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Thunder Shirt and Gentle Leader
  • cmed24cmed24
    Posts: 75
    Have given us a different dog! We saw a shiba trainer today, for our fearful kuma. she suggested the gentel leader, not because he is a puller, but because she said it hits pressure points that calm a pup down. she was so correct. We have also been trying the thunder shirt for the same reasons. making him feel more secure and calm. well we took him for a walk along a busy street that would normally make him cower and shake with fear. well we had a different dog! tail up and happy!

    he doesnt love the gentel leader still tries to get it off, but he will get used to it. i have to say the two together really made a difference.

    she told us that because he was most likely not born and started in house environment he may never be 100% but can easily get to 80% with his fear and timidness. we are happy with 80% we have high hopes for his future as we train with her.

    she is also the trainer that trained the dogs for the movie "hachi"
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  • MarijeMarije
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    That's great news, having a bit of a fearful Shiba myself I can totally relate to how happy you must be to see your boy less scared! Good for you! :)

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