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Pickle Pocket, Tug-a-Jug and Stuff-a-ball
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    Thanks for the reviews. We almost picked up the Kong ball yesterday, but decided to go with a regular kong instead. Depending on how heavy a chewer Louie is, we'll have to get the ball as well.

    Thanks again!
  • catloreecatloree
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  • I've had both the tug a jug and the kong stuff a ball. We found the tug a jug totally useless. Violet had no interest in it. She tried rolling it a bit and did pull the rope a few times, but pretty much immediately abandoned it.

    The stuff a ball was much more successful. We usually just put in kibble. She's a very light chewer. She uses neither the drop method nor is she strategic about holes. She's a bit odd though because she basically loves toy balls, especially those that are meant to be filled. She used to endlessly entertain herself by rolling these balls (including the kong) for hours, much to the consternation of our downstairs neighbor who asked us if we had gotten new rolling chairs. The appeal of the kong over the other balls is that the material and edges make it so that if she slams her little paw down on it hard enough, it bounces and rolls, allowing her to chase after it a bit (she does the same with tennis balls).

    Bear is too lazy to play with any of these. I wouldn't purchase the tug a jug for any of my dogs again, but the stuff a ball was a worthwhile value. I do think that the stuff a ball is probably more entertaining for dogs that aren't super food oriented (the challenge level is not high) but play a bit like cats. The shape and material of the ball made it's trajectory a little less predictable and therefore more entertaining for my dog who likes to engage her chase instinct.
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