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I consider him a rescue
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    I saw this on my FB page once and thought it told what my thoughts on buying from pet store.

    I don't hate people who buy puppies from a pet store, but it's a sad situation which needs to be put an end to.

    No dogs bought at the pet store eventually it'd go out of business coarse there is always the internet if pet stores not an option they'll just pose as good dog breeders and con people that way many do it now too..

    I always wonder if a dog in the pet store doesn't get bought what they do with it ship it back so it can be used as a breeding machine? Send it to a breed rescue/shelter or something?

    I wish government would outlaw puppymills it'd save people so much money less puppymills means less dogs go into shelters less, vet visits one owner on this video on puppymills said she spent 4,000 on vet visits maybe more I forgot. on a goldendoodle! plus what ever she payed to buy the dog.

    One of the owners lost her beagle pup due to something I forgot.

    I know things happen, but still and it's sick how most pet stores make you go to their vet of choice..

    I know there still be dogs in shelters, but maybe less with puppymills not contributing to it.

    Good breeders should interview their puppy buyers just like buyers should interview their breeder of choice to be sure they're good breeder.

    Breeders should be sure buyers understand that the pup is a lot of work and same with buyers they need be sure they are willing to socialize, train and take care of the dog and are choosing the right breed..

    I guess for now best thing to do is educate people so they know difference from good breeder and bad breeder and why buying a dog or cat from a pet store isn't good.
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  • Good post! I wonder if we could link it in the stickied thread we have about clarifying what a rescue is/is not?
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    The shelter I got Conker from takes dogs and puppies from mill busts and unwanted and unsold pups from stores, as well other dogs from other situations. Owner surrender, strays, etc.

    So, some of the unsold pups do go to shelters and rescues, not all go back to the mills or die, but I imagine a good chunk of them do.