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Helpful Article About Flying with Pets
  • I found this very interesting article on flying with your dog just now and since Shibas are small, I thought there might be some here who would appreciate it.

    I've read through the whole thing and it seems pretty useful. Definitely has stuff I'm going to keep in mind when my husband and I look at getting a dog in January (we just found out that our landlord's weight limit is 20 lbs, so we may have to go farther afield than first anticipated).
  • chelley3chelley3
    Posts: 50
    I'm trying to decide whether I should fly a 1 hr direct trip or drive for 8 hours with my 5 mo. Miya. I want to take her with me on the flight, but I believe her height may be higher than what they require. Does anyone have experience with flying their Shiba in-cabin or as cargo?
  • johnwlajohnwla
    Posts: 56
    Last year I opted to drive from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, WY simply so that I could take my shiba with me. He loved the 13 hour drive and was as good as gold. I was worried that he would have to go in the cargo hold as he is 25 lbs of pure muscle. This would have required two flights and I was not comfortable with the idea....
  • chelley3chelley3
    Posts: 50
    I called American and they said it's 125 each way and the dog cannot be more than 9 in. tall to fly in-cabin and it's 175 each way to be checked in as baggage. So, I guess we won't be flying. I just hate to drive when I've been standing all week at work.
  • SayaSaya
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    @Halo this article notoriousscrat posted might be helpful for you.

    I follow this blog too they fly and vacation, but their shiba is on small side or they're lucky. The link to the carrier they use is on the blog.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    I looked at it earlier, and honestly, they are either really lucky, or something. Right now, Halo at 12 lbs is way to tall and long to fit into the crate size they allow for the cabin. Delta may be the only exception as they say to call to see the size allowed as it varies from flight to flight. If at all possible, I would feel so much better if I had Halo in the cabin with me.
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    I measured Halo today, she stands 13" from the top on her shoulders, head included is more like 15 and 1/2 ". She is about 15" in length not including her head, very tall little doggie.

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