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Getting my first foster shiba =)
  • We are getting are first foster shiba and I am excited and nervous at the same time. Her name is Emma and she was a stray. Hopefully Sandy and her can be friends. Just some advice or tips are welcome =)

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  • oh my gosh! she's so pretty! Good luck with her :) I'm sorry I've got no advice. Not too experienced with dog introductions.
  • Take things slowly. Feed them separately until you get a better idea of how they interact. Introduce them to each other gradually for small amounts of time. Allow them separate "space". When I got Hoshi, he was so sick and miserable, that he really didn't interact w/ Sukoshi immediately. His "safe place" was in the kitchen w/ me (not that Sukoshi would have done anything, it was his reaction that I was worried about.) They gradually got to know each other this way. Eventually, they became "bed buddies" who now sleep together. I still feed them separately, primarily because Sukoshi is a "food hog" and will eat his food if given the opportunity.
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    It took about 1 month for the dogs to realize they were stuck with one another, 3 months for the two dogs to sort out a routine of who got to go where and who got what and 9 months for them to actually like each other.

    Tip: don't give any long lasting chews right away, its just asking for trouble.

    when I adopted evie she spent most of the first year staring out the window, and always attempted to dig out from under my fence. maybe being in the system too long made her fixated on leaving. but now she cuddles with me and checks in on me often
    good luck with the new addition, it is very exciting! just take it one day at a time
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    Congrats! And thank you for fostering.

    Like everyone has said, take the introductions slowly. If possible, have them meet on neutral territory and take them for a walk together.

    Separate for feedings and giving high value treats, such as bully sticks, antlers, etc.

    Work on training separately. And you may want to re-read the thread about resource guarding with multiple dogs:

    There is a lot of good information in there.

    Good luck!
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  • OK I got Emma today and she is a beautiful shiba =).

    She is very timid and slow to trust. I was able to get her to eat out of my hand and pet her a bit. I can't pet her by her bum or back....I'm assuming because of getting spayed on Monday???

    She is slowly warming up to my b/f and my other shiba, Sandy. Sandy loves her and wants to play and be friends but Emma is still thinking about it.

    When we walk she pulls like crazy and she doesn't know the word sit =(.

    I have a feeling she may have been abused by her previous owner or whoever she was around before she became a stray. I will take it a day at a time. Thanks for listening!!
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    Great advice already given above about going slow, separate feedings and be careful with high value treats and chews.

    My Shadow was "not treated right" by his first owners, and I can never pet him near his hind quarters or bum so I don't try.

    Great that Sandy is taking well to Emma!
  • Ok so it has become more obvious that she is a very fearful dog. We just went for a night walk and she was pulling and pulling and choking herself and then we came in the house and there was a loud noise (there is a family with two kids that live below us) and she was shiba screaming and barking and lunging......she won't stop. Idk what to do =(. She went and hid in her crate which I imagine now she is using that as a safe spot and will do anything to guard it....which i don't want cuz then she will probably bite if i come near....sorry I'm just a little frustrated cuz I don't want to upset our downstairs neighbor with shiba screams all night =(
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    And if Emma could write on the forum what would she say. It's tough on her first day in a new place-. Does she have any toys that you might distract her with? Maybe a treat and soothing low music in the background. Sounds like her anxiety level is piqued and is stressed out. Is her crate covered? If not, cover it and leave some lights on.
  • First off, thank you for opening your home to a Shiba in need! Fostering can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding! Based on your posts, Emma is clearly stressed out to the max. It is actually a good thing that she is seeing her crate as a "safe haven". She needs to rest and gain her bearings. Covering the crate at night and playing soft music as suggested by Inu Ryuu is an excellent idea. I'm not sure why you believe that she is guarding it or that you believe she will bite you if you come near? In any case, you really need to give her a couple of days of "downtime" so she can settle in. On the pulling, realize that she may never have been leash trained properly. If this is the case, simply approach this like you would leash train a puppy. And always remember to use positive reinforcement. You did not say which rescue you are fostering thru -- do you have someone that has been assigned as a mentor? If not, please feel free to keep writing. I am very actively involved in rescue, and LOVE talking about it.... especially with people who are first time foster parents. Hang in there, be patient and calm, and each day you will see improvement.

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