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  • XabiXabi
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    I was looking at an artist's site through deviantArt a few weeks ago, and came across this individual who makes some great felt/plush pieces (the pokemon stuff is amazing!). The link to the bio is below:

    This next link is to the etsy site which shows the shiba hat this artist had mentioned on the deviantArt site, which I've comissioned.

    The artist had mentioned they'll make a donation to a local San Diego shiba inu rescue. Those links are below.

    The hat is $25, with $5 going to the shelter; and the shipping fee is $5/1-5hats. So, I just wanted to put this out to the forum. If you're interested, you should contact this individual and make a commission of your own. I'm not sure if you can get them by Christmas, but I thought that some of you may be interested in having one or gifting some of these as well.

    I'll post pics of me with the red (pictured on etsy site) and the black & tan one (design shown on etsy as well) when I get them.

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  • I need one of those like a hole in the head but they're just so cute!
  • XabiXabi
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    I know! You can get a jump on your next Halloween shiba costume. ;-)
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  • SayaSaya
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    Cute! Last Madison WI shiba picnic they had a red shiba fleece hate kinda like that not same style though, but it was just as cute I don't think I got a picture of it I'll have to check.

    Cute art work.

    There's a leather mask artist on deviant who makes awesome masks of dragons, Japanese fox, wolves, okami and Egyptian looking masks I'm thinking of sending a picture of Saya's face for her to make a leather shiba mask would be so awesome to have. :D

    Here's black okami wolf mask looks so nice I was thinking of just buying it, but thought I'd just wait and see if the person can do a custom shiba mask. Not sure if I'd like it as a Japanese like mask or venitian or like okami looking.
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