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Doesn't like walks.
  • My Shiba Buddy will not go on walks. He runs and runs in the back yard but when we take him out on the street for a walk he will not leave the yard. We don't know if it is because of the leash or because he just doesn't like walks? Any ideas?
  • How old is he? is this new behaviour? anything change in his life?

  • He is 3 months we got him about 2 weeks ago. When we first got him he went for a few walks in my neighborhood. But all of a sudden won't.
  • SayaSaya
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    Maybe something spooked him that you didn't notice or could be going through a fear stage I think it's called.. Saya was afraid of this one fire hydrant, but after some work she worked up to being fine by it and got treats for being near it..

    Same with kids after getting scared of two boys she was afraid of young boys after slow work she learned they weren't too bad.

    How does he act does he buck up like a horse, aligator roll, holds his ground or lays on his back? Will he advance for a yummy treat?
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • He just sits or walks back to the yard
  • BootzBootz
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    As Saya said, something might have spooked him. Try to lure him out with treats and praise him lots.
  • Did he used to like walks and then stop? or has he never really gone on walks?

    Koji was not particularly interested in walking when he was a puppy, like he didn't understand the need or interest to go out in the world with leash on...I just kept trying, using treats, etc, and one day he was like "let's go explore!"

    He is still very young...At this point would just try to lure him to move around and see where he wants to go...

    One thing I've done is put him in the car and drive to the next neighborhood - and then he won't be stuck to the house..:)

    Do you have a friend with a puppy he likes - maybe get others to go with you? something to get him excited? (We have a neighbor Shiba who Koji loves and when we run into him he's much more enthusiastic about walking with him) (sooo cute!)

    Lately Koji has been very picky about WHEN he goes walking...We live in a place thats 80 to 90 degrees year round and he just doesn't like going out mid day in hot sun...He will do same thing, we go out the gate to sidewalk and he will just sit and stare at me....or go half block then turn around....

    early morning and dusk are better. (dusk is kind of the witching hour/zoomie time so he has natural energy then:)

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