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    My previous dog had the same problem. Wooden stairs were too slippery for her, so she'll avoid it all costs. Even sat at the bottom of the stairs and whined.

    Just keep encouraging him to go up and down the stairs, and treat/praise when he does. Took mine a couple weeks but she became more comfotable with the stairs again. Or if you don't a long piece of carpet/rug and put it on the stairs. It'll give him more grip. :)
  • I would put mine on the second, or third stair and help them go through the motions of going up and down them. I would even put a treat on each stair just to encourage the up and down motions. Since the stairs are slick don't rush him up and down them; one hop at time :P Stairs are just not something they'd encounter if they were still wild so they're just awkward to master when they're young. Which is funny, if you think about it, but dogs are born knowing how to swim yet staircases elude them LOL :P

    Inara didnt start going up them till she was about 5-6 months old. However, unlike my other dogs I never really encouraged her because there was nothing upstairs worth seeing for her. Eventually she did start going up them on her own because she got tired of being left behind. My stairs were carpeted, but she had no problem going up wood steps like on outdoor decks or porches.

    Jumping on furniture eludes her entirely though LOL. It's not like I never tried to teach her how to do it, but she doesn't like how "unstable" the cushions are and gets stiff and uncoordinated when on it. She'll climb about half way up and expect you to pull her up for her where she'll just flop instantly where she lands :P She's not a very good couch dog so I don't mind her being on the floor with the four other dogs.
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  • Before introducing any dog to a new item that is steep or has potential for falls make sure there is traction and ample opportunity to gain footing. Stairs can be very scary for young dogs or dogs attempting to explore new terrain for the first time. Make it a successful re-introduction with food and start on small step sequences to help your pup out. Build on one step at a time. Also make sure you spot your dog and help out when needed. All it takes is a slip and you can really damage some vital areas if a fall is severe.

    Good luck
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  • Nami is super akward on stairs as well, just because she wasn't exposed to them enough, we have an elevator in the building and she literally used stairs only three times in her life due to elevator repairs. She is kind of ok going down (scarred but still going down slowly). However, going up the stairs was a challenge, they are pretty steep and slick cement, the first time she tried to get up quick and slid back down couple of steps and really freaked out. We took it really slow after that and she made it upstairs with no issues. Though to this day she doesn't like to walk past the stair case doors.

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