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Safe Pet Supplies from China?
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    Personally we have two items from china, a jacket and boots. Both of which have held up really well.

    But I would evaluate the item in terms of risk if it has an unexpected failure if the integrity is questionable.

    Example, if you buy a collar and it breaks, your dog could run away. On the other hand, if you buy something like a rain jacket and it breaks...your dog just gets wet.

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    I have a couple things from China. One of them is a toy fish that's at the bottom of the pool (Conker put it there) and some others are my leash, the old harnesses and 30 foot lead. I don't really buy many toys anymore since I've got a lot of stuff to just make them, and that way they're free, so I don't much worry about that.
    I stay away from treats and chews made in China or by crap companies no matter the manufacturing location.

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