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Scared Shiba *help*
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  • How old is your Kuma?

    If he is awesome when other dogs are around you could try asking some dog-friends to walk with you to some of the new places. Then next time you can go without the doggyfriend. Maybe he just needs the support of a confident dog to show him that there really is no danger to these scary, new places/people?

    I didn't have any doggy-friends when socialising my Kuma, so when he was afraid of something we would wait a couple of days and then go back to that place. We would keep doing that until the place wasn't scary anymore.

    And you probably do this already, but when he's hiding, don't comfort him, the thing that's most likely to happen is you'll just confirm his theory that something's wrong ;)
  • I agree that you don't coddle, but I did "comfort" him I guess - I would talk to him to distract him from the scary thing...

    I used a real casual tone (not "oooh pooor baby") but like "ain't no thang - that's just a noisy bunch of people dude - you big brave little man - and sound happy/casual...

    I've heard we shouldn't flood our dogs with words, but I found that sometimes long run-on sentences would distract him (using the right tone of voice) and then he could kind of focus on me & move past or get used to the scary thing..

    but don't push beyond his tolerance...only go up to (right before) not past his limit...Baby steps

    If you are having a really hard time I would get a behaviourist to help you..

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