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Play or Toy suggestions?
  • Sumo needs some attention again :)

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding play or toy options (inside the house) for Sumo. I sometimes feel like he's bored with fetch, his balls, chew toys, the wobble pyramid toy, and we also have some training sessions through out the day. I feel like I am running out of ideas to stimulate his very smart brain. The last thing I want is a bored Shiba.

    He gets a lot of walks through out the day. He has been great with his puppy behavioral training class plus he also has puppy social classes. ( he even have a cute video of him sharing his toy to another puppy) He just turned 3 months old and hes the best! He will be getting his last shot today and his rabis shot January which I cant wait so we can finally go to the dog park, hike, and dog beach. I want to socialize his as much as possible while he is young.

    I guess I just want to know if there is anything else I can do so he doesnt get so bored plus still stimulate his mind and body

    Any suggestions?
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  • You might want to see how he likes a flirt pole. Interactive food toys like kongs and wobble kongs could be great too. Actually, there are plenty of people who say that making a dog work for its food is the best way to keep it entertained since that's what they spend most of their time doing in the wild.
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    I use 2 different dog puzzles
    I use the Everlasting Treatball
    I use the Everlasting Fun Ball
    I have the Tug-A-Jug and use it to feed my dogs with 1 meal daily

    I play "hide n seek" with my GSDs. I'll tell them to sit in their crates in my room and then I'll hide somewhere else in the house and yell out "ok" to release them and they come looking for me.

    We also play "find it" with treats. I have my male go sit in his kennel while I drag a treat on the ground creating a scent trail and then I'll hide it out of sight. I'll yell out "find it!" and then he comes out and sniffs the ground and follows the trail until he finds it.

    We play another form of "find it" too. I have him go sit in his kennel and wait and I take all the shoes in the house and scatter them around, I put the treat in one shoe and he has to find which shoe it is. But I have him check every single shoe until he finds it.

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  • I tried the Kong wobble but he starts barking at it getting frustrated when he isn't getting any of the kibbles out. Should I wait it out? I normally just take the wobble away when he starts barking at it non stop.

    What is a flirt pole? I will have to google that one

    I think I need to train him a little more before we can play "find it". He might end up eating my shoes instead of looking for a treat =)

    I will look into the Tug-A-Jug, he already has the Everlasting treatball. I will try he is able to stay long enough for me to hide and find me. That seems fun!

    Thank you so much! :)
  • Our shiba cought on this real fast...about 10 minutes
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  • YasminaMYasminaM
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    So cute, im trying find ideas for my Milou, where you guys got the Cube?
    any advice how to play and awake there curiosity with toys?
  • WillWill
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    Sorry to hijack - super cute video! I've just posted on our original thread about our new shiba and any suggestions as to how to awake their curiosity with toys....Kuma just IS NOT interested...but now sure whether it's just a matter of confidence at the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks :-)
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I would bet that with Kuma, she is still too uncomfortable to play. Just wait though, one day she will suprise you. A great way to get nervous or shy dogs to come out of their shells is thru play. Try using some feathered cat toys, or a rabbit skin squeak mouse and triggering that prey drive.
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  • orangedoggieorangedoggie
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  • WillWill
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    Thanks for getting back - I think it could be confidence too...after posting on here last night we went to bed to be met with a rather active little dog...think her character may be coming through...! I shall persevere with her.

    Those toys look great! Looks like Kuma is going to use even more of my wages every month now :-) lol
  • JuniJuni
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    It's easy to make your own toys too. My breeder suggested newspaper in an old sock- all pups seem to enjoy the funny sound it makes when they chew on it. I put treats in empty toilet rolls and fold the edges so it requires some work to get it out. Or any kind of paper container. I sometimes hide the boxes around the flat so she needs to find them first before trying to open them. Anyone with more ideas?
  • NaviNavi
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    Navi loves an empty water bottle I put inside a sock.
    She also likes to chew on wet socks I freeze... She even likes plain socks (some regular or tied in knots & washcloths too!
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  • Last night we brought home a long, maybe 15 inch, toy. It is a lizard shaped, the long body is bubbled with a squeaker in each section. Sam went nuts over it and has not left it alone! He also has a squeaky squirrel that has more than one squeaker. The more squeakers the better with him. He has so much fun attacking, pouncing on, and chewing on the noisy bubbles. I thought he loved the squirrel to death, but the lizard is even more fun for him. I prefer this one more as well because he popped a bubble in the squirrel quickly, but the lizard is much tougher and punctures will not stop the squeak he loves so much. It is from Invincibles. Oh, and the tail rattles, he shakes the thing as well. Super cute... but had to be taken away at bed time... he brought it in to sleep with, which is with us... right next to me. We would have never gotten any sleep if we let him keep it in the bedroom all night!

    Maybe your Shiba would like something like this. We got it at Petco. I also Googled "Invincibles dog toys" while writing this post and found lots of other similar toys from them for about the same price.
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