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Updated- Rescue will take-Two Shibas need homes ASAP (11/18/11) Sacramento CA Area
  • Update: 11/19/11-

    Jack Owens, Northern NV Shiba Rescue in Reno will take these two Shibas. He will try to place them together if possible.
    Many thanks to Jack!!!


    I posted this on the Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup Website. Thought I would post here:

    Hello All!

    1) One of our meetup members, Harry, has taken in his daughter's two Shibas after she could no longer keep them in San Luis Obispo. He is going to need to find another home(s) for the two dogs because they are escape artists. One of them has run afoul of Animal Control because she has killed some neighbor's chickens. I talked to Harry today and discussed the situation with him. Though it would be ideal if the dogs could be rehomed together, that might not be a good idea because both dogs are escape artists. Finding separate homes for them might be a better option.

    Adrian- Red female (spayed) shiba, 3 yrs. old, is a digger, has tendency to hunt and kill, including chickens. She has dug out of Harry's fencing. She is very people friendly.
    Rocky- B/T male (neutered) shiba, 3 yrs. old, is a jumper. So far he has not escaped Harry's fencing. He is a little bit more reserved toward people he doesn't know.
    They come from a breeder in Oregon. Not the same litter.

    2) I told Harry that I would let Shiba Rescue know about the dogs and also share info with other folks, including our Meetup.

    3) If you are interested in either of these Shibas (or know someone who might be), please contact Harry.

    4) I will keep in touch with Harry about Adrian and Rocky.

    Harry's contact info: cell phone: 916-952-7188, email: abidehandy@comcast net
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