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Help on Stella & Chewy's feed recommendations; Not Enough?
  • karashakarasha
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    Miyuki is about to turn 1 years old on January 28th. Whenever she was a puppy (~7 months old), she broke her leg and needed surgery. She recovered all fine and well and continued on with her diet of Puppy Orijen. About a month ago, we had to do another surgery since her leg did not grow properly and it's was incredibly crooked. After this past surgery, Miyuki has become just a very different dog when it comes to food.

    She wouldn't eat her puppy Orijen... so I tried Regional Red Orijen. Turned her nose up to that as well. I decided maybe she's just not into kibble anymore, so I tried premade raw (Primal and VitaEssentials). Nope, she'd just sniff it and walk off. I'd keep bouncing back and forth, trying to make them appetizing my putting egg, peanut butter, ect... But she was relentless. Refused them all.

    Only thing she will eat happily is Stella & Chewy's. Great, except the incredible cost. I'm willing to happily stomach it so long as she eats it.

    She weighs 14lbs. According to various food calculators, she should be getting ~500 kcals a day. However, whenever I follow Stella & Chewy's feeding guide (online, where I could input "energy level"), it says she should be getting about 6 patties a day (~420kcal a day). Right now I've been feeding her 4 patties a day (since that was recommended on the packaging) and she has only been getting 280kcals a day!!

    Should I just follow the S&C recommended amount? Or should I go by her calories intake instead (meaning she should get about 7 patties a day)?
  • LosechLosech
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    Eh, I'd probably shoot for somewhere inbetween or pick one or the other and see how it goes. If it's too much, she'll gain weight, so cut back. Too little, loose weight, so add more.
    My dogs never eat a set amount of food every day, it's always different, and I feed based on their physical condition and energy levels, not any guidelines or calculators.

    I personally do not think Orijen is a good food. Quality ingreidents, yes, but I still don't think it's good. Not because I tried it and my Shiba couldn't handle it, but due to other things like the really high protein and funky minerals that I found after I tried it.
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  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    I'd keep to the 4 patties and offset the missing calories by treats or bullysticks.

  • karashakarasha
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    @Losech -- It's difficult for me to be happy with any of the kibbles out there. I just feel like there is so much excess in them. I wasn't too upset when I saw Miyuki turning her nose up to kibble. What upset me was seeing her turn her nose up to the premade raws. The VitaEssentials is actually one of the more basic premade raws:

    Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (natural source of vitamin D), d-alpha tocopherol (natural vita- min E), mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant)

    But nope, she still will not eat that. Which makes me question whether she would even do a homemade raw... Maybe I should try the chicken/lamb/ect. variety... Maybe she's just not a beef person ( like me :P )

    Just frustrated with this new pickiness. And as a college student... and paying over $6k in surgeries this year, it's difficult for me to just keep buying food after food, only for her to turn her nose up.

    My local pet shelter is going to LOVE ME when I bring in all the rejected food.
  • SayaSaya
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    Maybe buy a thing of chicken thighs or drumsticks and offer one as a meal to see how she likes it? Took Saya a whole week to get into eating chicken drumsticks. Saya loves lamb ribs though.. might take time..

    Do it yourself raw is much cheaper especially once you get some good deals and stock up meat processor is a good source of meat. mine sells beef scraps for $1lb.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Instead of doing pre-made raw, have you thought about doing as @Saya suggested and doing a 'do-it-yourself' raw diet? It is MUCH cheaper, and since it is fresh, your puppy may take to it better than the pre-made.

    Also, if she is seriously not eating, you may want to take her back to the vet for a follow up. Generally speaking, even if a dog does not like a food, if they get hungry enough, they will eat it. If she is not eating period (especially since this is a recent behaviour), then there may be a medical problem that is behind it.
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  • karashakarasha
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    @Saya -- Tonight I will grab some meat (variety of beef, chicken, ect.) and see what she likes. I would love to do my own raw... and maybe this will just be the thing that pushes me to do so. As a college student that is recovering from over $6k in surgery bills, an additional $120+ per month for food is just not what I can stomach.

    @Sunyata -- I am going to take her to vet tomorrow. Otherwise, she is acting super normal. Runs around, does her Shiba 500s, incredibly playful. And she'll eat all of her treats (freeze dried chicken, beef, ect.) as well as SCARF down her S&C.

    Thank you guys for your input. I really appreciate it. I have a feeling she has just lately become picky as to what she puts in her mouth. It probably doesn't help that she's suspicious of food because I would put her icky medicine in it after surgery.
  • SayaSaya
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    I really wished I got Saya on video on her first month on raw it was nuts at times!

    She got lamb ribs and raw egg once week at 7months old when on kibble she loved it and had no issue eating it. at 8months I started her on full raw bought a pack of thighs and pack of drumsticks. then got some more drumsticks and thighs, breast and then just got chicken quarters..

    She would act a bit weird and would bite the drumstick or thigh and push it while biting kinda reminds me of a exploratory bite like she wasn't sure what to make of it.

    for first week she would eat a little bit of the meat I cut off a bit so it's hanging off the drumstick and then she'd get into it and she'd tear the meat off the drumstick and then eat the chicken bone with no meat on it.

    Made me a bit nervous, but she did fine and eventually she started to leave a bit of meat on before crunching the bone.

    If just offering it won't do try cutting a bit of meat off and offer it to her and then cut it to it's hanging off. If she is hungry she should eat.

    Maybe lightly searing the chicken enough to lightly cook it, but not enough to cook the bone to give it a smell.

    maybe sprinkle the freeze dried chicken and beef to entice her to eat.

    She did this when she ate a whole rabbit with fur she had this rabbit two years into eating raw.. it took her almost 15minutes to finally get into eating the rabbit or it seemed like it. Sorry for gross description.

    A guide on how to get started with prey model raw there's also barf diet which has veggies and fruits, but for a picky dog she might like it or not..

    This thread might be of help

    Maybe just offer her the food in am and then if she doesn't eat offer it again at dinner time maybe she'll get hungry enough to try it.

    Premade raw is so expensive.. I feel do it yourself saves money compared to it.. Chest freezer helps so I can stock up when deals happen.

    When you get meat be sure it's not enhanced the front should say % added broth or salt something like that. % of retained water is fine.. Nutrition box also says it too if sodium higher then 90% or something like that it's enhanced some pork and beef can be enhanced too.
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  • karashakarasha
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    To give a small update:

    A few days ago I decided to take this problem head on and want to resolve it. I went out and bought just a huge variety of trial pack food:

    Frozen Premade Raw:
    -Primal (Variety)
    -Stella & Chewy's (Chicken)

    -Orijen Fish Formula (Already tried Regional Red and the Chicken formulas -- she didn't like)
    -Acana Grasslands
    -Acana Ranchlands
    -Various Fromm foods (They gave it to me for free)

    I felt as if this was a decent start. From there I planned on going to TOTW, Wellness, ect. I really want to stick on the grain free diet... it's a personal preference. I know she would have no problems with grains, but I just don't find it necessary. I like her to have the most nutritional dense yet simplest food possible.

    So I started off with the Orijen Fish. She would eat it, but not in one sitting; she would eat it throughout the day. I'm not a big fan of free feeding, but she did eat her entire 140g for the day. This went on for about 2 days. But starting this morning, she has only consumed about 10g today... I frequently have put her back in her crate (where I feed her), and she hasn't touched it. So, I guess she's over this one too.

    When I came home and ripped open the Orijen Fish, I hand feed her a few pieces of it and she seemed to love it so much that she didn't even chew it. She just gulped it and continued to "beg" for more. First night she ate her 70g of it with no problem... but she slowly started to eat it less enthusiastically as feedings went on.

    I will rotate to Acana Grassland tonight and she if she has a liking to that.
  • GatsuGatsu
    Posts: 651
    Guts is on the smaller side a male, he's 18 pounds. And yeah every time we find something Guts likes, he slowly gets sick of it too. But he's not starving himself like he use to though, so I'm just happy as long as he's eating. Even if he's not going crazy for his food.

    There is another Royal Kennels shiba owner on this forum, and her shiba is about 14 pounds too. Her shiba is only one month younger than ours.
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  • karashakarasha
    Posts: 110
    ANOTHER update --

    I did a little experiment. Miyuki's favorite place to eat things are off the tile floor. So, I grouped up Orijen Puppy, Regional Red, Fish formula, Acana Grasslands and Ranchlands, Fromm Grain-Free Four Star Beef Frittata Veg and (omg, don't put me under fire) some sort of IAMS food (Boyfriend had it under the cabinet from a friend's dog... we just were seeing).

    She turned up her nose to ALL of the Orijen & Acana foods. She just will NOT eat them. She'd put them in her mouth, move it around and then spit it out. Happily scarfed down the Fromm and, not to my surprise, the IAMS.

    Since she wouldn't eat the Acana Grassland, I tried the frozen S&C chicken... she SCARFED it down. And since the frozen S&C is half the price for the same amount of freeze dried S&C, I can live with her liking.

    I guess I'll see if she still eats it 2 days from now ;)

    She won't eat any variety of Acana & Orijen.
    She will eat S&C freeze dried beef & chicken, S&C frozen chicken and Fromm Grain-Free Four Star Beef Frittata Veg.
  • catloreecatloree
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    Elwood eats the Fromm Grain-Free Four Star Beef Frittata! We alternate it with the Fromm Grain-Free Surf & Turf so that he gets some variety. He has been on it since he was a puppy & still loves it.
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  • On the Stella bag it says up to 2x the amount for puppies,that would be a lot of patties, lol.
    I'm doing stellas in morning and kibble in evening. My guy is 19lb ,8 months. So according to them he would eat like 8 patties a day ! I give him 3 patties in morning crumbled,and about 1/2cup acana kibble give or take ...he's picky and doesn't always finish kibble and may vary day to day . He looks great and is happy and healthy!
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