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bleeding gums during puppy teething...normal or no?
  • My pup Knox is 5 months old and has lost a bunch of puppy teeth and is probably still doing so. But I'm noticing his gums bleed a lot, more so when he is playing with dogs rough. His tongue has blood on it and his gums are bleeding. I'm wondering if this is normal and I should just let him continue his life normally or if I should hold off on rough playing with other dogs until further notice?
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  • LosechLosech
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    Yep, perfectly normal. The teeth are coming out, and that means they are being pulled from the gums, so that equals blood. I think it varies from dog to dog on how much blood there is, or how the teeth are lost. but if it continues after teething is done then I'd ask a vet about it.
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    I agree with Loesch- My INU bleed alot and Penny not so much when they were losing their baby teeth.
  • BootzBootz
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    Just let Knox continue. If you have time give him some frozen treats or ice to help with the bleeding gums.
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  • MayamaMayama
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    Maya had bleeding gums, stinky breath and bad appetite while teething. You can also try freezing some of his chew toys to help reduce the pain.
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  • Thanks so much everyone! We just discovered he has (in less than 2 weeks) has lost his puppy teeth and grown in his adult teeth ALREADY! Super puppy powers. But I'm assuming that would explain his pain. I can't believe how fast that happened!
    Knox The Shiba
  • Ponta is undergoing the change right now, and he's bleeding as well--have to stop him from biting/chewing on us when we wear light-colored clothes, or else risk staining them. And like Mayama said, breath is stinky during this period--whew! He lost his incisors first, replaced with nice new ones, and just lost his first canine the other day, the new one showing not yet broken out yet but the bulge showing.

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