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"stalking" to get leash on...
  • Koji's teacher recommended a method for when he's bratty and runs when leash comes out...

    (would only recommend if dog is bonded to you and confident, not skittish or shy)

    She said chasing the dog is of course not good, but "stalking" the dog is different...

    calmly but confidently follow the dog relentlessly, don't let him rest...he goes under coffee table and calmly move, lift's quite fun... :) follow him around and around - but very different from chasing and begging...(no talking, just steady following him...:) The sessions have been getting shorter and shorter so seems to be helping...

    Anyone try this? any problems with it??? It works for us and makes me laugh, but just want to check in for other opinions..

    Koji is super confident and borderline arrogant and bratty and it works well for us...finally he just sits and puts leash on...I also do the "fine, I'll go without you" - but there are times when you only have a window of time and I want him to have a walk.

    The looks and postures he gets when he realizes I'm stalking him are priceless...
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    I do a slight variation of this technique with Penny. She walks away when the leash comes out and I stalk her to where she usually goes under the coffee table. Once she is there, I walk away and then she follows me. After a few repititions of this game she stops and lets me hook her up.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Why not teach your dog to do a sit/stay instead of stalking?

    The sit/stay is much more useful and will probably be much less time consuming.
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  • esiepielaesiepiela
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    I'm going to have to try this...I have been having similiar problems with Zach. When he has to go out he will sit by the soon as I pick up the harness or even just the leash he will walk away (not really run but walk). I tried having him come to me using treats but it doesn't work. I usually have to go after him to get him but I have never "followed" him before. I'm going to give this a try!
    Thanks for the tips!
  • @Sunyata - I hear you - but like I said, Koji has a super bratty, manipulative streak and will sit/stay until I get within arms reach - he has a super mischevious look on his face that says "Ha ha! Psych! and will dart out of reach...I swear he's laughing...can work on sit/stay, but he is a Shiba - I pick my it's fun.

    stalking time is getting shorter as he's realizing he can't win ...I hope :) If it does no harm I feel like another tool in the arsenal of mind games with headstrong Shiba..

  • sunyatasunyata
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    Hmm. I guess as long as Koji is having fun with it and you do not mind doing it, then why not...

    Another thing that you could do, especially if your dog is older (I can not remember how old Koji is), if he runs away from the door, go back to whatever it was that you were doing and ignore him. Keep doing that until he gets the hint that you do not want to play 'chase'. Obviously if he is a puppy, then this might not be the best idea, as their bladder control might not allow the extra time.
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  • LosechLosech
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    I normally do the sit/stay thing, but if I need to I will follow Conker until he gives up.

    Now real stalking (crouching, staring, slow movements, like you're hunting the Shiba)... don't do that, or your Shiba will think it's an even better game and will run away faster with more intensity and crazyness.
  • i think tartchi has been trying to suck me in to leting him walk off his leash, he will follow me and the kids around and take us to the gate but as soon as i get his leash he starts to spin around in a circle, lol, i just watch him and wait till he stops and ocne he learns that im not gonna let him go with out it i can put it on easily.. checky mufin
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  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
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    My wife and I had this problem when our dog was young, until about 4-5 months old. He would play the same game, however, now when he sees the leash he get excited because he thinks we're leaving the house. It was a annoying when we would want to leave the house quickly. We didn't chase or stalk him that much though, we'd just ignore him and let him get close enough to us to grab his collar and put the leash on. We would then treat and go out the front door immediately. Not sure this is a good training tactic but it worked for us.

    He still has spats every now and then where he will head toward the door when we have the leash in hand and then not let us put it on. Usually, when that happens we just put the leash down like we're not going out anymore and he'll sniff the leash and let us put it on. That is sort of our way of telling him, "fine, you don't wan to put your leash on, you're not going anywhere."

    Occasionally, when we want to get him back in the house from the backyard we use the leash as a lure.

    He's learned to "love" (maybe appreciate is a better word...) the leash. The harness is a whole different story...
  • CleoCleo
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    Bella sees the leash and RUNS - she crouches and does the Shiba "wiggle bum" - I think we all know what that is ;) and wants us to chase her all over the house! We have tried the ok, we won't go out and go back to whatever we were doing so many times and literally she waits 4 and 5 hours - when we know she needs to go! And still she won't come - we have to go to her bed, where she is pretending to be asleep and hook her up! Try and try again - she just runs away, treats don't work, same story as above with sit stay. She has become incredibly suspicious of treats - she knows it means I want something.If I am alone, I make sure she has a drag leash on.

    I have been trying hide and seek, so she follows me, instead of the other way around.....I haven't taken it to the next step of hooking her up, just trying to keep it fun for now....I am also thinking this might be helpful if she escapes one day......
  • When I first adopted my Quakey he used to run and want me to play "chase the Shiba" with him as soon as he saw me reach for the harness. I did not chase him at all but just went on about my business. I have trained him in the following way: I say loudly and in a happy voice "I have a treat for Quakey" and he comes running. I have him sit and I put the harness on him and I give him a tasty treat that he loves and only gets when he sits to have his harness put on. Then I attach the leash to the harness. Now that he is trained all I have to do is start opening the bag with the treat and he comes running and then sits to have his harness put on.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Cleo - "Sit" and "Stay" are going to be your very best friends here. Work on those two commands with lots of yummy treats. Once you get those two down, work on "come".
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  • micomico
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    Suki enjoys making the humans run round the house and she becomes deaf to all commands and offers of treats. A couple of times I got fed up and started to remove my layers, grabbed a coffee and sat down with a book and she looked at me as if to say that wasn't supposed to happen. Now when I ask if she wants to go for a walk - she refuses to go out when its raining so walks have been limited the past few weeks - she runs to the cupboard where I keep my walking coat, waits while I grab her treats and my phone and then goes to the door and waits for her harness. She still ducks when I put it over her ears but I won the battle!
  • When it is time to go to the dog park Abby our Spitz Chow mix runs to the door and sits Nookie the Shiba will stop at the door and then needs a drink then check out the dry food bowl then walk to the front of the house and then when it's her idea to go she comes to the door and sits for her leash. My biggest problem is getting her to LEAVE the dog park. So I always take a baggie with a few slices of pepperoni so all I have to say is "I guess Nook doesn't want any pepperoni and she's at the gate ready to go.
  • CleoCleo
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    Yayy!!!! We have now had almost 2 weeks of success with Sit Stay for putting on the leash to go for a walk! No more wiggle bum :)

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