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Alberta - Edmonton Area Meetup
  • Hello!
    Hime and I were wondering if anyone lives in the Edmonton area and would be interested in a meetup. She is quite interested in making some new friends!
  • GatsuGatsu
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    I approve of this thread! I meet up pretty regularly with another member on this forum at dog parks. Dog parks are a nice place, but it's hard to find another small dog to play with my shiba, and it can get pretty scary watching my shiba play with the big dogs. So it's nice to have another Shiba for my dog to play with, and when things get out of hand out the dog park, it's always nice to have another responsible owner to help out in those situations, making the experience much more safe. Plus honestly the 2 I meet up with regularly are just pretty cool.

    With that being said, I hope you find some people in your area to meet up with!
  • TrishTrish
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    Bumping this thread in case there are other shiba owners in the Edmonton area... Oliver could use some company :)
  • TrishTrish
    Posts: 271
    Another bump in case we have some new members from Edmonton... We've started a Facebook meetup group!
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  • @Trish @Benihime YAAAAAY edmonton!!!! I dont have facebook but if you guys ever do another meetup lemme know


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