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Puppy Supplies!
  • I've barely just finished reading Ian Dunbar's book series "Before You Get Your Puppy" and "After You Get Your Puppy". I loved them and have started to plan on what I need to purchase before I bring my Shiba pup home with me. I know I need a pen for long term confinement, a crate for short term confinement, lots of kong toys, freeze dried liver and other treats and a nice warm bed as well as other given items such as water bowls etc. Are there any products you wished people had recommended to you before you brought your little shiba pup home? Also what size of crate do you keep your Shiba in as well as how tall does the pen need to be to keep my pup from jumping over? Sorry for all the questions and I know I can never prepare for everything but I can at least try.
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  • vnovikovavnovikova
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    There are so many threads on here about puppy supplies, I think I actually got too much stuff at the end :)
    Our crate was 24" and Nami still fits well in it at 8 month old and 20lb. The ex-pen was 36" and was really usefull until Nami learned to jump out of it at 5 months. We ended up puppy proofing the bedroom and that's where she stays now when we are away.
  • AnnaAnna
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    Hammond doesn't have an expen. He just has his crate (i got one of the "life-stages" crates in the size he'll need as an adult, with the divider inside to make it smaller while he's a pup). So, you don't *need* the expen necessarily, but if that works better for your situation or you're more comfortable with that set up, then go for it! :D I can come home every 3-4 hours during the work day for potty breaks/play time, so he has toys in his crate and just sleeps.

    Also, try to find someplace that has split elk antler chews. Smaller ones. Hammond loves his and if I want a few minutes of quiet to check e-mail or whatever, without having to crate him, I give him that and he's happy as a clam for a while. And rope toys. He seems to love rope toys more than plush toys.

    Be careful what kind of treats, too. Hammond was completely unimpressed with freeze dried liver, and the chicken treats I have I think might be giving him diarrhea.

    And maybe it'll be less of an issue with the expen, but be prepared to feel kind of like you're under house arrest. I've had Hammond for a week and a half and feel very "oh god I need groceries but I can't go out because I've only been home for an hour and I don't want Hammond stuck in his crate all night". Maybe that's just me. XD But I feel really guilty when I have to go out and leave him home.

    Get a smaller plastic travel crate, too, for visits to friends/family/vet appointments. You don't want a pup loose in the car and you probably won't want to lug around his bigger home crate.
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  • vnovikovavnovikova
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    @Anna, I definitely still feel super guilty when we leave Nami home alone....I guess that's motherly genes kicking in... :-D
  • BootzBootz
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    I use a kennel vs a crate. Bootz doesn't like how open crates are, even after i put a towel over it. I pretty much had everythingi needed. If anything i would have wanted back up food on hand like wet food, pumpkin,or even sweet potatos for days my puppies have the runs or need some motivatin to eat.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    I just bought this. I have a very crazy cat and so the next couple of months I will be on my own and have to do everything by myself. I'm hoping I can easily sneak my Shiba puppy in this carry on bag in grocery stores. I know my local ones won't mind if the dog isn't running rampage. I am pretty much going to have a Shiba puppy-baby.

    Bag can fit up to 5kg! I guess when I'm done with it I can always give it to my mom and she can carry her chihuahua around.
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