Mina's mom

    Saku & Mina
  • I think we had the throw the treats thing in another thread on this topic? Or was it on the NK side? Anyway, I tried it, and was not impressed. The dog was more interested in Toby than the treats, though I was lucky that the dog in questions was pretty mellow, and didn't approach further when I yelled at it (no people anywhere around, so this was lucky).

    It's worth trying, though, with treats....maybe better treats than I had?

    I've been thinking lately of having pepper spray or something, which I'd hate to use, but I'd do that rather than let Toby get hurt again. He's very reactive, and with good reason, given he's had so many bad incidents with other dogs.

    But yeah, I yell at people--loudly--to come and get there dog right now.
  • ttddinhttddinh
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    I agree with @losech and @shibamistress. You should have EVERY right to be angry at people who let their dogs off leash in an on leash area. I can NEVER full trust Bea with a smaller dog due to some incidents that we have had with off-leash dogs. Although she could and would probably kill them, do I want to put her through that trauma?? Think about it, it only takes ONCE for Kidou to become a reactive dog and it could take many years and lots of money and time spent in training for him to become "normal," if he ever does. Now, if I see off leash dogs and owners in the area, I just quickly pick Bea up and yell at the owner to come get the dog before Bea or I hurt it.
  • I almost think something like Pepper spray needs to be invented for dogs.

    Pepper spray seems like a super strong alternative though. While I don't mind using it (My mother got one for me for Christmas this year?), I'd rather not if a softer, and still just as effective version works. Which makes me think of air-horns, but you'd have to desensitize your dog to it first. Or those little popper fireworks that you throw at the ground. They don't so much as hurt as startle animals. Or a little air-soft hand gun.

    I just don't want to physically have to body-block a strange dog. I've been bitten by dogs way to much, and while I'm not afraid of the bite, it's the healing and aftercare that's the worst. Inara got into a dog fight months ago, and while she and the other dog healed perfectly in weeks, it took over three months for my hand to heal. No thank you.

    We don't run into many off-lead dogs around here; we have too many busy roads in the area (Highways, 5 lane roads, etc.). Our leash law also only requires dogs that cannot be controlled off-lead to be leashed, so most dogs I do encounter off-lead are usually very well mannered dog-citizens. In fact, those extendable leashes are such a common thing here that I have more complaints about those than I do truly off-lead dogs.

    ETA: They do make pepper-spray for dogs:
    This one is citronella based:
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  • BootzBootz
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    As shibamistress says, the dogs are NOT interested in the treats if their eyes are set on another dog. I encountered three big poodles, off leash but collared. Threw treats and they didnt even budge. They had their eyes set on my puppies. They didnt leave until they sniffed us. Thankfully they were harmless but boy was i scared.
  • InoushiInoushi
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    I would never throw treats. That could backfire in such a bad way. I find the best deteriant for most off leash dogs is my rottweiler, most people immediately leash their dogs up when they see her, the rare plus to her breeds reputation. Otherwise one would be surprised how often dogs will respond to a sit, stay, go home, or get away. If that doesn't work I intercept them and they get a kick to the nose or tossed behind a fence. Kenshin is reactive, so im doing them a favor. I don't bother waiting for the owners anymore, that's one moment that can cost your dog or the other their life.
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Bring an airhorn or whistle. Yell, stomp your feet, wave your arms. Do Something that will break the focus of the incoming dog from its current action of charging at your dog. Step in between them and your dog so they have to go around you. Just try to remain calm and purposeful with your distractions so your dog doesn't feed off of your own panic regarding the situation. If they are reactive, there's no need to further affirm/confirm their suspicion.

    Rottweilers were my first dog breed to own, and there's very few dog breeds (short from Leonbergers, CO's, Mastiffs, and Great Danes) that I will not put myself in between them and my own pack if I truly felt that my dogs were threatened.

  • euphaireeuphaire
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    Great comments everyone! Thank you so much for sharing. For those of you who put yourself between the strange dog and your own dog (especially when it involves kicking the dog), did you ever get hostile reactions from the dog (ie. bite you)?

    I don't have much experience with dog-dog encounters, since Kidou's my first one. I'm afraid that if I were to stop the strange dog's advances it might bite me - and like Lil_Washu mentioned, it should be avoided (the pain and the small possibility that the dog has rabies).

    I will look into the air horn and next time I will react faster to loudly command "SIT!!!!" when this happens again. I'm not sure about kicking the other dog just because I also need to protect myself from being bitten.
  • InoushiInoushi
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    @euphaire, I have yet to get bitten by a dog in these situations. I chalk it up to being calm, and not afraid. I have yet to get bitten, so I really don't fear it, and even if I did, im insured, my dog isn't. Plus the way bite laws work, you getting bitten means more sevre ramifications for the owner. To be honest the little ones are more likely to bite, most big dogs are not prone to human aggression, and if they are you'll know from the way they approach. Most bites from fights happen after the dogs engage, which is why its important to stop that from happening, because even your own dog can bite you during the excitement of a fight.
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Any decent dog owner who thinks their dog has a propensity to bite will not let it roam off-leash...anywhere. If you were in the woods when this dog was unleashed then it stands to reason the dog owner decided to "reward" their dog to just roam around and be a dog. Most likely, the dog that was charging towards you was doing so in excitement and curiosity more than anything else. Breaking that focus will stop a dog in its tracks. Stay calm and collected, read the unleashed dog's behavior and react appropriately.

  • britkotsubritkotsu
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    At the boarding kennel I worked at we walked the dogs quite often. Stray dogs were occasionally an issue. We would always have dog mace on hand. Thankfully I never had to use it. Most dogs would back down right away when I started yelling at them or firmly told them to "go home"
  • schubesschubes
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    We have encountered off leash dogs many times, with 4 incidents that forever changed my Roxy's reaction to other dogs. I have been bitten twice, once requiring me to seek medical attention.

    In the 4 incidents that were aggressive, the off leash dogs had no owners around and we were left to our own devices. My Shiba has gotten too large to pick up and I learned that the hard way. Pepper spray is available in a small pocket size and you can get it at a store such as Cabela's or similar. If you get some, I recommend becoming familiar with its use outside in your yard because in an emergency or in the dark, you need to have a quick draw and might accidentally spray yourself! (another whole story....)

    Most recently an off leash dog zoomed toward us as we walked past their yard. I found that if I could get Roxy protected between a large shrub and me, she let me do the management of the situation without lunging or trying to get at the other dog. But if there is no barrier, she will lunge and go for it and will bite.

    We live in a state that has more regulations and laws than most, and this situation with off leash dogs is incomprehensible. We are not out in the country. If the owner is nearby, they usually yell "oh, don't worry my dog is friendly." So stupid.....because my dog is NOT. And it is due to all the "friendly" encounters we have had over the last 6 years that changed my Shiba's reaction forever.
  • schubesschubes
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    Also, I did read that there was something about the way a Shiba carries itself as it is walking that can be misread by other dogs. With the ears perked high, the light foot placement and naturally high tail, it can appear to another dog as an aggressive posture. I don't know if it is true, but it has become our reality for sure.
  • @ crimson02 - I agree that the best thing to do is to break the focus of the other dog. Unfortunately the reality is that there are a lot of bad owners. I live in an area where there aren't a lot of off leash dogs but I've found that common sense isn't all that common. I've encountered a number of owners who have said to me that their off leash dogs are dog reactive (and were in the middle of charging my on leash dog) and there were no attempts to call off their dog. Perhaps they assumed my daintily built shiba girl was a toy dog I would pick up and not a dog that would bite back. Either way, the fact that this many people have shown an appalling attitude means that I would still be more cautious. Even so, dog reactive or friendly, I agree that calmly tying to redirect the focus of the other dog is the best solution.
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    To revive an old thread: Now that our girl Dakota got attacked by an unleashed GSD yesterday (thankfully she was not hurt), and this latest incident in my home town:

    I'm going to start carrying pepper spray on our walks. I just don't want to be in the middle of anything like what happened to that poor Sheltie on one of our beaches and not be able to do anything. So, can someone give me some recommendations for pepper spray that works, but doesn't necessarily do any extensive damage? I know there is the HALT brand, and a few others, but which seems to work best and might be easiest to deploy in a hurry?

    Thanks all!
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    I carry two things with me now on walks. This pepper spray, which I have not used, but had decent reviews (and was cheap):

    and also this:

    The thing about the pepper spray is that I worry it will also get on my dog, me, etc (though I would for sure use it if necessary). The baton is heavier than I expected, but I like it because I can use it from a bit of a distance--I want to keep the attacker away from my dogs.

    I'm usually dealing with coyotes more than loose dogs, but we also do have some loose problem dogs.

    If you don't mind carrying something big (which I did) a lot of people recommended wasp spray to me, because it shoots a long distance. It would probably be great for coyotes, but I hate carrying something that big on a neighborhood walk.

    Lindsay carries a riding crop sometimes, I believe, which would be lighter than the baton, and good for a swat on the nose of a dog that was not bent on attacking but was a problem. I have the heavier baton because if I ever have to use it, I think it will be a serious problem, and I want something heavier. (for me, it's the coyotes which are often coming after us in groups of 2 or 3, and there's also some super scary GSDs down the street).

    Anyway, this kind of stuff makes me furious! And 80 something year old man loses his dog and his hurt himself because some idiot isn't responsible enough to control his dog!

    How is your girl?
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  • omgtainomgtain
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    Just throwing a tip out here, but if you see an off leash dog approaching, no matter how much it angers/frustrates/upsets you, remember to keep your cool. I used to act very nervous and anxious and this made dogs flock to me, if I remain calm and steady they all usually steer clear (but my dog is also a GSD and a lot larger than a Shiba too.. ).

    Wonder if it would be light weight to carry around a piece of hose or PVC pipe? I use pieces of hose for tug, I'm sure if anything you can just shove it in their mouth (better than your arm?). In herding we use PVC to distance our dogs from the stock, it works well and they respect the boundaries, especially if you pair it with the command "get out!"
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    Dakota is no worse the wear, and she still struts around like a trooper. But boy, what a wake-up call those two incidents were. People where I live believe that leash laws do not apply to them, so we often see dogs running around loose. Usually friendly ones, but that was just up until now. We have one ACO for a city of over 93K people -- can you imagine? Think I'd rather go the route of pepper spray, only because it allows some distance between you and the attacking dog. Don't know if I could shove something in an attacking dog's mouth, especially if it had Dakota in it's mouth! Thanks @Shibamistress, will check the spray out on Amazon. I think I need an FID (firearms ID) to carry that here in MA, but will go to the local PD on Monday and get one. And, yes, that poor elderly man whose Sheltie was murdered. I wept when he described his loss... And I totally blame the owner of that dog, dragging it around on a skateboard or skates or whatever he was trying to do. Sometimes I think people are hopeless.
  • millerb7millerb7
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    My old dog (rotty) and I were attacked. I kicked the other dog to get it away. It didn't work as it had its heart set on Cosmo. Needless to say Cosmo killed him. He was about a 60 lb dog and Cosmo was 118 lb.

    It was a shame but I was much more concerned for my dog than there's.

    Chloe (my oldest shiba) and I luckily havering had that issue but if we did I'd react the same way. I also have my CCW and would use my weapon if I felt our lives were in danger.

    We've had 4 pit bull attacks (2 leading to deaths) over the last few months. My aunt has a pit Bull and she's the sweetest dog alive. Unfortunately not everyone raises them well around here.
  • omgtainomgtain
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    Well, you see, if your dog was in another dogs mouth, shoving something in there can save its life.
    Its pretty brutal, but in Schutzhund when dogs won't out they'll shove a baton or something in the dogs mouth/throat until it releases and gags. They usually cough for a bit after, which would be time enough to get away. Its not a good experience, even to watch, so I'm sure a dog would quickly change its mind about approaching / attacking again.. but i think it is also a scary position to be in too. :(
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    It's one of the reasons I decided on carrying a stick too....I'd be able to use it to shove in a dog's mouth to open it, if necessary. (I wasn't entirely sure how to do it, but I guess I know now!)

    Even my crazy girl Shiba would not let go when she was fighting. :(
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I carry pepper spray that is especially made to deter dogs. @Sibamistress-thanks for the link for the baton. I may buy one of those too! Since Quake was already attacked when he was one year old by an off leash Bull Mastiff and am very much on guard when on walks.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    Oh, that reminds me of something I read once, probably in the whole dog journal: for most dogs rushing you, who are not really super aggressive, you can throw kibble and many will stop to eat it and you can escape.

    Not, obviously, going to help you with a dog or other animal bent on attacking, though.
  • BootzBootz
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    I actually tried that once lol. I threw a hand full of kibble... The three poodles didn't flinch. They were still set on me and furbabies. Luckily all they wanted was to sniff us. Then they left us alone.
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    Interesting.... This article
    does not recommend pepper spray, but rather a citronella spray called SprayShield.
    Just wonder if citronella would really be effective enough if you were being rushed by an enraged dog intent on doing serious harm to your dog -- or you!
  • RikkaRikka
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    Luckily, I've never had an aggressive dog beeline for us, but there have been cases of off-leash dogs who were interested in saying "hi". Sagan is mildly leash-reactive, so I always position myself in front of him when I see an off-leash dog making their way towards us. That usually deters them... and if that doesn't, then I say in a stern voice, "Shoo! Go away."

    I only carry pepper spray when I walk Sagan at night, but that's for more of my safety than his, since I've been followed by men. =\ It's a good thing to have around, though.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • kagurarapkagurarap
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    Wow this thread is really interesting - dogs being off leash in my Bronx neighborhood is a real problem. It's such a problem, that I'd volunteer for the cops if they let me so I could give every one tickets because it's just ridiculous.

    And it's not just small dogs, but large ones too. I've read about enough horror stories of larger dogs ripping smaller ones to pieces or even attacking humans. Usually if it's a dog smaller then my dog, I guess I don't feel that intimidated because if this dog tries anything, Tali will react. Tali is a friendly dog but I think she has this sort of royal mentality when small dogs try to get tough with her, so it's either like haw haw haw puny dog, I can eat you, go away or occasionally you get the, what? FINE I don't like you either *barking ensues*.

    When Tali is approaching another dog or visa versa, I tend to shorten the leash and kind of pull back a bit, I want the approach to happen slowly because I don't know how both dogs will react.

    Large dogs, I just avoid altogether even if they are on leashes unless they're owners I'm familiar with and know their dogs are big teddy bears. There's been a time or two where I just swooped up Tali and walked away with her in my arms - not taking chances.

    And I agree with the first comment except only in the case if I felt truly threatened, I'm prepared to beat the crap out of the opposite owner's dog if I feel like that dog is a threat to either Tali's or my life. But you also, as others have said, have to try to be the calm one.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    I really need a place to vent about this right now. So forgive me if I am slightly off-topic.
    So today is a very nice, sunny day, and I took Endo out (naturally), anyways, as we were walking home, we were going to cross a MAJOR street. Lots of oncoming traffic. I see that there are people waiting to cross the road, and there are some dogs, I see one is leashed and the other (a small cross breed dog) isn't. So Endo and this dog are sniffing each other and I get concerned, thinking, "Who's dog is this!?"

    Anyways, as everyone is walking away, I didn't make it in time for green light, and the owner comes back, I ask him if it was his dog, he said yes, and he sounded annoyed AT THIS DOG for smelling "assholes" as he put it. His dog then almost gets crushed by an oncoming van and he still is peeved at THE DOG. Not himself! HE REALLY FUCKING ANNOYED ME! I didn't say anything, just, minded my own business, etc. Anyways, he then proceeded to express his opinions on why people shouldn't put importance on cars but on nature; which, true, I agree. But there is this part of me screaming inside that I want to let him know that leash laws are there NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO OPPRESS YOU AND YOUR DOG BUT BECAUSE OF OTHER DOGS AND SURROUNDINGS!
    We crossed the road and both dogs were unleashed and ran around near a shopping center/mall (outside) - again, where there were sure to be lots of people, traffic, etc.

    ...The guy had no leash on him to leash his dog based on his 'beliefs' that all dogs should just run freely like they were intended. I feel bad for his dogs; I don't know the number for Animal Control here (either way, they all speak Estonian or Russian) because I want to report this idiot. I think he loves his dog; he is just so fucking stupid and sadly, I can see his dogs being killed or injured very soon.

    It sucks even more, because up until that point, I met a nice Asian man who recognized my dog as a Shiba! He spoke Russian with me and said he owned Chow-Chows. I was getting sick and tired of people pointing at Endo and saying "Akita! Hachiko!" ETC.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    We live in the country so we deal with unleashed dogs frequently. We also live in a highly populated Mennonite area, making things even worse!

    I hate speaking 'in general', as I know not all groups of people act the same, but I've had some issues with both farmers and Mennonites, who seem to think of their dogs as nothing more than property, and don't seem to give a rats a** if their dogs are roaming aimlessly along the countryside. I've come close to hitting some of these dogs on my commute to work.

    I've had a few run ins with Kobe as well, especially with a loose Mennonite dog. The dog not only craps on our lawn, but will lay on our porch in the early AM and wait for us to come out! This dog is not aggressive, in fact it's actually a very nice dog. Kobe loves the dog, but at 5AM I'm looking for Kobe to do his business...not play!! I've called the township, but no results yet.

    We also get the random townsfolk who like to walk down our quiet road....of course off leash. When Kobe was a pup, I had a incident where I actually had to pick him up, as two unleashed dogs where jumping up on me trying to get to the owner strolled down the road, not giving a sh*t!!

    Anyhow, better stop, as I'm beginning to rant!!!
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • SayaSaya
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    Sorry you had to deal with that idiot. Mad at a dog for sniffing another dog? Umm that is what dogs do.

    I do off leash stuff with Saya and Bella, but it's in my yard and in fields away from cars and coarse I'd never let them greet dogs unless owner was OK with it. I'd never do it in the city as it is dangerous. I'm always with them too.. I hated the neighborhood in city people would let their dog roam while they went to work! made walking three medium size dogs hard two of them were dog reactive.. :\

    Oh yeah the hachiko thing.. Saya does not get that since she is a B&T she always get husky, malamute. They used shiba pups for the part of hachiko. So most people don't know difference..

    I can tell, but average person can't. I seen puppy Japanese akita and red shiba pups and both look very different look wise.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    Agh, just so annoying to have these people. The kind that blame everything else for their own problems; that they, themselves create! I realize that there are thousands of people like that; all over the world but still so annoying to come across them!

    Normally, here people leash their dogs, it's no problem. The problem in this situation was because the dog was unleashed I thought it had escaped (it has happened many times before) or it was abandoned so I panicked. A week ago, me and Endo came across an old German Shepherd (it had grey furs on it's face) that was limping. No owner in sight! I asked a local to phone the Animal Control about this dog; I was very worried because I thought it would maul Endo (German Shepherds are kept as guarding dogs here, so many can be aggressive), but it wasn't aggressive; just confused and lost. Animal Control here is kinda useless too as they only come out when it's convenient for them (in this case, in about an hour or two, given it was a Sunday, but still! THIS DOG WAS OLD, NO OWNER, AND LIMPING!) - I thought for sure someone must've abandon this dog there because as I said before; I live across a vet's!
    Needless to say, it disappeared after a while and I have no idea if Animal Control got this dog or whether someone picked it up. (Owner?)
    Then, a month ago; me and Endo were walking and a very OLD black lab approached us; no owner in sight, I was kinda very suspicious (as you would be), and ignored the dog. The owner then approached me a few blocks down on a bike and asked about this black dog. Turns out the lab had escaped but I let her know that I had seen it and that it walked in a straight line! Dunno if the woman caught her dog or not, but you do get the occasional 'escapee' dog. 8-|
  • SayaSaya
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    My neighbor is an ass he has this rat terrier which is unsocialized, aggressive to dogs and humans. :( Coarse they let her off leash! So annoying!

    Guy cursed at me for walking on the lane with my dogs because his dog would freak out and run in the road snarling and growling. Once tried to nip Saya I coarse didn't let that happened used my leg to block her Bella then chased it off as far as her leashed allowed.

    Once I was puling weeds in the garden by the shed Saya was with me off leash laying under the tree by the garden in My yard. jerk neighbor came over to dumb wood and brambles in a area by the pond and yelled at me that he has a dog.. He wanted me to leash Saya up because his dog was off leash and he thinks Saya is a vicious feral dog..

    Saya was just laying there during this whole thing she didn't move, bark or anything.

    She is good about staying in my yard she'll wonder in the woods, but the woods is part of my yard..

    It was insane. :\ he wants me to leash my dog, but he lets his mean dog off leash to roam. This dog has tried to nip or bite at my neighbor's kids! :(

    If Bella or Saya acted this way they'd be on leash at all times! This dumb dog used to chase cars snarling guess it was bumped or something as it has stopped.

    She acted aggressive as a puppy and the lack of socialization made her worse. She is super afraid of people even flinched at her female owner..

    I hate people like this. Luckily they're very old so they can't really hurt my dog.. I'm hoping they move soon as they live on a land that takes a lot of work to maintain. they've fallen multiple times. I'm all for respecting elders, but it goes same for them respect youngsters! Just because your old doesn't mean you can curse at me.. lol

    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    What an annoying neighbour! I hope he moves too!
  • RustyAngelRustyAngel
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    Was walking a friend's dog this weekend. She is well behaved and socialized, and very submissive. We were enjoying the day and minding our own business, when this small dog rushes out from some bushes, barking and snapping. It's was some sort of Jack Russel cross, charging right at my friends 80 lb dog with snarling fury. I body blocked to protect my friends dog and commanded "No!" in my most forceful tone, thinking I was going to have to kick it. The dog skidded to a halt, clearly confused. I wonder if that dog had ever heard the word "no" before.... Luckily, my friends dog just stayed behind me instead of charging into a fight.
    I have no idea what happened to the little Napoleon, or if its owners were even there, because I took advantage of his confusion and left immediately. My friends dog was untouched but a little spooked, but mellowed out with some ear scratches.
    I don't know what I would have done if the attacking dog was much bigger. I think I need to find a stout walking stick...
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    I'm very protective of my Kira bear, I will absolutely kick the crap out of a dog running aggressively towards her.

    I will look into a pepper spray after reading other's experience. We have been lucky so far.
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  • kiba888kiba888
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    I wrote this in my personal thread, but a neighbor Around me has a some jack Russell type dog that has terrible recall. It came charging at Kiba twice in the past barking aggressively until the owner got it. The third time I was walking Kiba the dog rushed us barking but this time latched its teeth onto kibas leg. Without thinking, I just punted that dog like 7 ft. Dog ran back to its owner and Kiba and I just walked away. Luckily Kiba didn't have any injuries. Owner of the jack yelled at me but I just ignored her and walked away.
  • JuniJuni
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    I have a neighbour, an old lady with a GSD (why do old people insist on getting big breeds they can't control?) and this dog is very dog reactive and hates Juni. But I feel so sorry for the dog who is old and has some health issues. The owner can't walk 10 feet with her without screaming at her 'NO! NO! NO!' For pretty much anything the dog does. The dog is 9 yrs old, I think you'd realize pulling the leash and screaming doesn't work by now...
    Some neighbours look after her sometimes and she is much more well behaved then since they are more positive and reward and praise her.
    Anyways, the lady lets this dog off leash... Especially late at night she seems to think noone else is around so it's ok, but of course once in awhile we also go out late, so I'm just waiting for the day we run into them.
    When we meet them and the dog is leashed she ties the leash around a lamp post or similar because she can't hold her otherwise from charging. Lovely...
  • Friday evening, Pebbles and I were out for our evening walk, and there's always this house we pass that has a 40 lb dog that attacks the fence every time we walk by. Normally we ignore her and keep walking, but on Friday the owner and little boy were working in the yard, and she escaped through the unproperly latched fence. I didn't hear her coming, but Pebbles turned around, and I turned my head to see this dog (Jersey is her name) 3 feet away. She was totally silent and charging towards Pebbles as fast as she could. The only thing I could think to do was kick out my foot, and caught her under the chin. It made her back up, but she resorted to circling, so all I could do was place myself in front of Pebbles, and step towards the dog every time she was stepping towards Pebbles, along with yelling 'NO' every time she took a step. Fortunately the little boy and the owner came and got Jersey, but it was a terrifying situation. I keep thinking about what could have happened if Pebbles hadn't turned around, or what could have happened if it had been my other dogs (one of who has been in a few scraps). I'm very glad Pebbles is still so little and had no interest in attacking or meeting that dog. I'm definitely considering pepper spray and a really big stick.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    This happened to me yesterday! Two GSD running towards me while walking on a trail (not off leash designated) -- the owner yells from 50' away, "they're friendly don't worry"!

    This really irks me: 1) I get left with my dogs all riled up on lead and I'm stuck with them after. And 2) how many times I've had an owner say that and their dog WASN'T friendly and attacks. Ugh! I hate it.
  • Anyone who says that gets an earful from me, absolutely. I hate that. It usually begins with get your dogs NOW, and goes on from there. UGH!
  • koyukikoyuki
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    That really gets my goat! When an owner says (while their dog is running straight for my dogs, barking and growling at us) "oh dont worry hes friendly". Pfft! I was at the beach (strictly on leash- there are signs everywhere stating that if you are caught with your dog off-leash or not under control you will get fined $400-but this is Australia- bloomin people always have their dogs off leash at the beach!!) with Haruki (the JA) and a terrier mutt came charging at us off leash. It was screaming and barking and snapping. Straight away Haruki faced it up- stood infront of me and low growled. I tried to get in between the mutt and Haruki but there was no way she would let me- little poppet was trying to protect me. I told him that your dog weighs about 5 kg, and my dog has every right to defend itself and me. 'My dog is FINE' he says as it snaps at Haruki. I told him 'Too f**king bad, my dogs not going to put up with that sh*t, and why should she, sort your dog out before someone elses dog does it for you'.
    He finally caught it and left and then Haruki had to do a little patrol of the playground and did not soften her stance/body language until the dog was far away from the kids at the playground.

    We have also suggested to a lady with a Shihtzu off leash that was just roaming around at a cafe that maybe we will do the same with our Akita- she just glared at us. lol dang people!
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  • This morning an off leash dog from the neighborhood (who we've met countless times and is banjo's friend) charged at us. He got two feet away and play bowed and our dogs went at it for a few minutes (in a playful way). I then realized he didn't have his owner near him or a leash on. I brought him home and told the neighborhood security guard who called the people (I now see why I need to register my dog with the neighborhood). Turns out he got out LAST NIGHT and they've been looking for him all night and day. One of the perks of living in a semi-urban, dense neighborhood is we all know each others dogs and nearly all of them are friendly or at least dog tolerant. When I brought the other mutt home he crated himself in Banjo's crate. Banjo just looked at me like "WTF, you are just gonna let this happen!!??!?" The other dog was picked up shortly after and reunited with his owner. He looks no worse for the wear.

    If I lived in a place that wasn't like this, I would carry some type of weapon for sure.
  • @BanjoTheBetaDog: So glad you were able to catch the other dog and get him home! That's a great end for that story!

    @Koyuki, that stuff drives me crazy! Just happened with me and Zora, my AA. A little terrier was loose and the owner didn't call it, and then dog charged up to Zora and growled and snapped in her face! Then the owner called it, but I did say something about she's lucky that dog doesn't get hurt by another dog for it's rudeness (and being loose). Zora growled, but she was so startled and confused that really all she did was slam it with her paw, but I could see the thought process: hey, this dog is rude, what do I do? Oh wait, I'm 3 times its size and I'm an Akita! She's not quite a year old so she isn't full on Akita-ish yet, but I could tell that if the person hadn't finally grabbed it she would have gone after it, and who can blame her? The dog charged her several times!
  • kiba888kiba888
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    Kiba was attacked again by the same dog this morning (jack russel), This time I picked up Kiba while the dog was jumping up at my trying to bite onto his legs. I've made the decision that any time this dog comes up again, im going to kick it harder than I did last time.

    I now understand why this dog is so aggressive. It's because the owner beats the shit out of her dog with her slippers. Some people shouldn't have dogs.
  • @shibamistress it wasn't much of a catch. I just said "hey oscar, you want a cookie?" and he wagged his tail and started walking with us. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. Like I said, where I live dogs have to learn to coexist at worst as you can't walk without seeing 2-6 dogs no matter what time.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    @kiba888...I'm sorry you are having issues. Have you ever approached the owner of this dog? Are there any other neighbours who are having issues that could support you in approaching this person?

    Have you reported this person to animal control? To the Humane Society? If it's being beaten, I wouldn't hesitate to report the abuse.

    And while I hate to say it, I would kick that dog as hard as I could if it was attacking Kobe. Yes, it's not the dogs fault, but it isn't yours either, and you must protect your dog by any means necessary.

    I hope things will get better for you soon!
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