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"Through a Dog's Ear" -- anyone tried it?
  • Anyone tried this with their shiba? Reviews and thoughts?
  • No, but we are classical musicians so we're skeptical if this could be any different than throwing on Mozart piano sonatas or whatever. I have a friend who says it's surprised her, that it's actually really helped her puppy be more self-reliant and approach nap time on her own, which is basically what I'm trying to do-- I realize that puppies are a lot of work, but I also think there is value in transitioning away from being their enslaved entertainer! I am also interested in TADE for car rides, because our older dog gets panicked when riding. It's not expensive, so we'll probably just try it, but I figured I'd put it out there first.
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    Heck yeah classical! My favorite stuff, listen to it nearly all day.

    I haven't bought any cd's like that (I've got a tape deck in the Jeep), but I do find noise clips on youtube and play them while Conker is chewing on something or eating. Very quietly at first, then I slowly increase it. That's helped with sudden sounds like fireworks (which he was never really afraid of in the first place) but he still doesn't like riding in the car. He did, the first day, then I kinda messed that up by hitting a guard rail. He hasn't liked riding in cars since, and it's a pretty good reason not to. That's also why he and every other dog that rides in my Jeep is buckled in.
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  • I don't have the cd but I have played clips for them. I don't know how much it would help with calming really but I do know that I play music often and they always just ignore it, when I played some of the clips both stopped what they were doing and listened, heads cocking to the sides. So I don't know it certainly got their attention...
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  • Hmm. Sukoshi was raised on classical and Celtic music as a pup. (I have a background in classical violin.) I left it on for her at a relatively low volume when I went to work and I think she found it "reassuring". This may have reinforced her innate mellow/zen approach to things. I know that she may have also been exposed to Japanese, Korean or other Asian music. One time as we were watching the ice skating for the winter Olympics, they had a profile of one of the Japanese skaters with Japanese background music. Sukoshi sat bolt up right when she heard the music and watched the entire interview with the skater very intently.

    Don't know what music Hoshi was exposed to, but I do know that strident, heavy metal type music will send him running for another room! I found this out while watching videos that had this type of music as part of the "narrative'.
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    @notoriousscrat One of my rats was deaf, so loud sounds were never a problem with her. The other? She'd flip out over anything but was excited instead of afraid. Any loud noise she heard she'd think something fun was going to happen or a treat or new toy would arrive. She was a freak.
  • OK, let me just clarify-- neither of my dogs are afraid of music, sounds or noise. I was looking at this as a tool to simply calm them, not so much rehabilitate. I'm still interested in the science behind the product, but, being a musician, and having listened to some of the samples online (classical "top 40" performed at unbearably slow tempos), I'm now quite sure it might actually kill me.

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