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Missing Shiba in Manhattan
  • CaliaCalia
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    Shiba Inu
    Sex: Female
    Color: Red Headed Black & Tan
    Name: Zorra (formerly Kissy) was adopted from NYCSR this past week.
    Age & Weight: 2.5 years old and about 23lbs.

    Got off leash last night (Sat 12/17) at 1AM, last seen at 106th Street & Madison Avenue

    *May have run into Central Park as she loves her time there. Also loves shrubs & brushes in particular.

    Wearing a TAN PLAD-LIKE STRIPED collar with a purple heart name tag with owners' telephone numbers.
    Also wearing a BLUE HARNESS.

    Zorra is fast and would not likely approach a stranger. Please cross post. If you see her, please contact the NYC Shiba Rescue:

  • I hope she's found!
  • SakuSaku
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    I pray for her to be found soon!
    Saku & Mina's mom

    Saku & Mina
  • So sad! Fingers crossed she's found soon!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    She has been found, safe and sound.
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    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
    I Wander, I Ride
  • That's so great to hear! I always worry about it when dogs who are skittish around people go missing. I just worry about how they're going to manage to catch them and return them home. So glad to hear that she was found so soon!
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    GOOD NEWS! When I read this posting this morning it made me feel so sad. Especially, since where she went missing is only 10 minutes from where I live. I hope her new owners will take better precautions (eg: escape proof harness and leash with locking carabiner) so that it does not happen again. And it was really cold last night in NYC.
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  • Glad she was found! (And glad her name isn't Kissy anymore, poor girl!) :)

    I worry about skittish dogs getting lost too. I know if Bel got lost, she'd never come to anyone other than me, poor thing, so I always feel particularly bad.

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