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Thunder Shirt and Gentle Leader
  • cmed24cmed24
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    Have given us a different dog! We saw a shiba trainer today, for our fearful kuma. she suggested the gentel leader, not because he is a puller, but because she said it hits pressure points that calm a pup down. she was so correct. We have also been trying the thunder shirt for the same reasons. making him feel more secure and calm. well we took him for a walk along a busy street that would normally make him cower and shake with fear. well we had a different dog! tail up and happy!

    he doesnt love the gentel leader still tries to get it off, but he will get used to it. i have to say the two together really made a difference.

    she told us that because he was most likely not born and started in house environment he may never be 100% but can easily get to 80% with his fear and timidness. we are happy with 80% we have high hopes for his future as we train with her.

    she is also the trainer that trained the dogs for the movie "hachi"
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  • MarijeMarije
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    That's great news, having a bit of a fearful Shiba myself I can totally relate to how happy you must be to see your boy less scared! Good for you! :)
  • I haven't had much luck with the Gentle leader as my dogs will scratch their faces up too much trying to get it off, but I've had great luck with the thundershirt. It's really amazing for fearful dogs!

    And I'm not dissing the gentle leader at all--it worked on my GSD. Just different things work on different dogs! I'm so glad they are working for you!
  • My dogs didn't respond well to the gentle leader, but I've seen it work wonders on other dogs. Luckily I found mine brand new, still in package, at a thrift store and it happened to be the right size. Melon completely froze up and glared at me the whole time, resisting like hell. Rubee started scratching her face and jumping all over, trying to get it off. Hilarious to watch for a second but not so fun for her.

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